Why Dr. Ralph Aquadro Should Be Your Top Choice for Breast Implants in Auburn

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Womens’ breasts change over time, whether due to weight loss or weight gain, having children, breast feeding, age, or breast cancer. What once were firm, perky breasts, are now sagging and flat. At East Alabama Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ralph Aquadro is available to help women feel confident about their bodies once again, or perhaps for the first time ever. Breast implants come in a variety of brands, types, shapes, and sizes, all in an effort to enhance the natural look and feel of breasts. Many women are candidates for breast surgery including those who are wanting symmetry or have nipples facing downward. Below you will discover more about the realistic goals and expectations that women can accomplish through breast surgery and gummy implants.

Choosing the Right Type of Implant for Your Body

Attending a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon can provide women with valuable information. During a consultation, Dr. Aquadro sets aside an extensive amount of time to ensure that patients are well informed about any procedure they choose to get. Women are able to express their concerns and inform Dr. Aquadro about their goals and expectations. Each type of implant and each surgical technique is tailored to the individual patients depending on their natural breast size, previous scars, implants or degree of skin excess. The different types of breast implants include silicone gel, unstructured saline, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, and gummy implants.

Many women choose silicone gel implants because they are traditionally known for having the most natural look and feel. However, the concern of silent rupture is a characteristic that often holds patients back. A silent rupture is when a silicone gel implant ruptures, but because of the cohesive nature of the silicone gel, the rupture is not apparent without expensive MRI or ultrasound imaging. This means a woman may have silicone gel in her body tissues outside of the implant and not know it.

Unstructured saline implants are filled only with a salt water solution. While the look and feel of these implants is less natural than silicone gel, unstructured saline implants provide women with peace of mind in the event of a rupture. If a rupture occurs with saline inside, it can be detected by simply looking in the mirror, as the saline is safely absorbed into the body. No expensive imaging is needed. A disadvantage of unstructured saline implants is that they can ripple and fold, sometimes becoming visible through the skin.

IDEAL IMPLANTS are a structured breast implant filled with only saline. However, the structure of the implant itself, with multiple chambers that hold the saline, prevens it from rippling or folding, and provides a more natural look and feel. In fact, many board-certified plastic surgeons report that they cannot tell a difference in the feel between a silicone gel implant and the IDEAL IMPLANT after surgery is completed. Gummy implants are made of a thick cohesive gel. These are tear-dropped in shape.

Incision Options for Breast Implants

During the consultation process, Dr. Aquadro will inform the patient as to which incision option is best for them. There are four breast incision locations that are used to place implants. Each incision point has an advantage and disadvantage.

Breast Lifts versus Breast Augmentations

A breast lift is different from a breast augmentation. Breast augmentations enhance the volume or size of the breast. A breast lift improves the position and shape of the breasts. This provides patients with a more youthful look. Patients who want a breast lift do not necessarily need a breast augmentation. And patients who want an augmentation do not always need a lift. Dr. Aquadro can educate women on what they need to achieve their desired look during the consultation process. A breast lift without implants uses the natural tissue and make up of the breasts. The breasts are then lifted and shifted into a permanent position.

Recovering from Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure, meaning patients are able to return home the same day as the surgery. Dr. Aquadro provides patients with information on follow-up care specific to their gummy implants, unstructured saline, IDEAL IMPLANT, or silicone gel implants. These instructions include when they can resume physical exercise, lifting objects, returning to work, and what precautions to look for. Most women are able to get simple things done around the house or are able to go back to work within a couple of days. Women should wear a supportive bra, one that firmly supports their breasts, and should avoid high implant activities for a minimum of four weeks. Swelling of the breasts is normal for a couple of days or weeks.

Why You Can Trust Dr. Aquadro

Dr. Aquadro has been a board-certified plastic surgeon and in practice for nine years. His reviews on RealSelf speak for themself. He has more than 65 reviews and five star ratings from all patients.   

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