Milwaukee Breast Augmentation: Cost, Concerns, and Choices with Dr. Loewenstein

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Breast augmentation is a big decision. There is a lot to consider before having a Milwaukee breast augmentation. Cost is just one component of this life-changing choice. What type of breast implant will give you the results you desire? Are there any drawbacks to consider? Is one plastic surgeon better than another? It is vital to study your options in order to have the best plastic surgery experience possible. Board-certified plastic surgeon Paul Loewenstein is dedicated to making sure his patients understand all a breast augmentation entails and helping them feel comfortable and confident in their decision.  

Breast Augmentation Cost in Milwaukee

Women often know of silicone gel or saline implants. These two types of breast implants have been available for many years, and both come with disadvantages. But with a third implant option now available, women no longer have to choose between the natural feel of silicone gel and the security of saline. The new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants offered by Dr. Loewenstein combine the benefits, without the drawbacks, of silicone gel and saline.  

Silicone Gel Implants: The long-term maintenance and upkeep of silicone gel implants needs to be accounted for when calculating the overall Milwaukee breast augmentation cost of this breast implant option. The FDA recommends all women with silicone gel implants receive an MRI scan the third year following their breast augmentation, then every two years thereafter for the life of their implants. Why? Because an MRI is the only way to detect “silent rupture,” an inherent risk with silicone gel implants. This means a hole or tear in the implant can occur at any time without a woman knowing that sticky silicone gel is leaking into surrounding tissues. Surgery is then required to remove the sticky silicone gel and ruptured implant. Dr. Loewenstein states:

“Breast implants over the years have undergone a lot of changes. Silicone gel-filled implants have undergone three or maybe even four or five generations of shell and filler material … The current generation has a little bit thicker shell, a more cohesive gel, but they still haven’t been able to get around the fact that the body builds a shell around the implant. If there’s a break in the silicone shell, it’s going to be contained by the bodies’ scar tissue layer, so women don’t know if they have a leaking silicone implant. They have to get an MRI to detect a leak.”

Saline Implants: With no possibility of “silent rupture” and no MRI’s needed to detect rupture, women with saline implants typically accumulate a lower Milwaukee breast augmentation cost. In Milwaukee, Dr. Loewenstein works with his patients to ensure they know what to expect from unstructured saline implants. They are known to create wrinkling and rippling in the skin, behave like a water balloon, and collapse when in an upright position. Women report a less-than-natural feel with saline implants since they lack any internal frame or structure to control the saline filler from sloshing around.

The Milwaukee Breast Augmentation Cost with the IDEAL IMPLANT

With no risk of “silent rupture,” the IDEAL IMPLANT also does not require a MRI scan to detect rupture. That means no health insurance battles fighting for coverage of this extra Milwaukee breast augmentation cost. In Milwaukee, women have come to know the IDEAL IMPLANT by name. Dr. Loewenstein says:

“As time has gone on and women have heard about [the IDEAL IMPLANT], more and more people come in requesting it. In the beginning, I would present all the different types of implants to my patients and sort of let them decide. When patients would ask my opinion, I tried not to say, ‘Go with this one for sure,’ but I would try to present the pluses and minuses and ask them what their concern was. If their concern was silent rupture and having to get MRIs to determine if they had a rupture, I would steer them more toward the IDEAL IMPLANT or the traditional saline implant. But after showing them the difference physically by having them examine each with their own hands, 100% choose IDEAL IMPLANT over traditional saline implants. Some patients and some husbands actually thought IDEAL IMPLANT felt more natural than a silicone implant. Not everybody chooses it, but a larger and larger percentage of my practice has been devoted to inserting IDEAL IMPLANT as time goes on.”

Below are images of a 32-year-old woman before and eight weeks after placement of the IDEAL IMPLANTS—350cc on the left and 400cc on the right. Weighing 140 pounds at 5’6” tall, she went from a padded 34B to a 36C.

Why Dr. Loewenstein Offers the IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT is made up of a series of implant shells nested together that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. This advanced internal structure controls the movement of the saline to mitigate sloshing, provides support to the upper portion of the implant when upright, and creates desired volume and projection. Dr. Loewenstein points out:

“It has a very natural look and feel. The rippling that you sometimes see with the traditional saline implants just hasn’t been an issue. There are a lot of advantages. So far I haven’t seen capsular contracture as a major problem … It’s lowest among all the different types of implants available. I just find that there’s a lot of reasons to have peace of mind when using the IDEAL IMPLANT. Our IDEAL IMPLANT patients are very happy, very satisfied. It really is, I think, the ideal implant.”

About Dr. Loewenstein

As an Ideal Implant Premier Surgeon, Dr. Loewenstein comes highly qualified with years of extensive training and expertise. Only plastic surgeons board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery are eligible to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT. As part of the exclusive network, Dr. Loewenstein strives to remain up-to-date on the latest techniques, products, and procedures in the plastic surgery industry.

Dr. Loewenstein is also committed to helping his patients achieve beautiful and natural-looking results. He takes the time to address the concerns of his patients, and answer any questions they might have about their implant choices or the difference in overall Milwaukee breast augmentation cost. In Milwaukee, he is known for his personalized care and exceptional attention to detail.

Meg F. writes in a Google review:

“Dr. Loewenstein was absolutely amazing!!! He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable on what would be proportionate to my body size. I just had my one week follow up and i couldn’t be happier!!! I had two beautiful baby girls and breastfed one of them and lost everything i had lol  :):):) i would definitely go back to him for anything cosmetic and would absolutely recommend anyone to go to him:):):)”

Another Google review by Lorry Swosinski says:

“Dr Loewenstein was amazing! Very attentive to what I wanted. Professional and caring. I went to a few places before choosing him. If you want a great doctor go see him.”

A Realself patient testimonial by thatgirl1234321 reads:

“Dr. Loewenstein literally is one of the most fascinating, sweet, knowledgeable, talented and friendly humans I am blessed to know. He is so easy to talk to and he truly listens while never trying to rush me through a convo. And believe me, I tend to babble a lot! He certainly is very patient with me 🙂 I planned on shopping around for surgeons, however my consult with Dr. L. was my first and final consult. I knew instantly after meeting with him that he was the one. To say he is “just” a plastic surgeon is an understatement. Dr. L. is an artist whose talent and gift is amazing! I will recommend him to any and everyone I know who is considering a procedure 🙂 He even sent beautiful flowers to my house the week after surgery. So very thoughtful!”

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