Transform Your Body with McKinney Breast Implants from Dr. Setty

by | May 23, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

For stunning transformations and an excellent cosmetic surgery experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, patients put their trust in the skills and experience of Dr. Naveen Setty. A board certified plastic surgeon in McKinney, Texas, Dr. Setty has been in private practice for over ten years. His comprehensive education and extensive plastic surgery training make him one of the top plastic surgeons in the area. At Setty Plastics & Aesthetics, Dr. Setty and his staff consistently provide compassionate care with exceptional results. Dr. Setty is considered a leader in plastic surgery with the recognition of “Top Doctor” by, and distinguished as an Ideal Implant Premier Network Surgeon. We sat down with Dr. Setty to discuss his practice, the ins and outs of breast augmentation, and why he likes IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Why do patients choose your practice over others in the area?

“We spend time with our patients, we care about them, they are all important to us. We’re told that patients feel very comfortable in our practice. Most of them can relate to a lot of my staff and myself. We try to make the plastic surgery experience as comfortable as possible. We know it’s very nerve racking to come in, take your clothes off, and be examined and have your photo taken by strangers. So we try to make our patients as comfortable as possible. We try to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the procedure, which is another big reason why patients tell us they chose us.

“I was actually a patient, not from a cosmetic standpoint, but I was a reconstructive surgery patient so I understand that feeling of being in a physician’s office or being at the hands of a physician and other people and trying to get that trust and build that trust. So it’s important that we build that relationship with our patients.”

How do you help women make individualized choices during their breast augmentation process?

“Some patients who come in don’t know much about the process or haven’t done a lot of research, and there are many misconceptions and half-truths out there. A lot of things people hear from other people. So, my goal is to make sure they’re really educated. That’s an important part of the consultation.

“The other important part is really listening to what they’re looking for and making sure we’re on the same page and that what they want is something I can deliver, something realistic. So, those are the two important aspects of the consultation that we really focus on. In the initial part of the consultation I will sit down with them, talk to them, find out their reasons for breast augmentation and what their goals are. Then after we’ve taken pictures and I’ve examined them, then I really sit down with them and go through a full presentation on the pros and cons of getting a breast augmentation, the different kinds of implant choices, incision locations, where we put the implants and why we put them there. I’ll talk about the risks involved and the recovery. It’s one of our longer consultations actually because of all the education and detail that’s involved.”

When did you begin offering IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Saline Implants in your practice?

“I’ve been using the IDEAL IMPLANT for a little over two years now. I’d heard about it for a few years, just being at different national meetings and hearing a little buzz about it. It sounded like a really interesting idea and then at one of the meetings I went to the booth and learned a little bit more about the implant itself. The reason it sounded interesting to me was the fact that it was filled with saline. Even though silicone gel implants have been shown to be safe and most women do really well with them, there’re still a lot of women who come in here that have reservations about using silicone and having silicone gel implants in their body. When I saw and felt the IDEAL IMPLANT, I thought it would be a nice option for women and it has turned out to be a really good option.”

From a surgeon’s standpoint, what do you like about the IDEAL IMPLANT?

“One of the advantages of the traditional saline implant, and the IDEAL IMPLANT, is there’s a little bit more flexibility as far as fill volume. Most women come in with slight breast asymmetries, and silicone gel implants come pre-filled, so sometimes you can’t find that exact size that you need for each breast to give a more symmetrical result. With IDEAL IMPLANT, I have the ability to adjust the fill volume and make the breasts more symmetrical overall. That’s a nice thing from a surgical standpoint.

“The other thing I like is the IDEAL IMPLANT requires a smaller incision because it comes empty and I put it in through a small incision fill line. So that’s nice as well. Really the biggest thing is just that I can give direct comfort to patients. They don’t have to worry about monitoring them afterwards like you do with silicone gel implants. When I mention that to patients, they really like that. A lot of women are concerned about monitoring implants for silent rupture, which you don’t have to do with the IDEAL IMPLANT. Most of the women coming to me are in their 30s, so they’ll have these implants for many years. The fact that the IDEAL IMPLANT is easier to monitor and follow up with is a big deal.”

What would you tell another plastic surgeon who doesn’t offer the IDEAL IMPLANT yet?

“I know there is some concern among surgeons about the feel and look of the IDEAL IMPLANT. That’s because they tend to think of them as traditional saline implants, which they are not. What I have found with the IDEAL IMPLANT is that it really does, in most cases, feel similar to a silicone gel implant. There are certain situations where silicone gel breast implants might be a better option based on the individual patient’s circumstance. But the average woman that’s going to come in here for breast augmentation will have a very similar outcome to silicone gel implants. Like I said, the advantage of the IDEAL IMPLANT is the peace of mind it brings to patients. I think that peace of mind is a big plus. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a nice option to have, (of course it doesn’t have to be for everybody) but I think it’s something that should be offered.”

Why do you think more women are choosing the IDEAL IMPLANT for their breast augmentation?

“When women first start thinking about breast augmentation, they may want to avoid silicone gel implants due to silent rupture risks, but they still want a natural result and a natural feel. When they actually feel the IDEAL IMPLANT, and realize that they are very similar in feel to silicone gel implants, they get excited about that and are thrilled it can still give them the outcome they want and that peace of mind. And the data we have so far on the IDEAL IMPLANT shows they perform better than silicone gel implants in certain categories. And that makes them feel better about it, too.

What kind of patient feedback are you hearing about the IDEAL IMPLANT?

“The feedback is great. The patients have loved it. I haven’t really had anybody complain about it or say that they feel any rippling or think, ‘Oh, this is different than a silicone gel implant.’ I can honestly say there’s been really consistent positive feedback. Members of my staff love the implants too! I have one staff member that actually has the IDEAL IMPLANT, and several others who are considering breast augmentation also plan on getting the IDEAL IMPLANT because they’ve seen the results and see the benefits of it. The feedback is very positive overall.”

What do you foresee will be the trend with implants going forward? What will be popular in the future?

“I believe there will always be a percentage of women wanting silicone gel implants, and only about five percent of the cases I do are with the traditional saline implant. But right now, I have seen a big shift towards the IDEAL IMPLANT. In my practice, half my patients are asking for silicone gel and the other half want the IDEAL IMPLANT. Really over the last six months it’s been kind of a dramatic shift where we’ve seen more women move towards the IDEAL IMPLANT. I don’t ever foresee it going to 80 to 90 percent IDEAL. I think it’s always going to be kind of in that 50/50 range, but I think it’s an implant that’s going to be around for awhile.”

Have you had any patients that have switched from silicone gel or traditional saline to the IDEAL IMPLANT?

“I’ve had a couple patients where we went in to replace the silicone gel implants with the IDEAL IMPLANT and we found a silent rupture in the silicone gel implant while doing that. The patients were very happy afterwards that they had switched to the IDEAL IMPLANT, because they didn’t have to worry about that silent rupture occurring again.

“I’ve also had several patients that wanted an implant exchange from silicone gel to the IDEAL IMPLANT, but they didn’t have silent rupture. They decided to switch to IDEAL because, again, they liked the option of not having to worry about implant monitoring. Typically, when a patient comes in and has had traditional saline implants in the past, it’s easier for them to transition to the IDEAL IMPLANT because it’s a structured saline implant. That’s an easier transition then moving to a silicone gel implant. So that’s the other thing I’ve really noticed.”

What is your experience in cleaning up silent ruptures with silicone gel implants and the “gummy bear” silicone gel implants?

“The ‘gummy bear’ implants are generally much easier to deal with. I’ve definitely dealt with some of those old silicone gel implants from the 80s and 90s, and those are a real pain to get out, the silicone gel is all over the place. For the most part, the ‘gummy bear’ silicone gel does stay cohesive and within the capsule. Of course that depends on how long that rupture has been sitting there, a lot of times we don’t know that. The longer it sits, the more chance the implant is going to move around. With that muscle contraction constantly squeezing that implant, eventually it’s going to push all that silicone gel out. So a ruptured ‘gummy bear’ silicone gel implant is still difficult to deal with.”

How long does it take to clean up a silent rupture in a silicone gel breast implant?

“On the surgical time standpoint, it could be upwards of an hour of surgery, depending on how severely ruptured it is. If the silicone gel has spread everywhere, it could be even longer than that. We have to be much more cognizant in removing all the scar tissue and making sure we get all that silicone gel out, so it definitely adds at least an hour. From a recovery standpoint, it will add more time also because of having to remove that scar tissue and aggressive moving of the surrounding tissues. So cleaning up a silent rupture in a silicone gel implant definitely makes it more difficult at the time of surgery as well as afterwards.

“If I’m replacing the IDEAL IMPLANT due to a rupture (there’s no silent rupture with an IDEAL IMPLANT, you’ll notice it right away by a quick glance in the mirror), the implant just comes right out. We may take out a little bit of the scar tissue depending on what we’re trying to do with the new implants, but it’s a straightforward and simple process.”

Anything else you would like women to know who are considering IDEAL IMPLANT?

“I’m very excited to use the IDEAL IMPLANT in my practice. I think it’s been a great addition. It’s one of the few things in the practice over the last couple years that has been a game changer as far as what we can offer patients. It’s nice to be able to offer something that can make a big difference for patients. Like I said before, the IDEAL IMPLANT brings peace of mind to my patients. Anytime someone chooses to go through elective cosmetic surgery, they already have some doubt because it is elective and it’s something they don’t have to do. Anything that can reduce their anxiety or worry about risk in the future I think is beneficial for them. So the IDEAL IMPLANT has been a really nice addition to my practice.”

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