How to Love Your Natural Breasts Without a Bra

Have you heard that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Whether the commonly quoted statistic is accurate or not, it is true that most women have a complicated relationship with their bras. Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who specializes in cosmetic breast surgery. She weighs in on the subject with her professional opinion in her Charlottesbook article, “How to Lose Your Bra in 10 Days (Or So)”. One of Dr. Bartsich’s main goals for her patients is for them to be able to go bra free if they choose, and she explains how she uses her artistic surgical expertise to make that possible. 

Why Women Hate Their Bras

Dr. Bartsich says that bra problems began back with the ancestor of women’s undergarments—the corset. The painful squishing and squeezing days of old should be long gone, but today’s woman is no stranger to similar discomforts to her natural breasts because of her bra. Dr. Bartsich acknowledges that many women are wearing ill-fitting bras, but takes the blame off women themselves and says it’s because “bras are poorly made and, more importantly, poorly sized.” She continues, “The greater issue, however, is that the sizes actually have nothing to do with human people shapes. What may have a cup that has the right height, or projection, could easily be too wide or too narrow, cancelling out any chance of ever feeling truly ‘fitted.’” 

So how does a woman break free from her bra? Dr. Bartsich talks about how her patients can finally go braless with the help of a breast lift or breast augmentation.

Fixing the Sag

Finding structure and support without a bra isn’t impossible. Women whose natural breasts are droopy or sagging can find the rejuvenation they need with a breast lift. Dr. Bartsich says a traditional breast reduction doesn’t solve the bra problems because, with time, the tissue at the base of the breast spreads out as the skin begins to stretch. That’s why she performs the procedure differently. She explains, “With a supported breast reduction, tissue is removed in the lower part of the breast as well as the sides (that part that goes into your armpit). After that, the remaining tissue gets redirected where you want it most: your cleavage.” The surgery gives women a long lasting supported breast shape that makes bra wearing optional.

Building Structure With Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation gives your breasts a boost by adding volume with implants. The surgery can be done alone or in combination with a breast lift depending on the look you want to achieve. Dr. Bartsich has performed many breast augmentations and knows how to avoid the pitfalls some patients experience. She says if implants are too large or wide for the breast pocket, they push against the chest causing it to stretch and appear misshaped. When this happens, going braless is not an option.   

With Dr. Bartsich’s extensive experience in breast augmentation and her artistic talent, her patients can say goodbye to their bras for good. She says, “A perfectly sized implant in just the right pocket, and with the right support, will fill out the contour just right without weighing you down. Here, too, if it’s just right, bras become optional.”

One option Dr. Bartsich offers her breast augmentation patients is IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, the latest breast implant technology on the market. The IDEAL IMPLANT is made for women who want the beauty that silicone gel implants provide without any of the concerns that come with them. It is filled with saline, so it has zero risk of silent rupture or leakage of silicone gel into the body tissues. The IDEAL IMPLANT’s unique structured design gives women the look and feel of natural breasts, so you can confidently go bra-free. 

Lose Your Bra, Keep Your Confidence

Dr. Bartsich’s article, “How to Lose Your Bra in 10 Days (Or So)”, speaks truth to women who are tired of having to wear a bra. Your natural breasts can be beautiful without the support of an expensive, uncomfortable contraption made with wires, tags, straps, and clasps. Dr. Bartsich understands the impact that breast shape can have on women’s figures. Whether it is with a breast lift or breast augmentation, she is passionate about helping her patients look and feel their best. She says, “. . . over the years, what has become most striking to me is the level of happiness and liberation a woman can have when she has the choice of whether or not to wear a bra today. Little did I know when I started my practice that this was really all about physical freedom.”

The IDEAL Choice for New York City Breast Implants

Considering breast implants in New York City? Contact Dr. Sophie Bartsich today to discuss your options. Simply call 212-717-9200, or visit Dr. Bartsich’s office is located at 960 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10028. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. 

How Plastic Surgeons Near Me in Hampton Roads Perform Breast Augmentation

What Happens During a Breast Augmentation – and How to Ensure Success

How Breast Augmentations are Performed by Hampton Roads Best Plastic Surgeons

Have you ever wondered what happens during a breast augmentation surgery? Patients are under anesthesia during the surgery and unaware of what is being done. Surgeons sometimes do not explain the step by step process of the surgery to their patients. Now Dr. Matthew Galumbeck, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Virginia Beach, shares what really goes on when the patient is asleep. Dr. Galumbeck uses the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant to give his patients beautiful, natural looking results without worrying about silent ruptures. Learn about a real surgery performed by Dr. Galumbeck as he informs us of the process below.

How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeons in Hampton Roads

Before you can even consider what surgery will entail you need to find a plastic surgeon. Start by searching for a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A board-certified surgeon receives training specific to plastic surgery, and stays up to date with medical research. Schedule a consultation so you can get to know your surgeon and feel comfortable with them. Look at before and after pictures of previous surgeries, either at the surgeon’s office or on their website, to judge their skill level. Find out how many breast augmentations they have performed, and look at patient reviews on websites such as RealSelf. Dr. Galumbeck’s patients often call him one of Hampton Roads best plastic surgeons because he is experienced, skilled, and compassionate. Learn more about Dr. Galumbeck’s education and experience by visiting his website.

Your Pre-Surgical Appointment

There are several decisions you will need to make at your pre-surgical appointment that will affect how your surgery is performed. Bring up any questions or concerns you may have about different methods your surgeon recommends. From the first consultation to the final check-up, Dr. Galumbeck welcomes any questions and concerns, and wants all of his patients to feel empowered to make the best decisions for their health. A few of the decisions Dr. Galumbeck discusses at a breast augmentation consultation are:

  • Incision Site
  • Type of Implant
  • Implant Placement

Dr. Galumbeck will assess your size, learn about your desired results, and make recommendations for an individualized treatment plan. Your breast augmentation can be combined with other procedures such as a breast lift or a tummy tuck in order to achieve your goals. While at his office, you will be able to view before and after pictures from real patients on whom Dr. Galumbeck has operated. Dr. Galumbeck is dedicated to listening to his patients and providing them the best options for a safe and effective plastic surgery experience.

Choosing an Incision with the Best Plastic Surgeons in Hampton Roads

Before your breast augmentation, your surgeon will help you choose a type of incision. Your incision site will determine where your breast augmentation scar will be. There are benefits and compromises to each type of incision and your surgeon can explain these in detail. The incision itself will be a few centimeters long if you choose an IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, or longer if you choose a silicone gel breast implant. This is because silicone gel breast implants are pre-filled with silicone gel, while the IDEAL IMPLANT comes as a shell that can be rolled up, inserted, and then filled with saline once it is placed in the breast pocket. Below is a basic description of each type of incision.

  1. Axillary Incision: An incision through the armpit, made so there is no scar on the breast. However, if a sleeveless top or swimsuit is worn the scar can be seen when the patient lifts her arms. An endoscope is used to create and check the pocket. 
  2. Inframammary Incision: This incision is performed under the breast, in the breast crease. The scar can be hidden under clothing and swimsuits, but may be visible when lying flat.
  3. Transumbilical Incision: The implant is placed through an incision in the belly-button. This type of incision is uncommon because it is not recommended by breast implant manufacturers and many surgeons do not use it. Similar to an axillary incision, an endoscope is used to create and check the pocket.
  4. Periareolar Incision: This incision goes around the areola. Dr. Galumbeck tells us this type of incision “is a good place because the color change hides the scar very well.” He explains that during surgery, “we’re going to go right around the tissue down to the bottom so we don’t cut through the breast tissue. It stays attached to the nipple, so after surgery patients are able to breastfeed, if they get pregnant and have children.”

Choosing Breast Implants: Hampton Roads Best Plastic Surgeons Offer Options

Picking your breast implants is one of the most important decisions you will make. Each implant type has unique benefits and compromises to consider. Silicone gel breast implants used to be a popular choice because they offer a natural looking result. However, they come with a risk of silent rupture, which is a rupture that may show no symptoms for years. The FDA recommends that women with silicone gel breast implants get an MRI every three years to check for a silent rupture. A ruptured silicone gel breast implant must be removed, along with any silicone gel that has leaked into the breast tissue. Many women feel anxiety about not knowing the status of their implant. This, combined with the cost of repeated MRIs, caused many women to desire an alternative to silicone gel.

The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant was created to give women the beautiful results they want, without worrying about silent rupture. It was FDA approved in 2014. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured implant with multiple layered shells. These shells give the implant stability that results in a smooth, natural looking breast augmentation. Dr. Galumbeck is one of the only surgeons in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. He is also one of the top surgeons in the nation using this implant and was recently named an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon.

Breast implant choices are important for women to have. It is up to you to decide the best breast implants for your body and your lifestyle. You can get more facts about how breast implants compare by visiting the IDEAL IMPLANT comparison page.

Breast Implant Placement

Another choice your surgeon will discuss is whether to place the implant under the pectoral muscle or on top of it. When the implant is placed under the muscle it is less likely to ripple, has a lower risk of capsular contracture, and is easier to read on a mammogram. However, implants placed under the muscle can also become displaced upward when the muscle is flexed. Implants placed above the muscle tend to have a rounder shape and are not distorted when the muscle is flexed. This type of implant placement may also prevent the need for a breast lift in some women. However, placing the implant above the muscle does have a higher incidence of capsular contracture and implant rippling. For patients choosing to place their implant above the muscle, the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is recommended because the structure makes it less likely to ripple and it has a low risk of capsular contracture.

Your Surgical Experience with Hampton Roads Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Galumbeck strives to provide his patients with the most effective treatments performed in a private and comfortable environment. He performs breast augmentations in his fully accredited operating suite. The first step before your surgery is to make preoperative markings, to ensure your breast implants are placed properly. A physician anesthesiologist will then administer IV anesthesia. After you are asleep, Dr. Galumbeck will use the incision you have chosen to begin your breast augmentation.

Creating a Pocket in the Breast Tissue

After performing the incision, Dr. Galumbeck will create a pocket in the breast tissue into which the breast implant will be placed. When using a periareolar incision, Dr. Galumbeck says he cuts “around the breast tissue, down to the bottom of the chest. We’re going to pick this tissue up and we’re going down to the muscle.”

Dr. Galumbeck tells us with one recent patient,

“Because she’s thin, we’re going to go under the pectoralis muscle. So we’re cutting down to it. We don’t cut the muscle, we’re just going to lift it up. We’re just going to develop the plane that’s separating the muscle off the chest wall, leaving it attached on the side so it doesn’t affect her strength, range of motion, anything like that. We decided pre-operatively where the pocket was going to be. She selected her size which is a 455cc implant. We’re going to make sure that the dissection of the pocket looks good.”

After checking the pocket Dr. Galumbeck uses a method to reduce risk of infections, “We’re going to get an antibiotic soaked gauze. I’m going to put that in to make sure that we don’t have any worries of infection.” Dr. Galumbeck uses an endoscope to check inside the pocket and make sure everything looks ready to place the breast implant. An endoscope is a small camera surgeons use to look inside the body. Dr. Galumbeck uses it during breast augmentations to check the breast pockets. When Dr. Galumbeck sees the pocket is dry, the surgery can move forward and he knows drains will not be necessary afterward. Using technology such as the endoscope and paying close attention to each detail is part of what makes Dr. Galumbeck one of the best plastic surgeons in Hampton Roads.

Inserting the Breast Implants

Dr. Galumbeck inserts the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant by following a few simple steps. First the implant is soaked in an antibiotic to decrease risk of infection. After soaking, excess air is taken out of the implant and it can be placed through the incision. Dr. Galumbeck tells us, “the nice thing with the IDEAL IMPLANT is we fill it after the implant is in so it’s easier to make a smaller incision. Silicone gel implants, because they’re prefilled, you need to make a larger incision.” The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is rolled up to make it small enough to fit through the incision. Once inside it is filled with saline and Dr. Galumbeck points out, “we actually have the ability to adjust to different fill sizes, if we need to adjust for symmetry we certainly can.” There are two fill ports and two fill tubes that surgeons use to fill the implant with saline after they are inserted into the breast pocket. After the breast implants are inserted and filled Dr. Galumbeck sits the patient up to make sure no adjustments are needed. When he is happy with the results, the fill tubes are taken out.

Closing the Incision

Closing the incision is a delicate and artistic process which the best plastic surgeons in Hampton Roads take very seriously. Dr. Galumbeck uses a nylon suture that will be taken out at one week post-op. Dr. Galumbeck tells us this suture “won’t leave any stitch marks, it just slides right out in a week.” After this final step, each patient is taken to a recovery area for monitoring. Patients are typically sent home the same day, and can go back to work and social activities within a week. Remember to follow any post-op instructions given by your plastic surgeon, such as wearing a support bra or taking antibiotics. These instructions will help you to achieve your desired results and avoid excessive pain and infections.

Time to Enjoy Your Body

Congratulations, your breast augmentation is complete! If you chose the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant for your augmentation, there is nothing left but to get out there and enjoy your new body. With a rupture rate of only 2.1% for primary augmentations at 8 years, according to FDA trial study results, the IDEAL IMPLANT offers beautiful results with low risk of future complications. And if the implant does rupture patients know immediately because the implant deflates slightly. There is no risk of silent rupture and no need for MRIs, giving women peace of mind. Women with silicone gel breast implants should schedule periodic MRIs to check for silent ruptures, and visit their surgeon if they feel any symptoms such as tightening, tingling, or hard lumps in their breasts as those can be signs of complications.

You deserve to feel confident and empowered in your new body. Visiting one of Hampton Roads best plastic surgeons, Dr. Galumbeck, is the first step in your journey. If you have ever considered breast augmentation, there has never been a better time to start.

Considering breast implants in Virginia Beach? Contact Dr. Matthew Galumbeck today to discuss your options. Simply call 757-320-4115, or visit Dr. Galumbeck’s office is located at  1817 Republic Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Understanding Your Breast Implant Options With Dr. Galumbeck

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States, with over 300,000 surgeries performed last year. Dr. Matthew Galumbecka board-certified plastic surgeon in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has performed hundreds of breast augmentations in his 25 year career. Dr. Galumbeck explains why he thinks breast augmentation is so popular, saying,

“I think women who come in and get breast augmentation do it for themselves so that they feel better about themselves. It gives them better shape, better proportion, more confidence. I think most women who come in say, ‘I want to be able to get in a bathing suit and fill it up when I walk down the beach,’ but not have people point and say, ‘oh, you look fake.’”

There are many reasons to seek out a breast augmentation, some of the most popular being:

    • Small breasts
    • Loss of breast volume following pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Change in breast size after losing weight
    • Asymmetrical breasts

Women in all of these situations are good candidates for a breast augmentation. In addition, breast augmentation can be combined with other procedures such as a tummy tuck or liposuction to further enhance your natural beauty.

Dr. Galumbeck is an expert in breast augmentation, and provides women with the the newest surgical technologies in a safe and relaxing environment. His desire is that every patient would feel beautiful, empowered, and confident after her procedure. Great plastic surgery results start with access to choices, which Dr. Galumbeck provides for his patients. Dr. Galumbeck was recently named an Ideal Implant Premier Surgeon because he is one of the top surgeons in the nation to provide the newest breast implant, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant.

Breast Implant Options: What to Expect

If you’re meeting with your plastic surgeon to discuss breast augmentation, what should you expect? Dr. Galumbeck tells us, “One of the biggest options that women have now is the type of implant for breast augmentation that they can use.” Many women don’t realize there are options when it comes to breast implants. In fact, your choice of breast implant can have a lasting impact on your lifestyle so it is important to choose carefully.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are made from silicone shells filled with saline (sterile salt water). As Dr. Galumbeck explains, they were the only implant choice for many years. “So, originally all we had was the saline implant. The advantage of the saline implant is that if it leaks, it is all absorbed by the body. The problem with this is it has no structure, so it can ripple. It’s not a very natural feel or very natural look.” Women still love the peace of mind they get with saline breast implants. Because the saline is absorbed, there is no need to worry about complicated surgery to remove it if the implant ruptures. However, women began moving away from this choice when silicone gel breast implants became available because of the aesthetic concerns.

Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Dr. Galumbeck explains why women liked the silicone gel breast implant when it was first introduced, “In 2007, the silicone gel implants came out and the advantage is that because it’s more cohesive, it has a more natural look, more natural feel.” Silicone gel is a thick, sticky substance that provides more stability to a breast implant than saline. The result is an implant that does not ripple or wrinkle and looks natural. Since the FDA approved silicone gel breast implants they have grown in popularity. However, these implants have a downside which Dr. Galumbeck explains, “The disadvantage is that if it leaks, the silicone gel stays in the breast tissue and so you can’t tell that its leaked with a ‘silent rupture.’ The FDA actually recommends that women get MRIs every three years to look for leakage.” Women do not like the hassle and expense of repeated MRIs, which cost on average between $444-$1468. In addition, the anxiety caused by not knowing the status of their breast implants can be a daily stress for some women.

IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant

The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant was created to give women an option for beautiful, natural looking breast implants without the worry about silent rupture. Since it became available it has grown in popularity, quickly becoming the next generation of breast implant. Dr. Galumbeck explains more about it saying,

“The third implant that’s been out since 2014 is the IDEAL IMPLANT. The nice thing about this is it’s an all saline implant, but its structured so that it’s an implant surrounding an implant. And because of the structure it looks and feels like the silicone gel implant. It has a very natural look, very natural feel, doesn’t ripple, but it also has the advantage that if it leaks, because it’s saline, the salt water is absorbed by the body.”

Breast Augmentation Complications: How Implant Types Compare

Breast augmentation is not without potential complications. Additional surgeries may be required to address complications such as rupture, capsular contracture, or cyst removal. According to the FDA, rupture and capsular contracture are two of the top reasons for breast implant revision surgery. The breast implant you choose can give you a statistically higher or lower risk of needing a revision. Knowing statistics on rupture rates and capsular contracture rates can help you plan financially and prepare mentally for the possibility of additional breast surgery.

Unfortunately, many women are not aware of the high rates of complications with silicone gel breast implants. For primary augmentations, silicone gel breast implants have a capsular contracture rate of 10.9-16.2%, and a rupture rate of 7.2-13.6% in 7-8 year trials. Ruptured silicone gel breast implants can also lead to other complications. The FDA lists these possible complications as, “a decrease in breast size, change in breast implant shape, hard lumps over the implant or chest area, an uneven appearance of the breasts, pain or tenderness, tingling, swelling, numbness, burning, or changes in sensation.” It is important to get the recommended MRIs every three years to check for a silent rupture before it turns into a larger issue.

The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, for primary augmentations, has a capsular contracture rate of 6.6% and a rupture rate of 2.1% at 8 years. The lower rates of these major complications mean you are at a lower risk of lifetime surgeries. Additionally, because the implant is filled with saline there is no need for repeated MRIs to check the status of your breast implant. As Dr. Galumbeck explains with the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, “women have not only the look and feel, but also the confidence that she doesn’t have to worry about a silicone gel rupture or getting MRIs.”

When you’re considering your breast implant options make sure you get all the facts. Talk with your surgeon, look at before and after pictures, and feel the difference for yourself in your surgeon’s office. Educating yourself, especially when it comes to common complications such as rupture and capsular contracture, will help you make an informed decision. Choose an option that makes you feel beautiful, and leaves you without anxiety for the future.

Breast Augmentation Surgery and Recovery

Many women worry what surgery and recovery will be like after a breast augmentation. Is surgery safe? Will you be out of work for weeks? Dr. Galumbeck answers these common concerns for us:

“The procedure is very safe. It has been done for many, many years. The recovery is quick. During the operation that we perform here at our fully accredited facility, I use an endoscope, which is a specialized TV camera, to look inside. So I keep the incisions smaller, and don’t have to use drains afterwards. We have a hyperbaric oxygen unit that we have patients get in after surgery to help speed the recovery process.”

The surgical process typically includes the following steps:

    • Preoperative Markings: These markings ensure your breast implant is placed properly.
    • IV Anesthesia: A physician anesthesiologist gives intravenous anesthesia.
    • Incision: An incision is used to gain access to breast tissue. There are four choices for incisions—axillary, periareolar, inframammary, and transumbilical.
    • Creation of the Breast Pocket: A pocket is created to place the implant into. Dr. Galumbeck uses an endoscope to allow for precise dissection.
    • Inserting the Breast Implant: The breast implant is inserted into the pocket.
      • Final Check: Surgeon checks to make sure breasts are symmetrical.
    • Incision Closure: The final step, closing the incision with methods to minimize scarring.

The whole procedure is finished in about an hour, after which you will be taken to a recovery room. After some observation patients are usually sent home the same day. Dr. Galumbeck tells us, “most women are back to work and social activities in a day or two after breast augmentation.”

Dr. Galumbeck uses the newest surgical technology to provide safe and efficient breast augmentations for his patients. His training and experience provide him with the knowledge needed to minimize risks and complications. The result is a natural and beautiful looking breast augmentation.

How to Select a Plastic Surgeon

Finding the right plastic surgeon for your procedure is very important. Dr. Galumbeck shared the following tips and questions to ask when searching for a plastic surgeon:

    • Is the plastic surgeon board-certified in plastic surgery?  
    • How many procedures have they done?  
      • See before and after pictures of that physician’s patients.
    • Feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon.

Board-certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is especially important to ensure great results. Surgeons who maintain their board-certification are committed to providing a high standard of care and staying up to date with medical research.  

Before scheduling a consultation you should check out online reviews to see what past patients have to say about the surgeon. Websites like RealSelf, Facebook, or Google have real patient reviews.

Read reviews like the ones below for Dr. Galumbeck and his staff:

“Wonderful Experience!! After having 3 kids, my mommy makeover by Dr. Galumbeck has really helped me feel beautiful again! His staff is AMAZING! Everyone was super friendly, caring, and easy to talk to. I would recommend Dr. Galumbeck to everyone!!” – Google reviewer Charlotte Reed

“Absolutely amazing. My results are phenomenal!!! I couldn’t be happier with my decision. You don’t realize how much of a positive change you can make until you take a leap of faith. Dr. Galumbeck and his staff were professional, made me feel at home and 6 months post surgery they still make me feel like a part of their family. 100% recommend and would do it all over again!! Thank you guys.” – Facebook reviewer Stefani Skiest

“Dr. Galumbeck and his staff were outstanding. I never ever felt rushed or pushed to make a decision. He offers the Ideal implant which after researching for years on implants, I felt this was the best for me. He was personable and easy to talk to. He didn’t even mind the kiddos (sitter bailed) on procedure day! He let my husband watch the kiddos in a side room just so it was more convenient for us all. I would do this over in a heartbeat! His procedure is fantastic! No muscles cut or torn and no need for drainage tubes! He changed my life!!!!” – Realself reviewer Stski

Finding a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is the first step toward a new you. If you’re in Virginia Beach call Dr. Galumbeck to set up your complimentary breast augmentation consultation. Dr. Galumbeck was trained at Case Western Reserve University and Eastern Virginia Medical School. He also received advanced body contour training in Paris. In addition to his plastic surgery practice, Dr. Galumbeck founded and serves as the medical director of Spa Phoenix, the area’s first doctor directed medispa. Dr. Galumbeck prides himself on providing safe and efficient cosmetic procedures that get his patients the results they want.

Considering breast implants in Virginia Beach? Contact Dr. Matthew Galumbeck today to discuss your options. Simply call (757) 491-3204, or visit Dr. Galumbeck’s office is located at 1817 Republic Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454 US. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Too Old for Breast Surgery? It’s Never Too Late to Shape the Body You Want

Need Dallas Breast Implants Surgeons? Choose Dr. Setty

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

The great thing about before and after photos is that they show examples of real results. This is important to women who want to know what they will look like after their surgery. Dr. Setty knows this and his practice provides what women want in Dallas. Breast implant surgeons like Dr. Setty will give you the best idea of what the differences are between the look of each implant and what the best option will be for you.

Before and After Photos from Dallas Breast Implant Surgeons

This patient is a 48-year-old who desired more fullness and a breast lift. She received a bilateral breast augmentation and lift with 370 cc IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. The IDEAL IMPLANT gave her a nice result without rippling and a soft-feeling breast, and the ability to know her implant is intact by looking in the mirror. She is doing well and loves her new shape and size.

It used to be that when considering breast augmentation, women struggled to decide between their only two options: saline or silicone gel implants. Then, in 2006, work began on a third way, to create an alternative breast implant with the natural feel of silicone gel and the safety of saline. The result became the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants. Not every plastic surgeon knows about or offers the new IDEAL IMPLANT. Dr. Setty has chosen to be among the first to offer this revolutionary implant to women in Dallas. Breast implant surgeons like Dr. Setty use the latest in implant technology so that their patients don’t have to compromise on the look or feel of their implants.

About Dr. Naveen Setty

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Naveen Setty, aims to use his diverse plastic and reconstructive surgery skills to enhance function and form while providing the highest quality of care to his patients. With three facilities in Allen, McKinney, and Dallas, TX, he takes pride in being a plastic surgery leader in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He understands how nervous you may be coming in for a consultation for the first time, and has designed his practice and protocols to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Today, Dr. Setty lives with his wife and sons in Prosper, TX where he loves spending time with his family outdoors, in sports activities, or on the road traveling.

Researching Dallas breast implant surgeons? Contact Dr. Setty today to discuss your options. Simply call 972-848-0512 or visit Dr. Setty’s office is located at 175 Ridge Road, Suite 200, McKinney, TX 75070. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Finding the Ideal Implants for You: Surgeons Review the IDEAL IMPLANT®

Bodies and lifestyles come in every shape and size. You may work an office job, lift weights, be a mom of seven, or a combination of all three! You may weigh 98lbs or 250lbs, be 4ft 10in or 6ft 10in. Women at every stage, lifestyle, and body type can be good candidates for breast implants. Given your unique body and your unique lifestyle, how do you find the ideal implants for you? Three surgeons give us their review of the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. They tell us why they love it for their patients and recommend it time and again. Read what these experienced surgeons have to say before making an appointment with your local board-certified plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation.

Dr. Robert Hamas: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dallas, Texas

Dr. Robert Hamas created the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. He developed this technology based on his years of experience performing breast augmentations. After listening to his patients concerns about silent ruptures and the compromises they had to make for natural looking results, he wanted to create a new type of implant to address their concerns. Dr. Hamas created the IDEAL IMPLANT so women could have beautiful, natural looking breast implants with less worry about not knowing if their implants are intact or ruptured.

Knowing the Status of Your Implant

Dr. Hamas’s patients were not alone in feeling that they wanted to know the status of their implants, intact or ruptured. In a 2017 independent survey of 933 women, 89% of women reported that if the overall performance of the implant is similar, they would prefer an implant where rupture could be detected by looking at the breast. Women with silicone gel breast implants are often unaware that their implant has ruptured. The best ways to detect ruptured silicone gel breast implants are with an MRI or in surgery. Dr. Hamas tells us, “The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant gives women the advantage of knowing the status of their implant. They don’t have to wonder whether its ruptured or not. And yet, they still have the advantages of the silicone gel implant in that they have a natural look and feel.”

Dr. Jane Rowley: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Lubbock, Texas

Dr. Jane Rowley has extensive training, experience, and skill in plastic surgery. At her practice in Lubbock, Texas Dr. Rowley sees all kinds of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients, including those seeking the best breast implants for their body and lifestyle. We asked Dr. Rowley what she loves about the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, and why she recommends it to her patients. Dr. Rowley tells us, “I feel confident with the IDEAL IMPLANT that I’m giving my patients that peace of mind, they know when their implant is leaking, they can plan their lives around that, and they know that it will be a relatively simple procedure to remove and replace it.”

Implant Rupture, Removal, and Replacement

All breast implants come with a risk of rupture, but, as an educated consumer, you can do your part to research and find one with the lowest rupture rate to reduce your risk of needing additional surgery. The ideal implants for you should have a low rate of complications but still give you a natural looking result. Visit our implant comparison page to see a comparison of implant rupture risks.

If your implant ruptures, no matter the implant type, the FDA recommends removal surgery. One reason Dr. Rowley loves the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is that patients are able to plan around a removal, rather than needing to rush into surgery. Because of the internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT a rupture is immediately evident, but the implant only undergoes a partial deflation giving you time to schedule a removal surgery. Additionally, the saline inside is naturally absorbed by the body so you can be confident that surgery to remove the shell will be relatively simple. Dr. Eric Desman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Alexandria Virginia, explains what happens to patients after a silicone gel breast implant is discovered to have ruptured, “A patient will then need a challenging, complicated surgery to get that old implant out and then put a new implant in. If the patient puts new silicone gel implants back in, then they’re just restarting the clock on the next problem or process with a leaked silicone gel implant.” Dr. Rowley has found that the ease of removal and peace of mind of knowing if your implant has ruptured or not makes the IDEAL IMPLANT truly ideal for most of her patients.

Dr. Russell Babbitt: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Fall River, Massachusetts

Dr. Russell Babbitt specializes in all forms of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in his Fall River, Massachusetts practice. Dr. Babbitt knows that the look and feel of breast implants are some of the most important factors when his patients are looking for breast implants. At the same time, a patient’s peace of mind should not be discounted. The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant gives women both a beautiful result and less worry because there is no risk of silent rupture. Dr. Babbitt states it this way, “It is in my mind the best of both worlds, because it has the shape and the feel and the projection that you associate with a silicone gel implant, and the peace of mind that you associate with a saline implant.”

Natural Look, Peace of Mind

Before the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants were introduced women had to choose between saline breast implants and silicone gel breast implants. Saline breast implants are known to ripple and wrinkle because saline movement is uncontrolled inside the silicone shell. Silicone gel breast implants give women another option, one that keeps its shape and feels very natural. However, the risk of silent rupture, and the fact that removal may be messy and complicated, means women now have to deal with the anxiety that brings. Now with the IDEAL IMPLANT women can have, as Dr. Babbitt puts it, “the best of both worlds.” Beautiful, natural looking breast implants without compromising peace of mind.

Finding the Ideal Implants: Starts With an Ideal Surgeon

No matter what type of body or lifestyle you have you can find an ideal breast implant to fit your needs. Your journey starts with finding an ideal surgeon who will give you options and walk with you the whole way. Dr. Paul Zwiebel, a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, explains finding a surgeon like this, “You really need to have that expert who’s going to help you sort through the many, many different options that are out there. Your surgeon should talk to you about the selection of the ideal implants for you, what’s going to fit your body well, the right size, the right shape, the right type of implant, all the factors that will ultimately go into your decision.” The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is only available from exclusive board-certified plastic surgeons, who can be located with the IDEAL IMPLANT surgeon finder. Find a board-certified plastic surgeon near you who offers IDEAL IMPLANT today.

Schedule Your Lubbock Plastic Surgery With Dr. Jane Rowley

Dr. Jane Rowley is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training, experience, and skill. Dr. Rowley graduated from Creighton University in 1985 then continued on to Creighton University Medical School, graduating in 1989. Dr. Rowley completed a full general surgery residency as part of her training in a time when many plastic surgeons were skipping that step in order to speed up their training. This dedication has put her a step ahead of colleagues in the field and gave her the opportunity to take part in a one-year surgical research program and six-month international surgery training. After completing her general surgery training, Dr. Rowley studied plastic surgery at New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, one of the premier plastic surgery programs in the country. After such extensive training, research, and experience Dr. Rowley is proud to provide women in Lubbock plastic surgery options and high quality care.

Choosing Breast Implants: Beautiful, Natural Look and Feel

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery, so women are rightly concerned about how their breast implants will look and feel once placed. A breast implant that shows ripples or wrinkles under the skin will leave a women feeling self-conscious. A breast implant that is smooth, soft, and natural looking gives women their ideal body after a breast augmentation. Two breast implant types, silicone gel and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, give women the natural, beautiful results they desire. This is because, unlike the third type (saline breast implants), silicone gel and the IDEAL IMPLANT keep their shape without wrinkling or rippling. A silicone gel breast implant is filled with thick, sticky silicone gel that can be similar in consistency to honey or even gummy bears (hence some silicone gel breast implants earned the nickname “gummy-bear implants”). The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is filled with saline but has an internal structure of baffled layers to restrict the flow of saline throughout the implant. This internal structure gives it a smooth feel and a natural look without wrinkles or ripples. Before your breast enhancement, look at before and after pictures from Dr. Rowley and ask about the different implant types to see what Dr. Rowley and her patients have to say.

Choosing Breast Implants: Peace of Mind

When women think about breast implants, they usually think about how their body will look, how they will fit into their clothes, and their improved self-esteem. But women need to consider their peace of mind as well. In a recent independent survey of 933 women, 98% said they would be somewhat to constantly concerned about a silent rupture occurring with silicone gel breast implants. A silent rupture happens when a silicone gel implant begins to leak without the patient knowing. This anxiety may be brushed off by some surgeons who focus on look and feel rather than your peace of mind.

The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant was developed by a plastic surgeon who listened to his patients concerns about anxiety and wanted an option that would give them beauty without compromise. There is no need to be anxious about the status of your breast implant with the IDEAL IMPLANT because a rupture will be immediately evident and the saline inside will be naturally absorbed by the body. After her extensive experience in Lubbock plastic surgery, Dr. Rowley has seen the compromise her patients had to make between beauty and peace of mind. Now Dr. Rowley offers the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants so her patients no longer have to choose between beauty and peace of mind. Dr. Rowley tells us “I feel confident with the IDEAL IMPLANT that I’m giving my patients that peace of mind.”

Breast Implant Complications

Breast Implants, like any other surgical devices, come with risks you should be aware of. The FDA states, “breast implants are not lifetime devices. The longer you have breast implants, the more likely it is that complications will occur and you will need to have them removed.” Not all breast implant types are equal in terms risks such as rupture rate and capsular contracture rate. Fortunately the FDA collects data prior to approving these devices for the market and as an educated consumer you can look at this data to help you choose the best breast implant for you.

Breast Implant Rupture: A rupture occurs if there is a tear in your breast implant and the saline or silicone gel begins to leak into surrounding tissue. This could happen for a variety of reasons at any point in the life of the implant, although the rate of rupture increases over time. The FDA recommends removal of any ruptured implants so choosing an implant with a lower rupture rate will put you at a statistically lower risk of needing an additional operation. The following table shows the rupture rate for primary augmentation of one of the top silicone gel breast implants, Allergan, and the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant.

Rupture Risk

(7-year Core study data)

Allergan Gel




Capsular Contracture: Capsular contracture happens when the scar tissue surrounding the breast implant begins to contract and tighten. The breast can become misshapen and painful. This complication, like rupture, can happen to any implant at any time. Doctors are unsure what exactly causes capsular contracture, although there are surgical protocols in place that lower the risk, and you can pick an implant with a lower rate of capsular contracture. The following table shows the capsular contracture rate for primary augmentation of one of the top silicone gel implants, Allergan, and the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant.

Capsular Contracture Risk

(7-year Core study data)

Allergan Gel




Breast Implant Revision: If your breast implant encounters complications you may need a revision. You can either remove and replace your implants or remove them without replacement. The type of implant you choose will dictate how difficult the removal and replacement surgery will be. Dr. Rowley gives more insight into this process and the differences between removal with silicone gel implants and the IDEAL IMPLANT,

“There’s a big difference between removing a ruptured IDEAL IMPLANT and a ruptured silicone gel implant. A ruptured IDEAL IMPLANT can be removed easily with a local anesthetic. A silicone gel implant, if they’re not ruptured, can come out that easy. But if they are ruptured most of the time its stuck, and it bleeds, and you have to put drains in. So it’s not an easy recovery, it’s not an easy surgery. With an IDEAL IMPLANT I can almost guarantee them ahead of time, if your implant is leaking it will be easy to remove and replace, you will be back to work in a day or two at the most. With a silicone gel implant I’ll say, ‘I don’t know what your recovery is going to be, it might come out easily it might not come out easily. You might need to take week off work, you might have to take two days off work.’”

As you can see, selecting a breast implant is an important step in your Lubbock plastic surgery journey and can have implications for future operations and complications. While no one knows what complications you might encounter, you can be sure that the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant gives a similar look and feel to silicone gel breast implants, but has lower rate of complications. To learn more about how different breast implant types compare visit our breast implant comparison page.

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Your Breast Plastic Surgery in Massachusetts with Dr. Russell Babbitt

At Plastic Surgery of Southern New England, Dr. Russell Babbitt believes it’s an honor and a privilege to provide quality and compassionate medical and surgical care. He says, “Helping my patients achieve their goals is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. My door is always open for all of your questions and concerns.” If you are considering breast plastic surgery in Massachusetts, book your consultation with Dr. Russell Babbitt. Patients describe him as “amazing,” “awesome,” and accommodating.” He is excited to offer his patients the newest in implant technology: IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Your Options for Breast Implants

You can’t make an informed choice about your breast implants unless you know all your options. For breast augmentation, women can choose between three different types of implants: saline, silicone gel, and the IDEAL IMPLANT.

Saline Implant: A saline breast implant is a silicone outer shell that is filled with a sterile saltwater solution (saline). Saline implants can have either smooth or textured shells. Saline implants are approved by the FDA in women age 18-years old or older. Saline implants do tend to ripple under clothing, creating a “wrinkling” effect, and some patients describe them as feeling like water balloons. Dr. Babbitt says, The nice thing about the traditional saline implant is that, since it’s filled with saline, if there’s a rupture, women know right away. There is never a silent rupture with saline implants.” When looking at their options for breast plastic surgery in Massachusetts, many women choose saline implants.

Silicone Gel Implants: These breast implants also have a silicone outer shell, but that shell is filled with silicone gel. Like saline, they can have either smooth or textured shells. According to the FDA, only women who are 22-years old or older can use silicone gel implants, but they do recommend that you receive an MRI to screen for silent rupture three years after receiving your implant and every two years after that. It is impossible to tell if your silicone gel implant has ruptured from the outside. Sometimes MRIs are still not 100% accurate when screening for silent rupture. Dr. Babbitt says, “Some patients are more concerned about a natural feel or have poor tissue quality, so they tend to choose this option.”

IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants: These implants were invented by a plastic surgeon and approved by the FDA for women 18-years old and older in November 2014. They are filled with saline and have an internal structure consisting of a series of nested shells. These shells support the upper pole when the implants are upright. These implants have a natural feel and no risk of silent rupture, which is why many women choose IDEAL IMPLANT for their breast plastic surgery in Massachusetts. Dr. Babbitt says,In my mind, the IDEAL IMPLANT is the best of both worlds. It has the shape and the feel and the projection that you associate with a silicone gel implant, but it comes with the peace of mind that you associate with a saline implant. For many patients that really does strike the best balance between peace of mind and aesthetic result.”

The Risk of Rupture with Breast Implants

When you compare the top 3 brands of silicone gel implants and their rupture rate at 6-7 years for primary augmentation, you’ll see that the average rupture rate is around 5%.

  • Allergan rupture rate: 7.4%
  • Mentor rupture rate: 3.4%
  • Sientra rupture rate:  5.4%

Though that may seem low, IDEAL IMPLANT has a much lower average rupture rate at 7 years of only 1.8%. Also, if your IDEAL IMPLANT does rupture, it won’t go flat like a regular saline implant will. Dr. Hamas, the inventor of the IDEAL IMPLANT, explains how this works,

“The IDEAL IMPLANT has a series of nested shells, (3-5 depending on the size) with two separate lumens or chambers. The inner lumen is filled through a valve on the back, and the outer lumen is filled through a valve on the front. Because there are two chambers, the implant won’t go flat if one chamber deflates. So, unlike a saline implant, a replacement can be scheduled electively. The internal structure supports the edge so that it does not wrinkle, and supports the upper pole, so that it does not collapse when upright. In effect, the internal structure supports the shell of the IDEAL IMPLANT.”

Sometimes an implant will rupture and you have to undergo additional breast plastic surgery in Massachusetts to remove the implant. If you have silicone gel implants, the surgery can be complicated and take more time. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, rupture removal surgery is simple and can be stress-free. Since there is no sticky silicone gel leaking out of your implants, your body will just absorb the salt water and your implant can be replaced quickly.

The Look and Feel of the IDEAL IMPLANT

Since the IDEAL IMPLANT technology is relatively new, many women have never held the implant or felt its consistency. They also don’t know how it feels compared to a saline implant or silicone gel implant. Women may worry that it won’t look and feel as natural as other implants that have been around longer. Dr. Babbitt says,

“Many patients that come to see me for breast plastic surgery in Massachusetts have never even heard of the IDEAL IMPLANT. It’s kind of fun to see their reaction when they find out that something does exist that has all the benefits that the IDEAL IMPLANT does. When it comes to breast augmentation surgery, patients’ most important criteria are that we are able to achieve a natural look and a natural feel. The IDEAL IMPLANT allows us to achieve that just as well as a silicone gel implant does. And I really think that that is a major advantage for my patients, if not the most important advantage.”

Unlike saline implants that bounce up and down like a water balloon when dropped, the IDEAL IMPLANT behaves more like a silicone gel implant and maintains its structure. Many patients who choose the IDEAL IMPLANT like its youthful shape and natural feel. After a six-year clinical trial on the IDEAL IMPLANT, 89.7% of patients said they were completely satisfied with their implants, and in a recent independent survey conducted in 2017, 78% of nurses and 74% of doctors reported they would seek out IDEAL IMPLANTS after learning about them.

Patient testimonials and statistics continue to show that the IDEAL IMPLANT is a great choice for breast plastic surgery in Massachusetts.

The Education and Experience of Dr. Russell Babbitt

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2003, Dr. Babbitt trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the UMass Medical Center. In addition to his clinical training, Dr. Babbitt completed a two-year research fellowship in the areas of microsurgery, human anatomy, limb reconstruction, complex models of wound healing, and abdominal reconstruction. He is board-certified and specializes in all forms of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, including breast plastic surgery. In Massachusetts, Dr. Babbitt is one of the exclusive surgeons in the Fall River area to offer IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Considering breast implants in Fall River or researching breast plastic surgery in Massachusetts? Contact Dr. Russell Babbitt today to discuss your options. Simply call 508-567-3202 or visit Babbitt’s office is located at 300 Hanover Street, Suite 1A, Fall River, MA 02720. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Want the Best Plastic Surgeon in Long Beach, CA? Visit Dr. Josh Waltzman

There is a lot to consider when getting a breast augmentation. Along with determining the size of implants and location of the incisions, you must also choose a breast implant type. Women often know about saline or silicone gel implants, but an additional option is available – IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. Dr. Josh Waltzman, who some consider the best plastic surgeon in Long Beach, CA, is among an exclusive group of plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery that offer the new and innovative IDEAL IMPLANT.

The Structure and Design of the IDEAL IMPLANT

IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants offer the benefits, without the drawbacks, of both saline and silicone gel implants. Using the latest technology, the implant consists of a series of shells that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. This advanced internal structure is designed to:

  • Give the natural look and realistic feel of silicone gel implants
  • Offer the safety and peace of mind of saline implants
  • Provide structural strength to the implant edge to reduce wrinkling and rippling
  • Help maintain desired volume and projection by supporting the upper pole, reducing collapse when upright
  • Require smaller incision scars than needed with silicone gel implants
  • Allow adjustable volume to cater to different size preferences
  • Control the movement of the saline to eliminate sloshing, known as the “water-hammer” effect

What About Implant Rupture?

When a silicone gel implant ruptures, it is referred to as a “silent rupture” since only an MRI can detect it. This kind of rupture requires surgery to remove the sticky silicone gel that begins to leak into the surrounding body tissues. The FDA recommends that women receive an MRI scan every two years if they have silicone gel implants. IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants have no risk of “silent rupture” and do not require an MRI to detect rupture. Women can ensure their implants are intact by simply looking in the mirror. Saline is a safe, sterile solution that is easily absorbed by the body.

Get to Know the Best Plastic Surgeon in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Josh Waltzman is committed to providing individualized care for his patients to help them achieve their desired look and personal goals. After his plastic surgery residency at the University of Rochester, Dr. Waltzman completed an advanced aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. As the best plastic surgeon in Long Beach, CA, Dr. Waltzman is also an active participant in influential research. He has presented his research at various national and international meetings, and also published his findings in numerous medical journals.

Considering breast implants in Long Beach, CA? Contact Dr. Josh Waltzman today to discuss your options. Simply call 562-448-6100 or visit Dr. Waltzman’s office is located at 3828 Schaufele Avenue, Suite 360, Long Beach, CA 90808. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.