When choosing between breast implant options, women no longer have to sacrifice beauty for security. Using the latest in implant technology, IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants provide all the benefits, without the drawbacks, of both silicone gel and saline implants. The advanced internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT gives women the natural look and realistic feel they desire, with the peace of mind and confidence they deserve. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tito Vasquez is part of an exclusive network eligible to offer this new, innovative “structured” implant. Dr. Vasquez recently discussed why he finds the IDEAL IMPLANT a smart choice for his patients seeking breast implants in Southport.

Describe your practice and the services you offer.

“I’m a board-certified surgeon in Connecticut. I’ve been in practice for over 10 years. My focus is on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. I love what I do because I touch people’s lives every day, and I feel like I’m a very good part of that process. Breast surgeries is some of my most favorite surgeries because, again, I think the effects are immediate. People feel great, they stand tall, and they love telling their friends about their experiences here and how fabulous that they feel now, so I love being a part of that process.

“I do a wide range of surgeries. As I mentioned breast surgery is among my favorite but my specialty is in the face and the breast and wherever people can feel that I can enhance their lives, and they come to me with their fears, their concerns.”

What attracts patients to your practice?

“I believe people choose this practice because they’ve come to know me, both on my presence on Internet and word of mouth, and that is primarily where my patients come from.

“When patients are happy, they love talking about it. They love telling their family, they love telling their friends. They come back years later and they say I remember you, and I remember your practice, and I remember how well I was treated. Not just by you, but everybody in the staff.

“They feel that their issues are heard and that I’m compassionate, that I’m honest, and that if I feel that it’s not right for them, then I go at lengths to discuss why, and that really helps in spreading the word – that we’re the type of practice that is much more interested in the whole person rather than the specific problem.”

What can your patients expect during a breast augmentation consultation? How do you help women understand the difference between silicone gel, saline, and IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants?

“The great thing about this practice is that I’ve done breast implants for a long time, and I’ve basically studied on all the implants and performed all the implants. I actually started my training on the saline implant, which is still a great implant … So while the saline implant was a very popular implant at one time, my practice moved into silicone [gel] implants. Now silicone [gel] implants, when you place implants side by side on their hands and they feel them, they necessarily gravitate to something that feels so natural and feels like part of their body.

“The great thing about the IDEAL IMPLANT, it’s really ideal. It pulls from the great things about a silicone [gel] implant, and the great things about a saline implant. The IDEAL IMPLANT literally is ideal. It has the same materials as the other implants, in terms of a silicone shell, but it’s filled with saline, the same solution that’s filled in your IV solution or your eye drops. It’s a very safe solution, so it gives patients that real peace of mind that when they’re choosing an implant, that they’re gonna be safe. So, for patients who are looking for that kind of safety profile, the IDEAL IMPLANT really addressed.

“In addition, it doesn’t have the same kind of jiggly properties that the old saline implant had, or it has some rippling and it just feels like a water bed. The IDEAL IMPLANT has multiple baffles inside that transmit a lot of that water energy so it doesn’t have that jiggle. You have fewer rippling, you have fewer folds, and it just feels very natural underneath the skin.

“Now, when I introduce this implant to my patients, and I have them feel all the implants side by side, it becomes a very easy choice, to choose something that has both the safety of the saline implant, and the feel and natural look of the silicone [gel] implant. So it has been such a great positive boom for me, to be able to provide them with that option, to see and feel what these are in the office in a nice and very low-key consultation, and discuss really what it is that they’re looking for.

“In addition to that, I’m able to provide a simulation of what they’ll look like after the surgery. I can actually pull the exact catalog number and the CC’s of implants, and show them what they’re going to look like after the surgery. That’s some of the biggest anxieties that patients have in undergoing breast augmentation surgery, is that they don’t know what they’re going to look like. So this provides a very accurate, a very precise simulation of what they’ll look like afterwards, and that has been an incredible asset to my practice.

“I do offer all the options. I talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each implant. I give them side-by-side tables of complication rights. I give them as much information or as little information that they need. I think patients really tell me exactly what they want to know and what they need, and I include them as part of that process so that they feel that I’m not just simply telling them that this is my favorite implant and this is what I would place for you.

“In my practice, where I was doing a lot of silicone gel cohesive implants, it started to shift more towards the IDEAL IMPLANTS and they’ve become so popular, that people come in asking for them by name. We have a long discussion about the advantages of the IDEAL IMPLANT. That being said, I still bring up the other implants and show them, so that they feel that they’ve gotten a complete introduction to all the implants.”

As a plastic surgeon, can you explain what your experience has been like with the IDEAL IMPLANT, and how your patients have responded to this new type of implant?

“I have lots of experience, both from a primary standpoint and a replacement standpoint, on all types of implants, and that’s what makes me feel like I’ve had enough experience to basically tell patients, so they don’t have to go through the experience themselves. I’ve been doing implants now for the last several years and I can tell you that exponentially, when I hear other surgeons and other patients start telling me about their experience with the newest IDEAL IMPLANT, it just makes me feel that much more comfortable offering it to my patients. As in a lot of things that cosmetic surgery, things come and go and there’s a lot of fads, but I feel like the IDEAL IMPLANT is really the real deal … There’s no new materials made in this implant, it has saline. I feel very comfortable regarding the safety. When I feel comfortable and the patient feels comfortable, that’s ultimately when we have a great outcome.

“I’ve removed many implants that have ruptured in the past, both silicone [gel] and saline … The newest silicone [gel] implants have a very cohesive gel and even when they rupture, they basically stay within the vicinity, rather than just leak out. But I can tell you after twenty or thirty years, and finding an implant leaked, difficulty in removing the cohesive gel implant is much harder than the saline implant. So just like the saline implant, the IDEAL IMPLANT deflates, you remove the shell, it’s very easy to replace.

“Like all the implants, a great warranty. They have a lifetime warranty, so that if any of these implants should fail during your lifetime, they’ll be replaced by the manufacturer. If they fail before ten years, the company will even help defray the cost of the implant. That has made a much easier discussion for me in talking about the safety of these implants. I love having that discussion because there’s so much new out there and I want to provide my patients the best possible, but I also want to have them involved in that discussion so that they feel that they made the right decision and someone didn’t tell them what to do. That’s what makes my experience and learning about all the patients that I meet such an exciting one.”

Do you talk to other surgeons about the IDEAL IMPLANT?

“I love talking with other surgeons about their experiences. Oftentimes we get together and talk about different journal papers or their anecdotal experiences. The buzzword lately has been, ‘Have you seen the new IDEAL IMPLANT?’ I tell them, ‘I’ve been doing them for some years now, and I love not only how my patients feel about them, but to see how the discussion has been in comparing all the different implants.’

“So ultimately, what it comes down to, are my patients happy? They not only have a great experience during this entire consultation process, but years down the road, they’ll come and tell me, ‘Thank you, Dr. Vasquez, I really am so happy with the surgery, I would do it again in an eye blink. Thank you for being honest with me, and telling me all the different aspects of the surgery, preparing me, and making me feel really comfortable before and after.’

“That is what really helps me in my discussions with other surgeons, talking about all the different things that I do, because they’re so many options out there, and ultimately what it comes down to, is the patient … safe and are you doing the right thing. The discussion has been so much easier with something like the IDEAL IMPLANT.”

Why do you think your patient satisfaction rate is so high with the IDEAL IMPLANT?

“The satisfaction rate with the IDEAL IMPLANT, I think really stems with when patients tell me that they even forgot about their implant. It just becomes a part of their lives, a part of their bodies. They don’t obsess about their small breasts anymore. They can go to the store, and they can put on the dress that they want, feel proud and walk tall and simply tell me years later it was that point when they felt like their implants were a part of them. That is what makes me so happy, that they don’t even know their implants are there because it really has just become a part of them.

“Someday the implants will fail, it could be ten years from now or thirty years from now, but they can simply go to the mirror and look and they’ll say immediately, ‘Yes I know they failed because they look deflated.’ With a silicone [gel] implant, it may not be that obvious. It may take an MRI, it may take asymmetry in their shape, their implant could have been silently ruptured for some time and they wouldn’t know. The IDEAL IMPLANT [makes] that conversation so much easier. They’ll know right away. They don’t have to get additional tests. They get them replaced, they go back to their lives.”

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