Your Breast Implants are Protected with the IDEAL IMPLANT® Premium Protection Plan

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Breast Implant Complications, Breast Implant Education Center

You want breast implants that will fit your personal goals and your lifestyle without getting in your way. You deserve an implant that can give you all that, along with peace of mind. For your breast augmentation, the IDEAL IMPLANT® is the only implant on the market today that combines the safety of saline with a natural look and feel similar to silicone gel implants. Women choose the IDEAL IMPLANT for its impressive safety features and beautiful, youthful shape.

Automatic Protection After Surgery

When you pick the IDEAL IMPLANT, you are automatically enrolled at no cost in the Ideal Implant Basic Protection Plan. This provides you with financial assistance of up to $3500 to help with uninsured, out-of-pocket surgery costs for implant deflation for 10 years. Ideal Implant Network Surgeons believe strongly in providing women this added security.

They feel their responsibility to women receiving IDEAL IMPLANTS doesn’t end when the final stitch is tied. While IDEAL IMPLANT offers some of the lowest rupture and capsular contracture rates among implants, they want to provide women with financial peace of mind in case an unexpected expense arises, whether for an early post-operative complication, or a problem that arises many years in the future.

The IDEAL IMPLANT Premium Protection Plan for Your Breast Implants

While every IDEAL IMPLANT customer is instantly enrolled in the Basic Protection Plan, you also have the option to purchase best-in-class protection through your surgeon with the Ideal Implant Premium Protection Plan.

To help you avoid the cost and worry of unanticipated complications, the Ideal Implant Premium Protection Plan includes more extensive financial assistance. You can renew the plan for life for increased peace of mind and financial protection.

The Ideal Implant Premium Protection Plan includes:

  • $10,000 PROTECTION during the first 60 days after your breast augmentation procedure for bleeding, infection, anesthesia, blood clots and wound healing events.
  • $5,000 PROTECTION during the first year for capsular contracture, deflation, insertional scar revision and related events.
  • $5,000 PROTECTION during subsequent years for capsular contracture, deflation, insertional scar revision and related events.

It’s easy and affordable to enroll in the Ideal Implant Premium Protection Plan with your surgeon prior to your procedure. If it’s your first time getting breast implants (primary augmentation) you’ll pay a one-time fee of $189. If you are exchanging your existing implants for the IDEAL IMPLANT, then the one-time payment cost is $249. The cost for implant exchange patients is slightly higher as the risk of a postoperative problem from another procedure tends to go up with subsequent surgeries. Each year after the initial one-time payment, renewal is only $79.

What IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Network Surgeons Have to Say

In Newport Beach, California, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Nichter is an Ideal Implant Premier Network Surgeon who conducts ongoing research on the IDEAL IMPLANT. He is highly experienced in breast augmentation and many other cosmetic surgical procedures. He admits that patients will pay about $500 more upfront for the IDEAL IMPLANT compared to other implants, but in the long-term you’ll actually save money due to less surgeries.

“I tell my patients for silicone gel implants, just plan on removing them every 10-12 years, because after that the rupture rate is so high. You don’t have to do that with IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants,” said Dr. Nichter. “You can just leave them in until there’s a leak because it’s just simple saline, the stuff that’s in an IV solution. It’s incredibly safe and so there are far fewer lifetime surgeries with an IDEAL IMPLANT, compared to traditional silicone gel implants.”

Comparing core clinical trial results for the IDEAL IMPLANT to silicone gel implants showed that only 2.1% of women with the IDEAL IMPLANT experienced implant rupture or deflation eight years after primary breast augmentation. Silicone gel implants from Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra had much higher rates at 7.4%, 13.6%, and 7.2% respectively. The only way to detect a rupture in a silicone gel implant is with an expensive MRI. The FDA recommends women obtain an MRI three years after their breast augmentation, and every two years after that for life. When you pick the IDEAL IMPLANT, you can detect a rupture with a quick glance in the mirror, which is very reassuring to many women. In McKinney, TX, Ideal Implant Premier Network Surgeon Dr. Naveen Setty says women come into his office worried about silent rupture.

“A lot of women are concerned. I can give direct comfort to my patients. They don’t have to worry about monitoring the IDEAL IMPLANT afterwards like you do with silicone gel implants,” Dr. Setty said. “My patients really like that and are comfortable with that. Most of these women coming in are in their 30s and plan on using these implants for many years. Knowing that the IDEAL IMPLANT is easier to monitor and follow up with is a big deal.”

Lower Risk of Capsular Contracture

Another common complication covered by the Ideal Implant Premium Protection Plan is capsular contracture, where the body forms scar tissue around the implant. This can cause your breast implants to displace, become firm, and potentially cause pain. IDEAL IMPLANT rates of Baker class III/IV capsular contracture at 8 years after primary augmentation were low at 6.6%, compared to silicone gel implants from Allergan (16.2%, at seven years), Mentor (10.9%, at eight years), and Sientra (11.2%, at eight years). Capsular contracture generally requires revision surgery to remove and replace the implant.

Dr. Nichter says, “We were very surprised, in the FDA study looking at more than 500 women, at how low the capsular contracture rate was with IDEAL IMPLANT. In fact, it was significantly lower than silicone gel implants, which in the past had some of the lowest rates. So, that’s a huge advantage of IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.”

Additional Benefits of Picking the IDEAL IMPLANT for your Breast Augmentation

The IDEAL IMPLANT is composed of two separate chambers that hold the saline inside. This keeps the solution from sloshing around, and prevents women from looking lopsided if a leak occurs. The IDEAL IMPLANT also requires a smaller incision when inserted, because they are not filled until the actual surgery. Dr. Setty says this allows him to create a more proportionate, matched look in his patients during the procedure:

“From a surgical standpoint, one of the advantages of the IDEAL structured saline implant is that there’s a little bit more flexibility as far as fill volume. Most women come in with slight asymmetries, and with silicone gel implants sometimes you can’t find that exact size that you need for each breast to give a more symmetrical result. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, I have the ability to do that a little bit more easily.”

Dr. Nichter says more of his patients are picking the IDEAL IMPLANT than ever before:

“It used to be that about 90%-95% of my patients would pick silicone gel implants, and maybe only 5% saline-filled. Now, the majority of my patients pick IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants after I present that information and allow them to read about it. And I’m thrilled.”

Whether you choose the Basic or Premium plan, both options include a free IDEAL IMPLANT replacement during your lifetime for deflation and for the first 10 years for capsular contracture. When you choose the IDEAL IMPLANT, you’re making a smart investment for your future. Ensure you’re protected no matter what. See for more details.