Medical Futurist

IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Saline Breast Implants are the first major advancement in breast implant design in the past 30 years. The innovative internal structure allows them to blend the best of silicone gel’s look and feel with the safety of saline. The genesis of the IDEAL IMPLANT stems from a plastic surgeon listening to woman’s concerns about her health. The implants give surgeons and patients an excellent alternative to silicone, and a safer, smarter choice.

Concern for long-term health and technological innovation are two of the major forces driving the future of medicine. Along with patient and physician demand, new thinking and daily discovery, healthcare today is taking us places we never dreamed.

A better breast implant is just one of a myriad of medical advancements blowing people’s minds. You can see the future of healthcare and medicine all around us, in well care, diagnostics, AI, disease treatment, surgery, training, genetics, neurological health… the list goes on.

Ideal Implant is proud to be a thought leader and authority in our business arena of implant innovation. Years of research, testing and feedback from surgeons went into the design. After its FDA and Health Canada approvals in 2014, today each implant is made in an FDA-inspected facility in the US using exacting robotic technology.

Breast augmentation and lifts are among the top five surgical procedures requested every year. In 2020 patients spent more than $9.3 billion on aesthetic procedures—more than ever, even during the pandemic. Women and surgeons need the better, safer choice of IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Saline implants today, and we are delivering for them.

Ideal Implant is helping to transform the patient experience, and making procedures safer and better than ever. The future of breast implants has arrived.