What is Cosmetic Surgery with the IDEAL IMPLANT® Really Like?

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Herluf Lund wants each and every one of his patients to feel beautiful and confident after their cosmetic surgery. Women who go in for a breast augmentation may have questions about what different breast implant sizes look like on their body, or wonder what the actual day of surgery will entail. At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Lund answers some of the most common questions he’s asked about breast implants and explains a breast augmentation surgery step-by-step using the new IDEAL IMPLANT®.

How big will the incisions be and where will they be placed during the cosmetic surgery

“The incision we use to put the IDEAL IMPLANT in is less than two inches, and it’s placed underneath the breast where the breast joins to chest wall where it’s very well hidden. Before I put the IDEAL IMPLANT into the patient, I first use a test implant which we call a sizer. A sizer is a temporary implant that we put in before we put the IDEAL IMPLANT in. We inflate the test implant up, that allows us to see the size. Is it correct? Is the pocket correct? Do we need to do any adjustments before we actually use the real IDEAL IMPLANT?”

The IDEAL IMPLANT® does not come pre-filled like silicone gel implants do. This allows the surgeon to adjust it during the procedure to accommodate differing breast implant sizes. How is the implant filled to the desired size? 

“The only person who touches the implant is the surgeon and this implant is kept inside its container until it actually goes into the patient. The IDEAL IMPLANT has two chambers that the saline (the saltwater solution) is put into. Once the fill tubes are in the IDEAL IMPLANT, the implant has to be folded in order to insert it. I will fold it so one tube is tucked inside one way and the other tube is tucked inside the other way. This makes it very easy for me to insert the IDEAL IMPLANT into the pocket. Once I have the proper amount of fluid, the fill tubes are removed and the fill valves are sealed leaving the implant with the desired size.”

“No woman has exactly perfectly matched breasts. Every woman’s breasts are asymmetrical. One of the great advantages of the IDEAL IMPLANT is that because it’s a structured implant I can add more volume to one breast to better match the opposite larger breast. Sometimes that amount could be equivalent to a half of a shot glass, or 15 cc.”

Can you explain the recovery process after breast augmentation cosmetic surgery?

“After surgery, the patients go to recovery for about an hour or so and then most patients are going to go home. I encourage them to get up and walk around that day and do a number of their normal activities. Most patients can return to brisk walking and to a desk job in two to three days after having their IDEAL IMPLANT breast augmentation and most patients can return back to the gym to full activities at three weeks. 

Breast implant sizes differ according to personal preference and body type. Some women want larger implants, while others go for a more natural look. Do bigger implants mean bigger scars? What will the scars look like after surgery?

“One of the advantages of using the IDEAL IMPLANT for breast augmentation is the small incision size, and this incision is going to fade over the next number of months. At about two months, it’s going to be significantly faded and usually by the end of the year, it’s faded completely. It’s well hidden, tucked underneath the breast.”

One Patient Who Chose the IDEAL IMPLANT is Extremely Pleased

“Now it’s been almost three months and I am very happy with my choice. They feel very, very natural. I lost a lot of volume from pregnancy and nursing and I got that upper full volume back which is what I really wanted with an implant. Going into it I was a little afraid just with saline that I would get maybe a water balloon type of feel, it would feel bouncy, it wouldn’t feel natural. It does not feel like that at all. It feels like my natural breasts used to be. It feels like they were back in the position where they used to be and I’m very, very happy with it.” – Patient review from Stephanie

When you choose Dr. Lund and St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery for your procedure, you’re choosing an office that is proud to offer the latest in breast implant technology with the new IDEAL IMPLANT. This innovative implant was designed to give women a beautiful, natural look without the fear of silent rupture. The IDEAL IMPLANT was approved by both the FDA and Health Canada in 2014. Dr. Lund says, “Pregnancy and childbirth, weight fluctuations, and aging are all reasons people seek cosmetic surgery. These changes in the practice of cosmetic medicine require that plastic surgeons continue to be innovators.”

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