Your Grand Rapids Breast Augmentation. Before and After photos from Dr. Steven Ringler

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Ringer has over 33 years of experience in plastic surgery, and at his private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he and his staff do everything they can to meet the goals and expectations of their patients. For the past 20 years, Dr. Ringler has dedicated his practice entirely to cosmetic plastic surgery, where he provides the very latest in proven technology in surgical and non-surgical services.

Dr. Ringler has served in many positions of leadership throughout his career, including Director of the Grand Rapids Plastic Surgery Residency Program for 12 years. After he developed patents for non-surgical, botanical hair restoration treatments and techniques, he founded the Hair Restoration Institute. Dr. Ringler has been honored with numerous awards over the years including Best Doctors in America in Plastic Surgery, 1996-2016, America’s Top Doctors in Plastic Surgery, Castle Connolly, 2010-2016, one of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Plastic Surgeons for 2016, as well as numerous other “best of” lists.

Dr. Ringler’s Work With IDEAL IMPLANT

Dr. Ringler was recently recognized as an Ideal Implant Premier Surgeon for his experience working with IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants. These implants are an excellent new choice, as demonstrated by these photos of breast augmentation before and after in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“I know for me the IDEAL IMPLANT has been a great advancement because it’s really been the best design change that I’ve seen in implants throughout my entire career,” says Dr. Ringler.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Ringler has long advocated saline breast implants for women in Grand Rapids. Breast augmentation before and after photos show that many of Dr. Ringler’s patients choose saline over silicone gel implants. But the IDEAL IMPLANT is not considered a  saline implant. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured implant. Its unique structure is formed by a series of nested shells that hold the implant in place. The IDEAL IMPLANT gives women a youthful shape and natural look. Dr. Ringler says his patients like the shape of the IDEAL IMPLANT better compared to other breast implants on the market today.

“I let them feel the implant, I show them the differences between the IDEAL IMPLANT and other implants. When I put the same size IDEAL IMPLANT next to a gel implant I show them that the IDEAL IMPLANT has a different, fuller shape. I show them clinical photos of patients with standard implants and the IDEAL IMPLANT. The uniform response is, ‘I like the Ideal results better, those look better.'”

The IDEAL IMPLANT VS. Other Implants

Along with a beautiful shape, there are many other advantages to the IDEAL IMPLANT. When compared to silicone gel implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT has a lower rate of both rupture and capsular contracture, which makes it a great choice, as seen in these Grand Rapids breast augmentation before and after photos.

Capsular Contracture

While some silicone gel implants come with anywhere between a 10.9%-16.2% capsule contracture risk for primary augmentations, the IDEAL IMPLANT is much lower risk at only 6.6% at 8 years. Capsular contractures can be very painful for women, as the tissue around the implant hardens and contracts, squeezing and causing discomfort. Women can have greater peace of mind with the IDEAL IMPLANT, knowing their risk is much lower.


When a silicone gel breast implant ruptures, it can do so silently and without warning.  Women may have no idea their implant has ruptured until they begin experiencing symptoms, which can occur years after the rupture. When a silicone gel implant ruptures, sticky silicone gel can leak out, leading to additional lengthy surgery and implant replacement. Women who are considering breast augmentation should know that this “silent rupture” can only be detected by expensive MRIs, which are often not covered by insurance and not 100% reliable. In a recent independent survey of 933 women, 98% said they would be somewhat to constantly concerned about a silent rupture occurring with silicone gel breast implants. Many other plastic surgeons try to steer women toward silicone gel implants, which can come with adverse side effects, but Dr. Ringler favors saline implants over silicone gel for women in general. These Grand Rapids breast augmentation before and after photos demonstrate the natural look and feel of IDEAL IMPLANT structured saline implant.

“Clearly I like the advantages of saline implants over silicone gel, I like the safety of saline over gel. I don’t think that women are going to get MRI’s every three or four years to monitor their gel implant. I’ve taken out hundreds of ruptured gel implants during my career. It’s a big operation, removing them. If I never see another silicone gel implant related problem I’d be very happy.”

Breast Augmentation Before and After in Grand Rapids with ZERO Risk of Silent Rupture

The IDEAL IMPLANT comes with zero risk of silent rupture. If a leak or rupture occurs with the IDEAL IMPLANT, women can visibly see the difference in the mirror. The IDEAL IMPLANT will only slightly deflate due to its dual-chamber design, and the only liquid leaking out of the implant will be harmless saline solution, which can be easily absorbed by the body. The IDEAL IMPLANT can be replaced in a quick, twenty-minute procedure, where all the surgeon has to do is take the old implant out and replace it with a new one. Dr. Ringler says,

“With the IDEAL IMPLANT, if it leaks it’s a very easy thing to change. There’s minimal downtime, and it’s minimal inconvenience to the patient, and they are not subject to monitoring. They come in for an exam, they look at themselves in the mirror, they can tell if their implant is leaking. I do think that the double lumen of the IDEAL IMPLANT is nice because it’s never going to totally deflate. So patients don’t have to worry about that, it’s still going to maintain roughly 60% of its volume even if the outer shell leaks. That seems to be reassuring to some patients.”

Dr. Ringler Stands Out Among Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Ringler favors the transaxillary approach for women when it comes to Grand Rapids breast augmentation. Before and after photos show that his approach involves placing the breast implant through an incision made in the armpit area. Dr. Ringler talks about why he prefers this approach over other methods.

“I do see a lot of patients specifically because they want a transaxillary approach. I feel that I can get an optimal result without a breast scar. This is a cosmetic operation, I don’t see why we should ever put a scar on the breast if we don’t have to. I see patients back for other procedures, or for long term follow up, and I can’t even find their axillary scar. They’re thrilled with that. There are some situations due to the patient’s anatomy or personal preference where they want an incision in the breast fold. I’m certainly qualified to do it that way but I just don’t see any advantage for the majority of patients to have a scar on their breast.”

Grand Rapids Breast Augmentation Before and After

In these photos, you’ll see a 44-year-old woman who decided to go with 335 IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants using a transaxillary approach with no breast scar.

Dr. Ringler says that the IDEAL IMPLANT looks good and it feels incredibly natural.

“They feel natural. I can’t tell the difference between IDEAL IMPLANT and a silicone gel implant when I examine the patient. I have to look at their chart to know what they have in.”

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