Your Cincinnati, OH, and Crestview Hills, KY, Breast Implants Options Explained

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Options are important, especially when you’re planning a breast augmentation. No two women are the same, so having a variety of choices for your breast implants will help you find your perfect fit. To learn more about your choices for Cincinnati, OH, and Crestview Hills, KY, breast implants, we spoke to one of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in the area, Dr. Michael Leadbetter. Dr. Leadbetter is a member of the Plastic Surgery Group, and in this discussion, he tells us about his approach to showing his patients their breast implant options, and how the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant has benefitted his practice and his patients.

How Do You Introduce Breast Implant Options to Your Patients?

“ Well, first of all, I make all implants available to my patients. So, I go through with them in pretty good detail what their implant options are. They have, basically, three options. They can have saline, they can have silicone gel, or they can have IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. I go through all the different options with them. So, I basically leave it open to the patient. I don’t try to make a decision for them. I tell them; most patients who used silicone gel in the past, they used it because they thought it felt more natural. But, it requires yearly follow up because you can have a silent leak and not know it. Whereas with saline, those people crave saline because they want the peace of mind that, if it leaks, it’s just going to deflate overnight. They don’t have to worry about it. But, the drawback is that there’s a lot of palpable waviness, potentially because of the fitness of the skin, because of the shape of the implants, et cetera. Then, I tell them the IDEAL IMPLANT now offers you a little bit of a different approach because it’s structured to feel like gel, but yet have much less potential for palpable waviness. Most of the women who choose saline, they’ll choose the IDEAL IMPLANT. That’s what I recommend to them.”

How Do Your Patients Feel Now that  IDEAL IMPLANT is Offered as a Cincinnati, OH, and Crestview Hills, KY, Breast Implant Choice?

“ They’ve been just as satisfied as whether they had silicone gel. I have had some palpable waviness of the implant in the inferior quadrant of the breast, but usually that’s in patients who have very thin skin, and any type of an implant is probably going to cause that feel.”

Why Do You Think Patients are Choosing IDEAL IMPLANT Over Other Implant Choices?

“Patients who choose IDEAL IMPLANT are patients who normally would not choose a standard saline implant because of the potential for waviness and the history of saline implants from 1994 to 2005. We have a lot of women who had saline implants back in those times, who didn’t have any other option.  I think this implant gives them the option to still have the peace of mind, but minimize those old saline problems. So, it’s a win-win situation in their minds. Some people will do it only because I recommend it to them. A lot of times they’ll ask me, ‘I don’t want to use silicone gel. Which implant should I use?’ I’ll say, ‘Well, in my mind, across the board, I would use the IDEAL IMPLANT.’ Because I think, at this point, it’s a better implant than standard saline. The long term data is out. All the patients that I have recommended the IDEAL IMPLANT for, nobody has refused it.”

Are Your Patients Concerned with Safety When They are Looking at Cincinnati, OH, and Crestview Hills, KY, Breast Implants?

“ Whether it be for mastectomy, reconstructive purposes, cosmetic purposes, or congenital deformities, we’re going to continue to see women over time that want breast enhancement for one reason or another. Plastic surgeons come in to take the high road and make these procedures as safe and effective as possible. So anything we can do to create a device that gives them options in a safe manner is a really good situation for everybody. I think that’s where the IDEAL IMPLANT is going to fit in for the future. I can’t help but feel that silicone gel is going to be questioned as an option for the future. They’re going to have to have an alternative to replace that with. This just gives us another tool. I think it’s all a matter of how we approach the patients, making sure that they’re comfortable with our approach, and if they are, they’ll continue to do the surgery for the future.”

Explore Your Cincinnati, OH, and Crestview Hills, KY, Breast Implant Options With Dr. Leadbetter and the Plastic Surgery Group

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