An IDEAL IMPLANT® Versus Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Breast implants are not a one-size-fits-all. There are several different types of breast implants, and each kind has certain characteristics and traits that women find important in a breast implant. Perhaps you have heard about a gummy bear breast augmentation from a friend, but want to know about all your options including unstructured saline implants or the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. In a recent interview, Ideal Implant Premier Surgeon Dr. Michael Zwicklbauer with Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads discusses how he helps his patients determine the right implant to achieve their goals.

What is your advice to women trying to decide the best implant choice for them?

“I think what women need to know about a breast augmentation, is that it’s a lifetime commitment. This is a foreign body they’re putting inside of them. This is not like a tummy tuck, where it’s one surgery and you’re good for the next 20-25 years. We know you’re going to get multiple surgeries probably, because of breast implants, and some implants are more prone to require multiple surgeries than others.

“So, I really stress to patients that it’s a lifetime commitment, and that really, when you leave here today, I want you to understand you’re making a commitment for life, and the implant company stands by you for life. They’re going to give you a warranty that stands with you. We know at some point they’re going to break, they’re not going to last 50 years.

“Although, the IDEAL IMPLANT does very well . . . Because it doesn’t break near as frequently as the other implants, it may last quite a long time. Many patients who choose this implant just because of that. In the span of eight years, it only breaks 2.1%, where the others break in the neighborhood of 7 to 13% of that period of time. For that reason, I think a lot of people just need to know it’s a lifetime commitment, and because of that, [the IDEAL IMPLANT] is a good choice, because it’s very sturdy.”

Do you find that your patients already know what they want when they come to their consultation? Have women heard about an IDEAL IMPLANT breast augmentation or gummy bear breast augmentation?

“I think a lot of women come in with the expectation, reading on the Internet, talking to girlfriends, that ‘this is the implant I want,’ and they don’t know commonly about the IDEAL IMPLANT because it hasn’t been out as long as silicone gel or unstructured saline implants. But, the second I show them an unstructured saline implant, or the second I show them a silicone gel implant, and frankly I use the analogy, ‘Look at this implant. It’s a bag of salt water. It looks like a five year old invented it.’ 

“Then I compare it to the IDEAL IMPLANT, which is a structured saline implant that has multiple layers to it. It’s built like an onion with layers of saline in between shells, and it takes a lot more to manufacture this. It’s much more sturdy than an unstructured saline implant—bag of salt water. It doesn’t ripple near as much. And I show them, I think the IDEAL IMPLANT speaks for itself, when I show them this implant.”

How do you educate your patients about a silicone gel or gummy bear breast augmentation?

“If someone asks for the gummy bear implant, two things I point out to them. One, it’s a textured surface implant. Because it’s a textured surface implant, it’s supposed to have your tissue grow into it, to keep it in its teardrop shape. However, when they did multiple studies with ultrasounds, they found that it didn’t stay in that position. It rotated about 40% . . . I had to take out many broken ones, and when I took out the broken implants, they were looking just like the regular old silicone gel implants that I get that are broken. To me, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, these are gummy bear. They’re not going anywhere.’ It was still a mess to repair . . . 

“When I go over and show them a ruptured silicone gel implant, what it’s going to look like inside their body, that’s what it looks like inside your body. I don’t even take it out because it’s so sticky. It’s goo, it’s like jelly. Even though they show you a picture in their advertising that looks all nice and clean, it isn’t. Inside your body, it’s a mess. And when I show them this, they go, ‘Ugh! I want saline.’”

What do you tell your patients that are considering a gummy bear breast augmentation versus an IDEAL IMPLANT breast augmentation?

“Well, this is something I divulge to all my patients when they come in. One, the IDEAL IMPLANT is new. It’s revolutionized in my mind the type of implants . . .

“I started putting the IDEAL IMPLANT in two years ago, because I had a patient come to me . . . She came to me because she had all this rippling in her medial cleavage. She had been told for ten years prior to coming to see me, silicone gel, silicone gel, gummy bear, silicone gel. And she just didn’t want to take that leap to silicone gel.

“I heard of the IDEAL IMPLANT, and fortunately, my rep who I had known from a different company before, was the new IDEAL IMPLANT rep. I said, ‘You know what? This may be a case study for me, to see if it’s worth doing.’ 

“And I show her picture to every single patient who wants to see it, because she had all these ripples before surgery. After surgery, just changing out her implant, I didn’t do anything else, I didn’t put in artificial tissue, I didn’t put in donated human tissue, I didn’t do fat-grafting to cover the implant. I simply changed the implant, so that I really knew, it is the implant that’s done the difference. And it did. Three weeks later, an ecstatic patient, no more rippling in her cleavage, could wear bikinis without any problem. Since then, it changed what I do, and I share that with people as well, and her photographs, so they know. This really is different.”

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