How Can Your Practice Attract Breast Enhancement Patients?

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Breast Augmentation Surgery, Breast Implant Complications, Breast Implant Education Center

An independent 2017 study asked women questions about their thoughts and concerns regarding breast enhancement and breast implants. The study surveyed 933 random female respondents, 415 of which were nurses. Follow-up questions were given to 100 female physicians and received similar responses. The findings can give insight to surgeons who want to attract more breast augmentation patients to their practice.

What Do Women Want From a Breast Augmentation?

Women who are researching breast implant types are primarily concerned about the look and feel of their implant. This leads most surgeons to recommend a silicone-gel implant. However, women are concerned about other aspects of breast implants. For instance, the survey revealed that 7 in 10 women state a lower rupture risk is one of their top priorities when choosing between implants with a similar look and feel. Women and their surgeons have been very satisfied with the look and feel of the IDEAL IMPLANT, comparing it to the natural look and feel of silicone-gel implants. The IDEAL IMPLANT, however, offers a lower rupture and capsule contracture rate than the leading silicone-gel brands, giving women exactly what they want from their breast enhancement.

What are Women Concerned About Before and After Breast Augmentation?

One surprising finding from the survey shows that most women are concerned about “silent ruptures.” An astonishing 98% of women reported they would feel somewhat to constantly concerned about a possible silent rupture of silicone-gel implants. This figure includes 68% of women who already had silicone-gel implants in place. This finding should signal to surgeons that their patients want and need a better option for great looking implants and peace of mind post surgery.

Benefits of Staying Up-to-Date with Breast Enhancement Technology

The IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant is the latest breast implant technology and addresses the issues women have with traditional saline and silicone-gel implants. The survey found that after the learning basic facts about breast augmentation and implant options many women would intentionally seek out a surgeon who offers the IDEAL IMPLANT. As technology and innovation move forward, make sure you and your practice move with it. Offering the IDEAL IMPLANT at your practice means you are taking your patient’s concerns about breast implants seriously. The IDEAL IMPLANT is only offered by a small number of board-certified plastic surgeons that patients can find through the IDEAL IMPLANT surgeon finder. To learn more about the IDEAL IMPLANT and how you can grow your practice by offering it, visit our website today.