Why I Chose IDEAL IMPLANT®: One Real Patient’s Story

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Testimonials - Clients

Stephanie Conley had been thinking about getting breast implants for 17 years because she has always been self conscious. After long consideration, Stephanie has finally booked her appointment. She made sure to spend a significant amount of time researching the different types of breast implants and the various surgeons available. Wanting to be informed and make the right choice for her body and lifestyle, Stephanie asked her surgeon numerous questions and made sure she felt completely informed. With eleven more days to go until her procedure, she tells us a little about the process and her decision:

“Since I was about 16, I’ve had multiple lumpectomies. Nothing resulting in anything serious, but I obviously have a loss of tissue. And so it was one of those things where I can balance it out with a bra, but I didn’t have the look I wanted if I was in a bathing suit or I wasn’t wearing a bra. So it was definitely a confidence issue for me. I was self-conscious. And I had thought about it for a long time, and it just kind of got to the point where I was ready to make a change, and I’d heard about the IDEAL IMPLANT [® Structured Breast Implants], but I didn’t know a lot . . .

“So I started looking around and I found Dr. Creech as one of the doctors for the IDEAL IMPLANT, and he had done a surgery for me when I was a teenager on my ears . . . And so it seemed worth it for me to go talk to him and talk about the safety. And I really didn’t want a silicone gel implant. I’m really apprehensive about the possibility of the silent rupture. I don’t want the upkeep of an MRI every couple of years. It was just something that, to me, wasn’t worth it with that type of implant.”

Wanting the feel of a silicone gel implant without having to deal with the worry of a possible silent rupture and frequent MRI visits, Stephanie decided to go with the IDEAL IMPLANT. She now has the peace of mind going into her surgery that the type of breast implant she chose has the lowest risk of rupture rate. She knows that if the implant does rupture, she will be able to tell right away, and the saline solution inside the implant will be harmlessly absorbed by her body. Because of its multi-layered shell structurethe IDEAL IMPLANT is known for keeping its natural looking shape and feel. With the IDEAL IMPLANT becoming more well known, women are starting to realize it is the obvious choice when considering types of breast implant.

Stephanie trusted Dr. David Creech from her previous surgery and knew that he provided the implant she was wanting. She felt comfortable asking him about the IDEAL IMPLANT and knew that he would address any questions she had, as well as help her choose the proportional, natural looking size implant she desired. When deciding on which surgeon to choose, Stephanie said that once she saw Dr. Creech’s website, the answer was pretty simple:

“First I went out to his website. I was looking through a few doctors that I had heard of in my area. And I went out to his website and I saw that he was an IDEAL IMPLANT surgeon…[During the consultation], he helped me with sizers; that was our main way to figure out what would look best. But he was really helpful in  guiding me into the right direction of what size was going to look right and what was going to give me the look I was going for after explaining my goals.”

The surgeon you select to perform your procedure matters just as much as the type of breast implant you choose. Dr. David Creech is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience and concern for his patients. The goal of his practice is not just to obtain beautiful cosmetic enhancement results, but also to provide patients with an excellent overall experience. The number one priority is the patient. From the moment patients first walk through the doors of the office he wants them to feel comfortable, cared for, and appreciated. Dr. Creech and his excellent staff are now one of the exclusive places that offer the latest type of breast implant in implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT.

“Patients have many choices to consider.” states Dr. Creech.

“My job includes educating patients so they can make a well-informed decision. Every procedure I perform is highly customized. There is no substitute for experience and the use of technology with a well-documented track record and history of success. We see new technologies come and go, that are hyped in the marketplace as the ‘next greatest thing.’ It takes experience to know what works and what does not, and if one method is truly superior to another.”

Dr. Creech has seen trends come and go with types of breast implants, and he stands behind the quality and innovative technology of the IDEAL IMPLANT. This is precisely why he has chosen to become part of the exclusive group of surgeons who now offer and recommend the IDEAL IMPLANT to patients. Because it’s exclusively offered in only certain places, women like Stephanie occasionally have a hard time finding information or other women’s experiences with the IDEAL IMPLANT. She hopes to change that by opening up about her experience:

“. . . one of the reasons why I am so willing to [open up] is because I know it was hard for me to find people that went with the IDEAL IMPLANT and I use social media a lot and found some people that way. I actually am chatting with a girl that I met online that had hers today, so we are going to compare experiences. But it’s definitely harder to find, and when I talk about it … Because most people immediately assume you’re getting silicone gel. And when I talk about the IDEAL IMPLANT, they don’t know what it is. So I would definitely like to have more stories out there for people.”

As the IDEAL IMPLANT continues to grow as one of the most sought after types of breast implant, information will be easier to find and women will hear more and more positive experiences that they can use to help them make the right decision for their individual lifestyle. Stephanie says,

“. . . with the IDEAL IMPLANT having the saline option but also reducing the wrinkling and getting that more natural and similar to what you would feel with a silicone gel implant, to me that was worth it. I wouldn’t have ever done a silicone gel, but knowing I could do the saline safer option, that was worth it to me.”

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