Part 1. Breast Augmentation with IDEAL IMPLANT: A Patient Perspective

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Breast Augmentation Surgery, Testimonials - Clients

Part 1 – Making the Decision

Like most women, I am eager to look my best and work persistently to thwart the aging process: I exercise regularly, eat wisely, and log a solid eight hours of sleep (most nights). But at 57 years of age, I’m forced to face one harsh reality: gravity is real.

And nowhere was this fact more evident than in my breasts. They have always been on the small side, a fact with which I’d made my peace, but when ALL the fact of that ‘small side’ migrated to the bottom—leaving a concave depression across my upper chest—I’d had enough.

Making the Decision for Breast Augmentation

I began to think seriously about breast augmentation, a procedure I had never considered. I decided I wanted something a bit larger than I’d been born with, but as a small-framed exercise junkie, I also knew I didn’t want to go crazy.

I began looking at pictures—lots of pictures—assessing what I liked and didn’t like. I determined right away that I wanted to stay on the smaller side and preserve a natural shape—perfectly round breasts sitting high on my chest just weren’t ‘me.’ One decision made.

Asking the Important Questions

Next up was a conversation with my brother, a plastic surgeon. I had a few questions. Was I silly to be thinking of this procedure at my age? What did I need to know about silicone versus saline implants? What should I be looking for in a surgeon? Was this procedure safe? (In the course of my research, I’d seen several articles about Breast Implant Illness (BII), and I wanted to know how big of a concern it was–thankfully, it appears, not a large one).

Over the course of several lengthy conversations, he answered my questions. He said I wasn’t too old, reviewed the qualifications for a good surgeon, told me that he does both silicone and saline implants, and walked me through the pros and cons of each.

He then suggested that I investigate IDEAL IMPLANT, a structured saline breast implant that would offer me the look and feel of silicone with the safety of saline. Ruptures were less likely, he said. And, if they did happen, less harmful, as it was simply saline being released into the body. And with IDEAL IMPLANT, capsular contractions were much less frequent as well. He also told me that he had done numerous augmentations using IDEAL IMPLANTS and that his patients were uniformly happy with the look and feel of their breasts post-op. I was sold. Time to find a surgeon.