Dr. Ellen Mahony Discusses Westport Breast Augmentation Options

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Who do you look to for medical advice? Before your breast augmentation in Westport, CT, it is important to gather information about your choices from an expert in plastic surgery. Information is readily available on the internet, but you need to be careful about information gathered this way because it can be difficult to know who is behind it, and what credentials they have. Dr. Ellen Mahony is a highly regarded and sought after board-certified plastic surgeon in Westport Connecticut. Throughout her career she has dedicated herself to staying up-to-date with medical techniques that will improve her patient’s results and quality of life. Her desire is to guide and inform patients so they can make the best choice for the future. With this in mind, we sat down with Dr. Mahony to discuss Westport breast augmentation options and find out why she offers the newest breast implant, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant.

Your Options For Breast Implants

Women have three options for breast implants, each with unique benefits and compromises:

Why Choose IDEAL IMPLANT For Breast Augmentation in Westport, CT?

Why do plastic surgeons such as Dr. Mahony offer the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant? Dr. Mahony explained to us some of the advantages the IDEAL IMPLANT can give her patients in the video below.

Why is easy rupture detection important? Women with silicone gel breast implants are at risk of a “silent rupture,” which happens when a silicone gel implant ruptures without causing symptoms. Even if a ruptured implant is not causing any symptoms, the FDA recommends removal of the implant and any leaked silicone gel. The only way to detect a silent rupture is with an MRI, which Dr. Mahony tells us can be a barrier for some women. “A lot of women have been bothered by the fact that if they need to detect a leak with their silicone gel implant they’re obligated to undergo an MRI which is an out-of-pocket cost, it’s an expense, it’s not something that everybody has the funds for and so a lot of people skip it. For that reason there are probably a lot of people walking around with silent leaks that don’t even know about it.” A leaked silicone gel implant can become a problem if it begins to exhibit symptoms such as “feeling fatigued, feeling tired, feeling run down, having aches and pains and so forth, or they may notice a contour irregularity of their breast, or they may notice tightening of the breast implant or tightening of the chest wall and a sense of discomfort.”  Easy and early detection of implant rupture is important to avoid these complications.

Ruptures in Saline Implants versus Ruptures in the IDEAL IMPLANT

One of the major advantages of saline implants, according to Dr. Mahony, is the ability to detect ruptures without the need for an MRI. As Dr. Mahony explains, “That means that in the privacy of your own home, without the cost, without the energy, you would just look in the mirror, and you’d see a subtle change in the volume of each breast.” That change in volume is a sign that the implant has ruptured. The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is filled with saline, meaning if it ruptures the saline is naturally absorbed. But, as Dr. Mahony points out, deflation in saline breast implants and IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants looks different. She tells us, “unlike saline implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT has two chambers. So, if there were a leak, the outer chamber would be the portion that would likely show the leak. The inner chamber would retain its volume.” This slight deflation means scheduling a Westport breast augmentation to remove and replace the ruptured implant does not have to be an emergency.

What Do Surgeons and Patients Think About the IDEAL IMPLANT?

As the newest breast implant to hit the market, are surgeons and patients happy with the results of the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant? In FDA core study results at 6 years researchers found that patient and surgeon satisfaction is high with the IDEAL IMPLANT: 89.7 percent for patients after a primary augmentation, and 92.6 percent for surgeons after a primary augmentation. Watch the video below to see what Dr. Mahony has to say about her personal experience with the implant.

Dr. Mahony explains that despite its status as a newcomer, she sees the IDEAL IMPLANT rising in popularity and giving women a needed third option for their breast augmentation in Westport, CT. Dr. Mahony tells us that, after explaining the benefits and compromises of the IDEAL IMPLANT and other breast implant options, many patients ask, “Why wouldn’t you chose the IDEAL IMPLANT?”

What Breast Implant Would a Plastic Surgeon Choose?

After learning about each implant type, many patients also wonder which implant their surgeon would pick if they had to choose? Most board-certified plastic surgeons have performed hundreds of breast augmentations, explained the benefits and compromises of each implant to their patients, and seen their fair share of complications. Dr. Mahony tells us she knows exactly which implant she would pick because she has had saline breast implants for the past 14 years, and knows they will need replacement some day. She tells us, “I’ve always been wondering myself, what implant was I going to choose? I was always waiting for something better, to not have to feel so stuck between the two choices. And now with this third choice, the IDEAL IMPLANT is absolutely what I would go with. I can’t think of any reason not to and when that day comes, that’s what I’ll do.”

Complications You Should Know About Before Your Westport Breast Augmentation

No surgery is without potential risks and complications. As an educated consumer, you can do your best to weigh these potential risks with the benefits you will gain and decide if a breast augmentation is right for you. As Dr. Mahony explains in the video below many women are concerned about complications such as capsular contracture and rupture, or aesthetic concerns such as rippling before they get breast implants.

When asked about risks, such as capsular contracture and rupture, Dr. Mahony tells us the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, “has a best safety profile out there right now. It’s pretty amazing that this particular implant has the lowest capsule contraction rate and the lowest leak rate of all of its competitors.” She also points out that many women are not aware of how breast implants compare when it comes to these statistics, even though the statistics are readily available. “Silicone gel implants clearly have a much higher risk of capsular contractures and ruptures. If you look at the 10 year data on capsular contractures and ruptures, it’s somewhere between 10 and 24 percent. That’s a high number.” You can compare these numbers to the FDA 7 year core clinical trial results of the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, which show a rupture risk of 1.8 percent, and a capsular contracture risk 6.3 percent after 7 years.

Cosmetic Complications and How to Avoid Them

Women are rightly concerned about how their implants will look in the years after their breast augmentation. After all, most women seek out a Westport breast augmentation to enhance their natural look. Saline breast implants tend to ripple and look unnatural under the skin because they behave similar to a water balloon. Dr. Mahony explains this can be especially difficult for women without much fat or breast tissue covering the implant, because the ripples are easier to see. Silicone gel breast implants are denser and behave similar to natural breast tissue, with less ripples and wrinkles. However, this natural look comes with concerns about silent rupture and the need for expensive MRIs. The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant gives women the best of both worlds because the internal structure controls the flow of saline giving it a dense feel comparable to silicone gel but without the worry about silent ruptures. In fact, in the video above Dr. Mahony demonstrates that a silicone gel implant and the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant feel indistinguishable in a blind test, and behave the same when moved. Dr. Mahony states, “the IDEAL IMPLANT has met all the goals and expectations in terms of safety, look good, feel good, natural, and being able to detect a leak just by looking in the mirror.” Why not choose an implant that gives you a natural feel with low risk of complications?

Schedule an Appointment For Your Breast Augmentation in Westport, CT

Dr. Mahony has spent years helping her patients choose the right breast implants for their unique bodies and lifestyles. Her goal during each consultation is to listen to her patients and help them achieve their desired results. She explains her philosophy of care this way, “What I like to do is have a consultation, find out what a person’s goals are, find out what their issues are, listen to them very carefully, and then outline for them what the options are that are available to them to reach their specific goals. I’m not the surgeon who, if you came into my office, would say, “Let me tell you what you can do about those breasts!” or “Here’s what you can do about your face!”

Too many women feel pressured by their surgeon into making a health decision that they’re not completely comfortable with, or don’t have sufficient information about. You should never worry that your voice will not be heard or your concerns will be brushed aside by your surgeon. With Dr. Mahony you can be sure you are getting a surgeon who not only cares about your results, but wants you to be educated about your options. Dr. Mahony believes, “every patient should be able to make an informed decision about something as important as his or her medical care.” Read some of the many reviews former patients have left for Dr. Mahony and her staff below.

“Dr. Mahony is the most caring compassionate woman I’ve met and I’m so glad I found her. She is more than attentive and truly a gem. I wish there were more like her in the medical field.” – Realself user SaraF

Dr. Mahony and her staff give personalized attention to all your needs and questions.  Their service and results are outstanding!” – Google user Traci Miller

“I had breast augmentation done by Dr. Ellen Mahony and I have to say that she is an amazing doctor and a true artist! Not only did she find the ideal size and shape of implants to complement my body but also placed the implants impeccably to create the perfect figure. It’s been a couple of years now and I am still in love with my shape! Thank you Dr. Mahony for your perfectionism, patience and professionalism!” – Realself user Linda75

If you’re considering breast augmentation, there has never been a better time to start your journey. The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant gives women the choice they’ve been waiting for: a natural look and feel with peace of mind. Dr. Mahony is one of the exclusive surgeons who can perform your Westport breast augmentation with the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. She was recently named an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon because of her extensive experience with this implant.

Considering breast implants in Westport? Contact Dr. Ellen Mahony today to discuss your options. Simply call (203) 221-0102, or visit drellenmahony.com. Dr. Mahony’s office is located at 131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.