Natural and Beautiful Results: Breast Surgery with Dr. Rowley

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Breast Implant Options, Plastic Surgeon Feature

Interested in breast implants, but want to learn more before pursuing breast surgery? Dr. Jane Rowley is committed to addressing those concerns. She wants her patients to understand their options to be able to select the right type of breast implant for their body. Unlike some other “plastic surgeons near me,” Dr. Rowley is part of an exclusive group of board-certified plastic surgeons eligible to offer the very latest in breast implant technology. She uses proven techniques and advanced products to ensure the best results possible. If you have thought about undergoing breast augmentation, the team at Rowley Plastic Surgery can help you improve your appearance and achieve your personal goals.

Three Types of Breast Implants

There is no need to search the Internet for “plastic surgeons near me” when Dr. Rowley is the only Lubbock, TX, plastic surgeon that offers every type of breast implant to her patients. Women are often familiar with saline or silicone gel breast implants. These popular choices have been around for years, and come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and textures. But now, a third kind of breast implant is available – IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. This new option combines all the well-loved features of both saline and silicone gel implants, without the worry of “silent rupture.”

What is a Structured Breast Implant?

Dr. Rowley specializes in breast augmentation, and with more than two decades of experience, she uses her skills and expertise to educate her patients about breast surgery. She takes the time to help her patients learn what to expect from each type of implant. Saline, silicone gel, and structured implants have significant differences, including:

Internal Design

IDEAL IMPLANTS are the only breast implant to have a layered, multidimensional structure inside. With unstructured saline implants, the sterile saltwater solution moves about uncontrolled, similar to a water balloon. This creates sloshing, and can even cause the implant to wrinkle and collapse. IDEAL IMPLANTS are composed of a series of implant shells that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. This unique structure controls the movement of the saline and reduces rippling or folding.

Look and Feel

The innovative design of this new, third type of breast implant provides the natural feel and realistic look many women associate with silicone gel implants. And although IDEAL IMPLANTS contain saline, their internal structure produces desired projection and volume. Unstructured saline implants are known to collapse when in an upright position. Structured IDEAL IMPLANTS are made in a way that the implant conforms to the natural curve of a woman’s chest, yet has supported edges to prevent collapse.

“Silent Rupture”

When silicone gel implants develop a hole or tear, the sticky gel substance leaks from the implant and becomes trapped in the surrounding tissue of a woman’s body. This is often referred to as a “silent rupture” because the problem can go undetected for many years, even though the damaged implant should be removed and the escaped gel cleaned out. IDEAL IMPLANTS give an irreplaceable peace of mind because if a structured implant ruptures, the saline filler is harmlessly absorbed and a woman is instantly made aware as the implant slightly deflates.

Breast Implant Education and Awareness

Dr. Rowley makes patient education her priority. She is open with her patients about the possibility of implant rupture following breast surgery. Due to the risk of “silent rupture”, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests all women with silicone gel implants receive regular MRI scans for the life of their implants. In a video, Dr. Rowley discusses this FDA recommendation, and also explains how an implant rupture can impact a woman’s life. 

“I feel confident with the IDEAL IMPLANT that I’m giving my patients that peace of mind. They know when their implant is leaking, they can plan their lives around that, and they know it will be a relatively simple procedure to remove and replace it.”

Dr. Jane Rowley

Preparing for Breast Surgery with Dr. Rowley

Dr. Rowley works hard to ensure her patients feel confident and secure in their choice to receive plastic surgery. She also strives to help her patients feel comfortable with the process. The idea of undergoing surgery makes some women uneasy. After all, breast surgery is a big, life-changing decision. But there is no need to worry when in the care of a world-class plastic surgeon such as Dr. Rowley. Her experience and knowledge is unsurpassed compared to other “plastic surgeons near me.” As a Texas native, Dr. Rowley graduated magna cum laude from Creighton University, then continued on to attend Creighton University School of Medicine where she completed a full general surgery residency. Her extensive training also included a year of surgical research, six months of international surgical training in the United Kingdom, and time at New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

The Best “Plastic Surgeons Near Me

Your personal goals are important to the team at Rowley Plastic Surgery. If you are interested in breast surgery, we will help you determine the right implant for your body. Contact Dr. Jane Rowley today to discuss your options. Simply call 806-792-3715 or visit Dr. Rowley’s office is located at 3519 22nd Place, Lubbock, TX, 79410. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.