Part 3. Breast Augmentation with IDEAL IMPLANT – A Patient Perspective

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Breast Augmentation Surgery, Testimonials - Clients

Part 3 – Undergoing the Surgery

I scheduled my surgery for early June and adjusted my work schedule accordingly, with the understanding that I would be taking things very easy the first five to seven days and sidelined from working out in any way, shape, or form for a month. Gulp. For an inveterate gym rat, the idea of going cold turkey on exercise for four weeks was tough, but Dr. Engel had made it clear that a positive outcome, free of complications, required my complete compliance, so I loaded up my Kindle and prepared to chill.

Surgery Day for My Breast Augmentation

My surgery was scheduled for first thing in the morning and took just a couple of hours. I was home and in bed by early afternoon. And much to my surprise, my discomfort was entirely manageable. Despite all my pre-op reading and querying of Dr. Engel, I was unsure what level of pain to expect, but I can honestly say it was not bad. I took my pain meds as instructed, returned for a follow-up with Dr. Engel the next morning, and after 48 hours, felt comfortable enough to switch from prescription pain relievers to over-the-counter medication. To be candid, my upper torso felt much the way it does after an overly ambitious pec workout, which is to say stiff, sore, a bit achy, and entirely manageable.

Life with IDEAL IMPLANT Breast Implants

In the coming weeks, I followed the doctor’s orders with respect to activity, wound care, and follow-up. And as the days passed, I felt more and more myself, or rather a slightly enhanced me. Now four months out from my procedure, I feel completely normal. My incisions have healed, and my implants have ‘fluffed and dropped,’ just as I was assured they would.

I look, and feel, terrific. My breasts sit naturally on my chest and continue to become softer and more malleable with each passing week. I’ve told very few people about my procedure and since the surgery, not one person has said, ‘Did you have a boob job?’ Instead, people simply say, ‘Wow, you look great!’ My appearance has simply been enhanced, in a way that’s marked in my eyes but hard for others to pinpoint. Thank you, Dr. Engel and IDEAL IMPLANT…exactly the outcome I was after.