Timing Is Everything

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By Dr. Robert Hamas

Ongoing Monitoring of Silicone Breast Implants Gains Media Attention

Timing is everything if not the only thing: By definition: Merriam-Webster; timing is the ability to select the precise moment for doing something for optimum effect.

We are all familiar with THE NOTION OF TIME and uphold this universally accepted metric. And while none of us is powerful enough to control the flow of time, we can all benefit from better time optimization. To better understand the ebb and flow of hot topics and trends we can prioritize tasks and implement strategies that will deliver the desired impact.

With the proliferation of commercial noise that saturates the digital and traditional channels available for individuals to acquire their information, there is importance of another, still underappreciated, variable: Message Timing is essential for success. There is no set rule for when consumers make decisions – they come at all different times based on the product or service. These windows of time are referred to as “micro-moments” in the Google ecosystem. It is this exact time that marketers need to be visible to fulfill the needs of the consumer.

By communicating at the most opportune times based on insights into consumer behavior, companies can generate meaningful awareness rather than being too early when no one cares or too late when everyone has forgotten.

Somethings require patience and timing…enter Ideal Implant Incorporated, the leader with Structured Saline breast implants. Our refined Generation 2 Structured Saline implants give women the natural feel they want. In one of our previous blogs titled SILENT RUPTURE: A PROBLEM FOR SOME MORE THAN OTHERS, we reviewed the clinical data from a January 2022 study of 584 women with current types of silicone gel breast implants in place for 3 to 20 years showed that 10.6% of the women had an implant rupture they were unaware of, a silent rupture.

Ideal Implant has been a first mover, advocating that if women had a less costly, more readily available alternative to MRIs, which is HRUS [high resolution ultrasound], available in the plastic surgery office, breast surveillance rates will go up.

Perfect Timing: “There is a lot of misinformation on breast implants,” says Dr. Da Lio of UCLA Health. “Despite all the warnings and FDA recommendations, too few women are having discussions with their doctors about monitoring their implants. You simply can’t assume everything is going to be OK.”

“The new FDA recommendations include revised monitoring protocols to make it easier on women. Previously, an MRI scan was recommended every other year to identify implant rupture or leakage. The new guidelines recommend ultrasound — which is quicker and costs less— or MRI imaging five to six years after implant insertion and every two to three years afterward.” says Dr. Michael DeLong, who sits on the FDA’s Advisory Committee for General and Plastic Surgery Devices.

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The Right Time: When it comes to the subject of maintenance requirements for silicone breast implants, Ideal Implant champions women’s health and wellness. There is no time like the present.