GENERATION 2 is now here!

GENERATION 2 is now here! GEN 2 IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Saline Implants are the result of manufacturing refinements over the last two years. The advanced robotics used in production yield shells with more uniformity and consistency for a natural feel comparable to silicone gel implants. In addition, GEN 2 has virtually no wrinkling when held upright, even at minimum fill volume.

“The Gen 2 IDEAL IMPLANT seems softer, more pliable and appears to have less rippling… I like it quite a bit. That’s what my patients are looking for; a more natural look, they want some of the upper pole fullness but not a ton of it…the minimum fill is going to work very well with my patients”.
-Dr. Luis Macias

“I’m very excited about the Gen 2, the uniformity of the shell thickness is going to be really important in terms of the feel of the implant and in terms of the long-term safety”.
-Dr. Steven Ringler