Silicone Gel Implants vs. The IDEAL IMPLANT®

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Thinking about getting silicone gel implants for your breast augmentation? In New York City, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Rapaport specializes in cosmetic surgery procedures for the breast, body, and face. With over 27 years of experience, Dr. Rapaport has the knowledge and expertise to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. All of the procedures conducted by Dr. Rapaport are performed on-site in his fully accredited office surgical suite on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

When it comes to breast augmentation, Dr. Rapaport has more experience with the endoscopic underarm technique than any other plastic surgeon in the New York area. He is also part of an exclusive group of surgeons who now offer IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, the latest in breast implant technology. The IDEAL IMPLANT significantly outperforms silicone gel implants for primary augmentation over ten years with both a lower risk of rupture and of capsular contracture. Technology has advanced, make sure your surgeon has, too! Dr. Rapaport is an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon due to his extensive expertise working with the IDEAL IMPLANT. 

What You Need to Know About the IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a saline-filled breast implant with a unique structure that controls the movement of the saline solution so it feels natural to the touch. It gives women a beautiful, youthful appearance and contours to the shape of a woman’s chest. There are a lot of key differences between the IDEAL IMPLANT and silicone gel implants that make it appealing to a lot of women:

  • The material inside of an IDEAL IMPLANT is saline, while gel implants contain sticky, silicone gel not natural to your body.
  • When comparing FDA Clinical Trial Data.  The IDEAL IMPLANT is less likely to rupture with only a 3.7% rate of rupture after ten years compared with leading silicone gel brands that have a rupture rate between 8.7 and 24.2%.
  • Clinical trail data also shows women with leading silicone gel brands experience capsular contracture 12.1-18.9% of the time, while patients with IDEAL IMPLANT have a low rate of capsular contracture at only 6.6%.
  • There is no need to worry about silent rupture with the IDEAL IMPLANT. You can detect a rupture just by looking in the mirror. Silicone gel implants require an expensive MRI or ultrasound scan to detect a rupture. In a recent independent survey, 98% of women surveyed said they would be concerned about silent rupture with silicone gel implants.
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT is inserted empty, and only filled once in position, so the incision needed is smaller than the incision necessary for silicone gel implants. This results in women with the IDEAL IMPLANT having smaller, less noticeable scars.

Dr. Rapaport says, “Based on my experience, I would say the IDEAL IMPLANT is an excellent option. Patients like the look and the feel. Above all they really like the peace of mind of knowing that they haven’t done anything they might regret down the road or that if there is a rupture, the process of replacing it is easier than with other implants that rupture.”

If you do have to replace an IDEAL IMPLANT, it is a simple procedure that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Old implant out, new implant in. Whereas with silicone gel implants, often sticky silicone gel has leaked out, and the surgeon has to spend time cleaning out the gel, removing scar tissue, and changing out the implant. 

In addition to these benefits, the structured IDEAL IMPLANT also doesn’t have the problems of unstructured saline implants. There are no visible ripples or obvious wrinkling as sometimes occurs with unstructured saline implants. That’s because the series of nested shells that make up the IDEAL IMPLANT give women a smooth, natural look.

A Video of an IDEAL IMPLANT Breast Augmentation 

In this video, you’ll see a 25-year-old woman, three months post-augmentation who chose the IDEAL IMPLANT for her procedure. Dr. Rapaport used the endoscopic, underarm approach to insert the implants. On her left side, the implant was filled to 300cc, and on the right the implant was filled to 275cc to improve the patient’s slight breast asymmetry.

One main reason this patient chose the IDEAL IMPLANT is because she didn’t want to have to worry about monitoring her breasts for silent rupture, or obtaining regular MRIs or ultrasounds. In the video you can see there is no visible scar on the breast and she was able to obtain a great result while also achieving peace of mind.

Silicone Gel Implants vs. IDEAL IMPLANT: Which is Right for Me?

When you go in for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Rapaport, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your personal goals for cosmetic surgery, and ask any questions you may have about your chosen procedure. “I look at a breast augmentation consultation as an educational process,” says Dr. Rapaport. “With the necessity being that the patient learn about her options.” 

With a breast augmentation, you have the option of incision through the underarm, areola, or in the skin that connects underneath your breast to your chest. Dr. Rapaport performs most of his breast augmentations with underarm incisions using an endoscope. “Throughout my years of practice, it has been very satisfying to achieve a natural-appearing breast appearance without any scar on the breast,” says Dr. Rapaport. “It is very rewarding to see these patients both early after surgery and years after their operation, maintaining their results, and all without any breast scars.”

Each patient will be able to try on a variety of breast implant sizes and profiles and decide which size is best for her. Dr. Rapaport will clearly indicate if a patient’s request for size is not compatible with her anatomy. Dr. Rapaport places extreme importance on his patient’s preferences, and he will not push you or corner you into making your individual decision. 

Choose Dr. Rapaport for Your Procedure

Board-certified New York plastic surgeon David Rapaport, did his plastic surgery training at the New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, which is widely regarded as the nation’s top plastic and cosmetic surgery residency program. After a one-year microsurgery fellowship, Dr. Rapaport moved to Florida. There, he developed a successful and respected practice as a cosmetic plastic surgeon. During his four years in Florida, he also did pioneering work in endoscopic and minimal incision breast and oncologic (melanoma) surgery. In 1997, he returned to New York and opened his private practice of cosmetic surgery in NYC. His endoscopic work has helped him gain popularity among women who don’t want scars on their breasts post surgery. 

“I was referred to Dr Rappaport by a girlfriend who had the most natural results. . . I knew from the moment I had the consultation that he was the ideal surgeon for me. Four months post op and the results exceeded my wildest dreams. I look (and feel) as good as I did pre kids if not better. An unbelievably natural and proportional (across my body)result. I highly recommend Dr Rappaport!”

– Realself review from msnw

Considering breast implants in New York? Contact Dr. Rapaport today to discuss your options. Simply call (212) 249-9955, or visit Dr. Rapaport’s office is located at 905 5th Avenue (at 72nd Street) New York, NY 10021. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.