Dr. Newman Answer Questions About Structured, Silicone Gel, and Unstructured Saline Breast Implants

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

When you are planning your breast augmentation, finding a trustworthy, board-certified plastic surgeon should be at the top of your to-do list. You should find someone you feel comfortable with, who answers all your questions, offers the latest breast implant technology, and is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. For women in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Michael Newman is that surgeon. Dr. Newman combines his eye for aesthetics with careful surgical techniques to help women achieve their goals. He also believes that every woman should have access to all the options available for enhancement, and be educated about what each option entails. We spoke to Dr. Newman about why he offers silicone gel, unstructured saline breast implants, and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, and how he helps patients choose the best option for their bodies and lifestyles.

Can you tell us about your experience performing breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures?

“I’m a board certified plastic surgeon. I’ve got offices in Beverly Hills and Torrance, and I book locations in Los Angeles. I’m part of a four person plastic surgery group, and I’m also a clinical associate professor at UCLA where we work with some of the residents and teach them the principles about plastic surgery. In my practice, we really have a broad spectrum of care. Probably the most common thing that we do is breast augmentation, but we certainly do the full spectrum of other types of surgery as well. Some types of breast reconstruction, and then a variety of cosmetic surgery: liposuction, fat transfer, facial surgery, et cetera. Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed nationally every year, and we get a lot of people coming in asking about breast augmentation.”

Why do you offer IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, silicone gel, and unstructured saline breast implants?

“When it comes to implants, I think it’s important for patients to know about every implant that’s available. And so I think it’s almost a disservice to not offer an implant to patients. So I tell all of my colleagues that they should be able to at least speak about and offer every type of implant to every patient and help them make an informed decision as to which implant is the best for them. 

“We are fortunate in our group to be able to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT to patients. And we’re very excited to have that available, because it offers so many advantages. Those advantages include things like a very low capsular contracture rate, very low rupture rate, no silent rupture, and incredibly natural feel and look, and tremendous satisfaction for both patients and physicians.”

During a typical consultation do you show patients structured, silicone gel, and unstructured saline breast implants?

“When patients come in consulting about breast augmentation, we’ll lay all the implants out on the table, literally, so that they can feel every implant, we’ll show them different cohesivities for the different silicone gel implants, show them an unstructured saline breast implant, and then show them an IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. And, in addition, what we’ll do is, sometimes, place a little covering over the implants and kind of do a blind test and tell them, ‘Well, why don’t you feel each one of these, and we’ll mix them up a little bit, let us know which one feels the most natural to you.’

“And typically a lot of patients end up asking, ‘Well, what do most people do? I’m confused with all these choices, which one do most people select?’ or they’ll ask, ‘Well, which one would you recommend to your friend or your family member?’

“The most common choice in our practice is silicone gel. But then there is a subset of patients that decide that they want the safety of knowing if their implant is ruptured. And so, for those patients, we talk about a water-filled implant, and my favorite saline or water-filled implant is the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. So we definitely recommend that to patients if they’re asking about what I would prefer for my family member or my friend, but we also want to give them the choices so they don’t feel pressured in any way. They should be making the choice that’s best for them.”

Do you find patients who choose IDEAL IMPLANT over unstructured saline breast implants or silicone gel to be happy with their choice?

“Patients that get an IDEAL IMPLANT for breast augmentation are usually very happy with their results. They often come in asking about safety as a major concern, and they also are very in touch with their bodies. So patients that choose IDEAL IMPLANT are usually very athletic, very aware of their bodies and their health, often very physically active. And I’ve had all of them, really, without regret say that was the right implant for them.

“One of our office managers who was involved in quoting the whole patient interaction, saw all these happy patients and she wanted to get surgery. And she actually elected to get an IDEAL IMPLANT, because she saw how incredible the results were and how happy the patients were. She heard about how safe the implant is and how it’s such low risk. So I think there really can’t be a stronger endorsement than seeing one of your own employees choose that implant as the best implant for them.”

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When it comes to planning your breast augmentation you need to be sure your surgeon doesn’t just offer silicone gel and unstructured saline breast implants. You need up-to-date options so you can choose an implant that will give you a natural looking result with peace of mind. In the most recent FDA clinical trial data IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants significantly outperformed silicone gel breast implants in terms of rupture risk and capsular contracture risk over 10 years. Technology has advanced, and Dr. Newman is committed to advancing alongside it so his patients can achieve their goals safely and efficiently. 

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