Stoneham, MA, Plastic Surgery Before and After: What You Need to Know

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Breast Implants Before and After, Plastic Surgeon Feature

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Breast implants have changed over time. Advancements in technology have brought about new types of implants as well as improved existing kinds. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Hall is an exclusive provider of the latest in implant technology—IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. In Stoneham, MA, plastic surgery, before and after, is seeing a transformation with this new, FDA-approved implant choice that offers the benefits of both saline and silicone gel implants.


IDEAL IMPLANTS have a unique design that provides the natural look and feel of a silicone gel implant, yet gives the peace of mind of a saline implant. It is made up of a series of implant shells that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. These extra layers of shell around the saline filler give the implant more stability and an internal, supportive structure that is not in earlier, unstructured saline implants.

In addition, the innovative design of the IDEAL IMPLANT controls the movement of the saline to eliminate what is known as the “water-hammer” effect and mitigate sloshing. IDEAL IMPLANTS do not behave like a water balloon, rather they deliver the projection and volume women desire from an implant. Women also do not have to worry about their implants collapsing or rippling like unstructured saline implants tend to do. With IDEAL IMPLANTS, women can achieve a youthful shape with realistic movement. In Stoneham, MA, plastic surgery, before and after images are useful tools to help women see the difference between unstructured saline implants and structured IDEAL IMPLANTS.

No Risk of “Silent Rupture”

Another benefit of IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants is that women do not have to sacrifice beauty for security. As with any Stoneham, MA, plastic surgery before and after experience, complications following surgery can arise. Any type of breast implant can rupture at any time. If the IDEAL IMPLANT develops a hole or tear, the implant simply deflates and the body harmlessly absorbs the sterile saltwater solution.

With a silicone gel implant, women face the risk of “silent rupture.” The FDA states

“If a silicone gel-filled breast implant ruptures, it is not likely that you or your doctor will immediately notice because most silicone implant ruptures are without symptoms, ‘silent ruptures.’ A silent rupture doesn’t change the way an implant looks or feels, and your surgeon or health care provider may not be able to detect a silent rupture by a physical examination alone. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the most effective method for detecting silent rupture of silicone gel-filled breast implants.”

While a “silent rupture” may not produce symptoms, it is still important to address the problem and take out the damaged silicone gel implant. When a rupture occurs, the sticky silicone gel escapes the implant and can spread into surrounding tissues, requiring surgery to remove it all. The FDA recommends all women with silicone gel implants receive an MRI scan the third year following breast augmentation surgery, then every two years thereafter for the life of their implants.

For more information about “silent rupture”, visit the FDA website here. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons website is also a great resource for information on breast augmentation surgery, implant choice, follow-up care, and potential complications.

Stoneham, MA, Plastic Surgery Before and After Images

What can you expect from plastic surgery, before and after, in Stoneham, MA? Below are images of the work of Dr. Hall. This patient is a mother in her late 30’s that breast fed her two children. Dr. Hall explains: “She describes herself as a 34 B-cup, but would like to be a C cup. She is 5’2” and 127 lbs., and is shown before and again 4½ months after bilateral partial subpectoral placement of IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants. She had the 270 cc implant with the inner lumen filled to 165 cc, the outer lumen filled to 70 cc, along with the empty implant volume of 35 cc, to give a total volume of 270 cc. This is considered the “high” volume. The outer volume could also have been filled to a total of 200 cc to give the “100%” fill of 305 cc for this particular implant. She is thrilled with her fuller but still natural appearance.”

Plastic Surgery Before and After in Stoneham, MA with Dr. Hall

Dr. Hall wants his patients to feel confident in their decision to pursue plastic surgery, before and after. In Stoneham, MA, he ensures his patients understand their options and choose the right type of implant to fit their personal goals. If you have questions or concerns, he takes the time to address those. With his extensive training, knowledge, and nearly 30 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, he is committed to providing high quality care and unsurpassed customer service.

When receiving Stoneham, MA, plastic surgery, before and after your breast augmentation is a critical time to follow the guidelines set forth by your plastic surgeon. That’s why Dr. Hall creates a customized treatment plan for each one of his patients that is designed to meet their individual needs. He works hard to help his patients know what to expect and be prepared as he strives to make each patient’s experience with plastic surgery, before and after in Stoneham, MA, a positive one.

Getting to Know Dr. Hall

Dr. Hall has received multiple awards and recognitions for his work in the plastic surgery industry. US News & World Report recognized him in 2015 as a top-rated doctor in his specialty. Boston Magazine listed him as a “Top Doc” in their “THE TOP DOCS ISSUES!” for ten consecutive years from 2008 to 2017. Boston Magazine also selected Dr. Hall as one of the top medical specialists in the Boston area in their annual guide “Boston’s Best Physicians.” In addition, Castle Connolly Top Doctors for Boston named Dr. Hall in 2018 as a top doctor in America.

Dr. Hall is part of several organizations as well. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Because of his expertise and focus on aesthetic surgery, he was elected to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He was also the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Winchester Hospital for many years.

Is Breast Augmentation Right For You?

Unsure whether you should receive Stoneham, MA, plastic surgery? Before and after surgery, Dr. Hall takes care of his patients and is devoted to providing the best care possible. A RealSelf patient review by kristinatowle reads:

“I could not have asked for a better surgeon than Dr. Hall. From my first consultation to the day of my surgery and my follow-up appointments, Dr. Hall was extremely thorough in answering my questions and in providing me the best care possible. His knowledge and expertise are top notch and I am 100% satisfied with my results. Dr. Hall corrected asymmetry between my breasts using IDEAL Implants and they look even better than I imagined they could. Dr. Hall was very careful in helping me choose the correct size implant for my body type. I am very happy that I chose to use the Ideal implant after going over my options with Dr. Hall. These implants look and feel natural. I couldn’t be happier with my choice in implant and size … The day of my surgery I felt prepared and in good hands. Thank you to Dr. Hall and his staff for the professional and caring way that they have treated me as a patient.”

Considering breast implants in the Boston area? Contact Dr. Jonathan Hall today to discuss your options. Simply call 781-279-7930 or visit his website. Dr. Hall’s office is located at 92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 3300, Stoneham, MA, 02180. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.