What Are High Profile Breast Implants? Learn More From Dr. Barry Silberg!

by | May 26, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Breast implants are not one-size-fits-all. Breast augmentation surgery is a very customizable procedure that allows women to achieve a wide range of results. Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Plus, they have varying structural designs and are made with different kinds of internal fillers. These variables produce numerous levels of projection, often referred to as low, moderate, or high profile breast implants. As a patient of Dr. Barry Silberg, you will learn about all your options to ensure you make the best choice for your body type.

Committed to Education

Dr. Silberg works hard to educate his patients about the different kinds of breast implants and profiles. He strives for women to feel empowered and confident in their decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery, and this comes through education and knowing the available options. Dr. Silberg is also committed to remaining up-to-date on the latest advancements and innovations in the plastic surgery industry. As stated on his website:

“Dr. Silberg attends several plastic surgery meetings each year and makes presentations to other plastic surgeons on new developments in plastic surgery and medicine. He has published numerous articles and has presented his work as an invited guest professor and/or surgeon in Japan, Thailand, France, Mexico, Korea, and Brazil as well as at major medical meetings in the United States. He is the inventor of External Ultrasound Assist, used worldwide to make surgery less traumatic. His instrument, the Silberg Graft Passer, is widely used in soft tissue augmentation of the face, making procedures more accurate.”

A Skilled and Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Silberg is no stranger to plastic surgery. He has been in practice since 1979 and performed an array of cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeries. He has served several terms as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, and is currently a member of the Level II Trauma Team at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. In this position, he performs major reconstructive surgery to those who have incurred serious and complex injuries to the body and face. Furthermore:

Dr. Silberg has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries incorporating leading edge technologies and state-of-the-art techniques and he has been a lecturer and teacher for cosmetic surgeons worldwide, having taught throughout the U.S., France, South America, and Asia. Dr. Silberg has also volunteered with Rotoplast in the Philippines performing cleft lip surgery on dozens of children.

Offers Low, Moderate, and High Profile Breast Implants

Dr. Silberg understands every patient has unique goals and expectations. He takes time to listen to each one of his patients and learn about what they hope to accomplish from a breast augmentation. Whether you are interested in low or high profile breast implants, he offers three types of breast implants—silicone gel, unstructured saline, and IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.


There are significant differences between silicone gel, unstructured saline, and IDEAL IMPLANTS. For years, women have been forced to choose between the natural feel and realistic look expected with silicone gel implants, and the peace of mind and security that comes with a saline filler.

Silicone Gel Implants: Women with silicone gel implants can experience a “silent rupture”, in other words, a rupture that goes undetected. The sticky gel substance comes in contact with the surrounding tissues of a woman’s body without her knowledge, and must be surgically cleaned out when the damaged implant is removed. An MRI or ultrasound is often required to detect the rupture. In fact, it is recommended that all women with silicone gel implants pursue regular MRI scans or ultrasounds to detect silent rupture of their implants.

IDEAL IMPLANTS: Both unstructured saline implants and IDEAL IMPLANTS are filled only with a sterile saltwater solution. So if an IDEAL IMPLANT ruptures, a woman’s body can harmlessly absorb the escaped saltwater. No MRIs or ultrasounds are needed for long-term implant maintenance or to detect a rupture. A woman with IDEAL IMPLANTS can simply look in the mirror to determine if her implants are intact.

An IDEAL IMPLANT Preferred Surgeon

Dr. Silberg was recently named an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon for his extensive experience with IDEAL IMPLANTS. As a plastic surgeon that offers low and high profile breast implants, he wanted an additional implant option for his patients. IDEAL IMPLANTS utilize the latest implant technology to combine the best characteristics of both silicone gel and unstructured saline implants. IDEAL IMPLANTS have a series of implant shells nested together that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. This advanced internal structure controls the movement of the saline to mitigate sloshing, reduce wrinkling, and support the implant edges to prevent collapse or damage. In fact, a study comparing IDEAL IMPLANTS and silicone gel implants found that IDEAL IMPLANTS have a lower rupture/deflation rate over ten years after primary breast augmentation.

A Trusted Plastic Surgeon

Want to learn more about the different types of implants? Are you feeling unsure whether you want low, moderate, or high profile breast implants? Let Dr. Silberg help you decide the right fit for you! Dr. Silberg is well-known for his kind and sympathetic bedside manners, as described by these patients:

“I was very pleased with Dr. Silberg and his wonderful staff. In addition to being professional and obviously knowledgeable in his field, Dr. Silberg was friendly and made this first time surgery patient comfortable and less anxious about the surgery and post op care. I highly recommend Dr. Silberg.”

– A RealSelf review by Deb55

“Dr. Solberg and his staff were very professional, and informative. They took the time I needed to address all my questions and concerns. Very reassuring and compassionate. I’m really enjoying my great results!”

– A RealSelf review by r.l.s.

“Dr. Silberg is an artist! Compassionate, caring and professional, he does an amazing job to ensure a natural and refreshed look. He offers a variety of very reasonably priced non-surgical and surgical procedures and if you are considering any kind of procedure from injectables to aesthetic surgery, I strongly suggest that you consult with him first. He’s the best!”

– A Google review by Karin Iwata

Deciding the Best Choice for You

See for yourself why Dr. Silberg was voted top Plastic Surgeon for 2016 in a survey of local doctors taken by Sonoma Magazine!

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