How Much Do Breast Implants Cost? Dr. Fiala Can Answer Your Breast Augmentation Questions

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

If you are considering breast enhancement, there are many important decisions you will have to make. Choices for the size, placement, and type of implant you desire will directly affect your cosmetic results, but the doctor you choose is paramount to getting what you want out of breast enlargement. Selecting a well-qualified plastic surgeon is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the best possible outcome for your upcoming breast augmentation. While cost is a consideration for many patients, plastic surgery is not something that should be bargain shopped. Instead of typing “how much do breast implants cost” into your search engine, try using a helpful tool such as the Ideal Implant surgeon finder to locate the top plastic surgeons near you. 

Orlando’s Preferred IDEAL IMPLANT Provider

For patients in the greater Orlando area, Dr. Thomas Fiala is ready to provide an exceptional breast enhancement journey. Dr. Fiala is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic face, breast, and body contouring procedures. For his breast augmentation patients, Dr. Fiala is thrilled to announce that he is now a Preferred Surgeon provider of IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. While every IDEAL IMPLANT plastic surgeon must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Preferred Surgeon has an enhanced level of experience with the latest breast implant technology. The increased knowledge and expertise that comes with this experience enables Dr. Fiala to help his breast augmentation patients reach their cosmetic goals. Ideal Implant is proud to have Dr. Fiala join its list of Preferred Surgeons. 

As one of Orlando’s premier plastic surgery practices, Fiala Aesthetics provides patients with the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery. Women who want to know “how much do breast implants cost?” have a variety of options from which to choose. Dr. Fiala offers all types of breast implants to his patients, but recognizes the benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT as the only saline-filled implant with a unique structural design. The implant has proven to be the right choice for women who want the aesthetic benefits of a silicone gel implant without having to worry about silent rupture. Dr. Fiala says:

“This type of implant has several internal chambers and baffles, and has the nicest feel of all the current saline-filled implants in the US. Additionally, the chance of visible rippling is decreased significantly compared to traditional [unstructured] saline implants, according to published studies. The chance of capsular contracture with this implant is very low. These are currently the most popular saline-filled implants in our practice.”

The Latest in Breast Implant Technology

Dr. Fiala’s breast augmentation patients receive a customized plastic surgery plan to ensure their individual needs are met. He will answer all of their questions, from “how much do breast implants cost?” to “which type of implant is right for me?” For women who feel torn between the aesthetic appeal of silicone gel implants and the security of saline implants, Dr. Fiala offers the IDEAL IMPLANT. The IDEAL IMPLANT has a unique structural design that gives women a beautiful, natural shape and feel with zero risk of silent rupture. These saline-filled implants are FDA-approved for women 18 and older, and have lower risk for rupture and capsule contracture than the typical silicone gel breast implants (in FDA clinical trials for primary breast augmentation at eight years).

Getting to Know Dr. Thomas Fiala

In addition to answering questions such as “how much do breast implants cost”, plastic surgeons should be ready to provide patients with information about their training and experience. Dr. Fiala was trained in plastic Surgery at the University of Michigan, and completed Fellowships at Harvard-MGH and Davies Medical Center-UCSF. He serves as Vice-Chair on the ASPS In-Service Exam question writing committee, meaning he is one of about a dozen surgeons to compose questions on the cosmetic section of the exam that plastic surgery residents take each year. 

Furthermore, patients have consistently ranked Dr. Fiala as one of the top doctors in Orlando year after year. Dr. Fiala has been voted by patients to the top of Orlando Magazine’s “Best Plastic Surgeon” list six times in the past seven years. He has also made the Vitals “Patients’ Choice” award four times, and a “Compassionate Physician” award six times. Known for his caring, empathetic nature, Dr. Fiala is passionate about providing an unmatched level of quality care to his patients. 

Women who are wondering “how much do breast implants cost?” can also find glowing reviews about Dr. Fiala all over the internet. From his caring and compassionate staff to his outstanding surgical results, breast augmentation patients can expect nothing but the best from Fiala Aesthetics. RealSelf user NewFrenchLady posted:

“My experience was beyond what I would ever imagine. My result is perfection! I went to see 3 different doctors and Dr. Fiala went above and beyond. He made me feel comfortable, gave me the best options and really listened and gave me what I wanted which was so important to me. Overall, I am so happy with my decision and would recommend Dr. Fiala to anyone wanting to get a breast augmentation!”

Breast Augmentation Goals

Getting what you want out of breast augmentation may require you to do a little more than simply searching “how much do breast implants cost” but the outcome is well worth the effort in the end. Selecting a well-qualified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Fiala, choosing an implant without compromise, and communicating your expectations clearly are essential elements of a successful breast enhancement. As an Ideal Implant Preferred surgeon, Dr. Fiala has the advantage of understanding the technology behind the implant and how it will benefit his breast augmentation patients. 

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