What Happens During a Breast Augmentation – and How to Ensure Success

How Breast Augmentations are Performed by Hampton Roads Best Plastic Surgeons

Have you ever wondered what happens during a breast augmentation surgery? Patients are under anesthesia during the surgery and unaware of what is being done. Surgeons sometimes do not explain the step by step process of the surgery to their patients. Now Dr. Matthew Galumbeck, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Virginia Beach, shares what really goes on when the patient is asleep. Dr. Galumbeck uses the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant to give his patients beautiful, natural looking results without worrying about silent ruptures. Learn about a real surgery performed by Dr. Galumbeck as he informs us of the process below.

How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeons in Hampton Roads

Before you can even consider what surgery will entail you need to find a plastic surgeon. Start by searching for a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A board-certified surgeon receives training specific to plastic surgery, and stays up to date with medical research. Schedule a consultation so you can get to know your surgeon and feel comfortable with them. Look at before and after pictures of previous surgeries, either at the surgeon’s office or on their website, to judge their skill level. Find out how many breast augmentations they have performed, and look at patient reviews on websites such as RealSelf. Dr. Galumbeck’s patients often call him one of Hampton Roads best plastic surgeons because he is experienced, skilled, and compassionate. Learn more about Dr. Galumbeck’s education and experience by visiting his website.

Your Pre-Surgical Appointment

There are several decisions you will need to make at your pre-surgical appointment that will affect how your surgery is performed. Bring up any questions or concerns you may have about different methods your surgeon recommends. From the first consultation to the final check-up, Dr. Galumbeck welcomes any questions and concerns, and wants all of his patients to feel empowered to make the best decisions for their health. A few of the decisions Dr. Galumbeck discusses at a breast augmentation consultation are:

  • Incision Site
  • Type of Implant
  • Implant Placement

Dr. Galumbeck will assess your size, learn about your desired results, and make recommendations for an individualized treatment plan. Your breast augmentation can be combined with other procedures such as a breast lift or a tummy tuck in order to achieve your goals. While at his office, you will be able to view before and after pictures from real patients on whom Dr. Galumbeck has operated. Dr. Galumbeck is dedicated to listening to his patients and providing them the best options for a safe and effective plastic surgery experience.

Choosing an Incision with the Best Plastic Surgeons in Hampton Roads

Before your breast augmentation, your surgeon will help you choose a type of incision. Your incision site will determine where your breast augmentation scar will be. There are benefits and compromises to each type of incision and your surgeon can explain these in detail. The incision itself will be a few centimeters long if you choose an IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, or longer if you choose a silicone gel breast implant. This is because silicone gel breast implants are pre-filled with silicone gel, while the IDEAL IMPLANT comes as a shell that can be rolled up, inserted, and then filled with saline once it is placed in the breast pocket. Below is a basic description of each type of incision.

  1. Axillary Incision: An incision through the armpit, made so there is no scar on the breast. However, if a sleeveless top or swimsuit is worn the scar can be seen when the patient lifts her arms. An endoscope is used to create and check the pocket. 
  2. Inframammary Incision: This incision is performed under the breast, in the breast crease. The scar can be hidden under clothing and swimsuits, but may be visible when lying flat.
  3. Transumbilical Incision: The implant is placed through an incision in the belly-button. This type of incision is uncommon because it is not recommended by breast implant manufacturers and many surgeons do not use it. Similar to an axillary incision, an endoscope is used to create and check the pocket.
  4. Periareolar Incision: This incision goes around the areola. Dr. Galumbeck tells us this type of incision “is a good place because the color change hides the scar very well.” He explains that during surgery, “we’re going to go right around the tissue down to the bottom so we don’t cut through the breast tissue. It stays attached to the nipple, so after surgery patients are able to breastfeed, if they get pregnant and have children.”

Choosing Breast Implants: Hampton Roads Best Plastic Surgeons Offer Options

Picking your breast implants is one of the most important decisions you will make. Each implant type has unique benefits and compromises to consider. Silicone gel breast implants used to be a popular choice because they offer a natural looking result. However, they come with a risk of silent rupture, which is a rupture that may show no symptoms for years. The FDA recommends that women with silicone gel breast implants get an MRI every three years to check for a silent rupture. A ruptured silicone gel breast implant must be removed, along with any silicone gel that has leaked into the breast tissue. Many women feel anxiety about not knowing the status of their implant. This, combined with the cost of repeated MRIs, caused many women to desire an alternative to silicone gel.

The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant was created to give women the beautiful results they want, without worrying about silent rupture. It was FDA approved in 2014. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured implant with multiple layered shells. These shells give the implant stability that results in a smooth, natural looking breast augmentation. Dr. Galumbeck is one of the only surgeons in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. He is also one of the top surgeons in the nation using this implant and was recently named an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon.

Breast implant choices are important for women to have. It is up to you to decide the best breast implants for your body and your lifestyle. You can get more facts about how breast implants compare by visiting the IDEAL IMPLANT comparison page.

Breast Implant Placement

Another choice your surgeon will discuss is whether to place the implant under the pectoral muscle or on top of it. When the implant is placed under the muscle it is less likely to ripple, has a lower risk of capsular contracture, and is easier to read on a mammogram. However, implants placed under the muscle can also become displaced upward when the muscle is flexed. Implants placed above the muscle tend to have a rounder shape and are not distorted when the muscle is flexed. This type of implant placement may also prevent the need for a breast lift in some women. However, placing the implant above the muscle does have a higher incidence of capsular contracture and implant rippling. For patients choosing to place their implant above the muscle, the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is recommended because the structure makes it less likely to ripple and it has a low risk of capsular contracture.

Your Surgical Experience with Hampton Roads Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Galumbeck strives to provide his patients with the most effective treatments performed in a private and comfortable environment. He performs breast augmentations in his fully accredited operating suite. The first step before your surgery is to make preoperative markings, to ensure your breast implants are placed properly. A physician anesthesiologist will then administer IV anesthesia. After you are asleep, Dr. Galumbeck will use the incision you have chosen to begin your breast augmentation.

Creating a Pocket in the Breast Tissue

After performing the incision, Dr. Galumbeck will create a pocket in the breast tissue into which the breast implant will be placed. When using a periareolar incision, Dr. Galumbeck says he cuts “around the breast tissue, down to the bottom of the chest. We’re going to pick this tissue up and we’re going down to the muscle.”

Dr. Galumbeck tells us with one recent patient,

“Because she’s thin, we’re going to go under the pectoralis muscle. So we’re cutting down to it. We don’t cut the muscle, we’re just going to lift it up. We’re just going to develop the plane that’s separating the muscle off the chest wall, leaving it attached on the side so it doesn’t affect her strength, range of motion, anything like that. We decided pre-operatively where the pocket was going to be. She selected her size which is a 455cc implant. We’re going to make sure that the dissection of the pocket looks good.”

After checking the pocket Dr. Galumbeck uses a method to reduce risk of infections, “We’re going to get an antibiotic soaked gauze. I’m going to put that in to make sure that we don’t have any worries of infection.” Dr. Galumbeck uses an endoscope to check inside the pocket and make sure everything looks ready to place the breast implant. An endoscope is a small camera surgeons use to look inside the body. Dr. Galumbeck uses it during breast augmentations to check the breast pockets. When Dr. Galumbeck sees the pocket is dry, the surgery can move forward and he knows drains will not be necessary afterward. Using technology such as the endoscope and paying close attention to each detail is part of what makes Dr. Galumbeck one of the best plastic surgeons in Hampton Roads.

Inserting the Breast Implants

Dr. Galumbeck inserts the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant by following a few simple steps. First the implant is soaked in an antibiotic to decrease risk of infection. After soaking, excess air is taken out of the implant and it can be placed through the incision. Dr. Galumbeck tells us, “the nice thing with the IDEAL IMPLANT is we fill it after the implant is in so it’s easier to make a smaller incision. Silicone gel implants, because they’re prefilled, you need to make a larger incision.” The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is rolled up to make it small enough to fit through the incision. Once inside it is filled with saline and Dr. Galumbeck points out, “we actually have the ability to adjust to different fill sizes, if we need to adjust for symmetry we certainly can.” There are two fill ports and two fill tubes that surgeons use to fill the implant with saline after they are inserted into the breast pocket. After the breast implants are inserted and filled Dr. Galumbeck sits the patient up to make sure no adjustments are needed. When he is happy with the results, the fill tubes are taken out.

Closing the Incision

Closing the incision is a delicate and artistic process which the best plastic surgeons in Hampton Roads take very seriously. Dr. Galumbeck uses a nylon suture that will be taken out at one week post-op. Dr. Galumbeck tells us this suture “won’t leave any stitch marks, it just slides right out in a week.” After this final step, each patient is taken to a recovery area for monitoring. Patients are typically sent home the same day, and can go back to work and social activities within a week. Remember to follow any post-op instructions given by your plastic surgeon, such as wearing a support bra or taking antibiotics. These instructions will help you to achieve your desired results and avoid excessive pain and infections.

Time to Enjoy Your Body

Congratulations, your breast augmentation is complete! If you chose the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant for your augmentation, there is nothing left but to get out there and enjoy your new body. With a rupture rate of only 2.1% for primary augmentations at 8 years, according to FDA trial study results, the IDEAL IMPLANT offers beautiful results with low risk of future complications. And if the implant does rupture patients know immediately because the implant deflates slightly. There is no risk of silent rupture and no need for MRIs, giving women peace of mind. Women with silicone gel breast implants should schedule periodic MRIs to check for silent ruptures, and visit their surgeon if they feel any symptoms such as tightening, tingling, or hard lumps in their breasts as those can be signs of complications.

You deserve to feel confident and empowered in your new body. Visiting one of Hampton Roads best plastic surgeons, Dr. Galumbeck, is the first step in your journey. If you have ever considered breast augmentation, there has never been a better time to start.

Considering breast implants in Virginia Beach? Contact Dr. Matthew Galumbeck today to discuss your options. Simply call 757-320-4115, or visit Dr. Galumbeck’s office is located at  1817 Republic Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Breast Augmentation Questions Answered By Dr. Placik

Dr. Otto Placik is a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Chicago and Arlington Heights, Illinois. Dr. Placik has performed hundreds of procedures over the years, with primary breast augmentation being one of the most popular. We sat down with Dr. Placik and asked him about his experience as a surgeon as well as his opinion about the newest implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant.

Picking a Breast Implant

Do your patients come in requesting certain types of implants?

“So many people have resources available to them online before they even come in. It’s not unusual for patients to come in saying, “I want silicone under the muscle through a crease incision with a lift,” or, “I want the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant and I see that you’re listed on the website and so I chose you because of that reason.”

What advice do you give women who are trying to decide what size implant they want?

“We try to devote a large amount of the consultation to sizing, but ultimately, it’s very important for them to go home and discuss this with family, to reconsider everything, and come back for a second consultation and to do a more formal sizing appointment. There’s a lot of information given and it’s not unusual that most of the patients will be in our office for two hours for the first visit, which can be exhausting. We want them to let everything percolate in, and think about it for a while. We don’t want anybody making a rush decision.

“One of the most common reasons we know for reoperations is the desire to go larger. Unfortunately, that’s true with patients who choose very small implants and patients who choose what would conventionally be considered very large implants. We have patients who choose implants that range 150[cc] come back and say, “I want to be larger and be 200[cc],” but we also have patients who have some of the largest implants available, which are around 800[cc], 850cc and say that they want to be larger. We try to guide them and let them know that size is one of the most important considerations for reoperations. We generally will encourage them to go larger, but we want to respect their goals and their aesthetic ideal. There are a lot of different options available for sizing and we sometimes want them to try the implants on, do the rice test, do a saline test and wear that size for a little while at home just to get comfortable with it.”

What factors contribute to breast implant cost?

“There are so many factors that go into that. I really want patients to feel comfortable with the prices that we charge before they come in. It’s very common for someone to say, “My breast sizes are even.” Then we measure them and they aren’t even. That means interventions have to be undertaken that will the increase the costs. It may necessitate sizers, different sized implants, or different style implants. It takes more time during surgery and there will, of course, be additional cost. Traditionally speaking, I will tell patients that the vast majority of breast augmentation will be in the $6-8,000 range, but it rarely is less than that. It can sometimes be higher than that depending on what needs to be done, which can include lifts or adjustments such as liposuction or fat transfer.

“There are people who do breast augmentations for less and I urge patients to be very cautious about those lower cost providers. Make sure that they’re board-certified, that they’re doing them in an accredited facility, that you’re being seen by the physician before surgery rather than the patient screen, and that you’re getting good quality implants. Unfortunately, people are using what we call “gray market implants” that are not warrantied. It’s also important to really feel comfortable with your surgeon and the person who’s going to be doing that procedure, and often times the lower cost providers will not allow you to meet the surgeons on the day of surgery.”

Why do you like the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant?

“What I like about the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant is that patients who are reluctant to have silicone gel breast implants can have peace of mind. They can have an implant that provides an aesthetic result that’s comparable to silicone gel without having the anxiety of worrying about the maintenance of silicone gel or the potential risk of silent rupture. I can also give my patients reassurance about the long term complication rates, which are lower when compared to either saline or silicone gel.”

Are your patients satisfied after getting the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant?

“The patient satisfaction is high. These are patients who are interested in the procedure and have done their fair share of reading background studies and research. They’re educated and informed, and I think that gives them a lot of peace of mind in the recovery process, and long-term they feel much more comfortable.”

Breast Implant Surgery and Recovery

What do your patients need to know about scarring?

“Scarring is related to both the placement of the incision as well as a person’s own natural wound healing tendencies. I often times will tell patients that their scar is 50% my skill and 50% their response to my injury. When we go with the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant,  we can use a smaller incision. We can use an incision that is almost half the size of what would be required for a comparable sized silicone gel when we use the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant.”

What can you tell us about silent ruptures in silicone gel implants?

“They call silent ruptures ‘silent’ for a reason. The advantage of the silicone gel implants nowadays is it’s a more cohesive gel that sticks together. The disadvantage is when it ruptures, you don’t know that. MRI’s are not necessarily accurate, even though that’s the best non-invasive test we have. And, unfortunately, that test can be very expensive and not provide us with a 100% result. Then we don’t know about the silicone rupture until we go in during a surgery.

“It’s not unusual for me to have to go into somebody for reasons other than rupture, and then we find that coincidentally there was a silent rupture. When we have a silent rupture it changes the scope of the procedure as we go from what would be considered just capsulotomy to a capsulectomy, which is a much more extensive procedure and no one wants to be caught by surprise with it. When we’re talking about primary breast augmentation, these surgeries are not covered by insurance unless you have some very good insurance coverage.”

What should women know about the recovery process in order to get the best results?

“I think knowing about the process ahead of time makes the recovery a lot easier. There are things that we’ve learned over time that any good practitioner knows, which is what we call a rapid recovery process. I have meticulous inter-operative attention to detail, trying to minimize injury. Then, we involve the patient in the recovery process, meaning that we want them to get active and moving.

“In the past, we used to bind people up and not have them move their arms. We found through time that when we get them moving sooner, the recovery is much faster. I provide my patients with a lot of  instructional brochures beforehand and can have them watch this on YouTube as well. I also have an app where people can time their exercises throughout the day. I think getting them involved, having a plan, and knowing what to expect definitely help the recovery process.”

Considering breast implants in Chicago? Contact Dr. Otto Placik today to discuss your options. Simply call 847-398-1660 or visit Dr. Placik’’s office is located at 880 West Central Road, #3100, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

The History of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery has come a long way since women and their surgeons first started experimenting. According to research published in the Journal of Plastic Surgery by Walter Peters and Victor Fornasier, women have had anything from paraffin to silk fabric to glazier’s putty injected into their breasts.  However, the sometimes terrifying history of breast enhancement surgery taught doctors and researchers some important lessons and thankfully women can now receive safe and effective breast enhancements from board-certified surgeons.

Primitive Methods

The history of medicine is often filled with torturous procedures performed on patients who assume their doctor has their health and safety in mind, and breast augmentation is no different. As Peters and Fornasier discovered, injections were popular in many of the breast augmentations of the 19th and 20th centuries. Unfortunately for patients, the doctors experimenting with these materials, which included things like glass balls and epoxy resin, didn’t take the time to listen to patients or think through how the foreign objects might affect them. Peters and Fornasier sayAs complications unfolded, physicians followed the pattern of first blaming the technique and the lay people doing the injections. Then, individual patient susceptibility, and finally the material itself, were blamed for the adverse effects that resulted. Poor outcomes made patients distrustful.”

Silicone Injections

Beginning in 1944 doctors started replacing the popular paraffin injections with liquid silicone injections. These silicone injections are not the same as the silicone-gel implants of today. Silicone gel implants used in today’s breast enhancement surgery are surrounded by a silicone shell to keep the gel in place. According to Peters and Fornasier, liquid silicone injections caused many of the same issues as paraffin injections: “migration of silicone to other parts of the body, inflammation, discoloration, and the formation of granulomas, ulceration and fistulae.” Despite its widespread use until the 1990s, liquid silicone has never been approved by the FDA to use as an injection for cosmetic purposes.

Silicone Gel Breast Implants

The first silicone gel breast implants were developed in 1962 by plastic surgeons Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin. After the initial breast enhancement surgery trials, the implants went through a number of revisions. While these implants were certainly safer than their predecessors, the FDA still did not issue an approval and the implants dealt with numerous safety issues. By 1992 the FDA issued a voluntary moratorium on silicone gel breast implants while they reviewed the safety of the devices on the market. A few months later the FDA approved several Pre-Market Approval applications from major silicone gel breast implant manufacturers. In 2006, after extensive study of the safety of silicone-gel breast implants, the FDA finally approved the implants for women 22-years-old and older. If you visit a board-certified plastic surgeon today to discuss breast enhancement surgery, you will likely see these implants as they are some of the most popular options on the market. Despite the safety of these implants when intact (not ruptured), the FDA recommends women whose implants have ruptured get the implants and any silicone that has leaked into surrounding tissue removed, whether or not the patient is experiencing complications.

Saline Implants

Saline implants, which consist of a silicone shell filled with sterilized salt water, have been available for breast enhancement surgery since 1964. After the FDA pulled silicone-gel implants from the market in 1992, saline implants became the only safe option for women seeking breast augmentation. The FDA has approved their use in women aged 18-years and older. Saline-filled breast implants continue to be used, particularly by women who feel uncomfortable with silicone gel implants and the risk of a “silent rupture” (when an implant rupture is not apparent to the naked eye and an MRI is required to detect it, a concern only with silicone gel implants). The major drawback to saline-filled implants is the lack of viscosity. Because saline is closer to the viscosity of water than breast tissue, these implants have been known to ripple, buckle, or otherwise look unnatural. This is especially true if the recipient does not have much breast tissue or fat in between the skin and the implant. However, in case of a rupture, the saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body.

Is There a Better Option for Breast Enlargement Surgery?

When silicone gel breast implants were finally approved women had two options: the natural feel of silicone gel or the peace of mind of saline. While both silicone gel and saline implants are safe and approved by the FDA, a recent survey has found that women still worry about a “silent rupture” of silicone gel implants and what that could mean for their future. In fact, in the survey, which included over 900 female respondents, 98% of those surveyed said they would feel somewhat concerned to constantly concerned about the possibility of a silent rupture. Finally, after years of listening to patient’s concerns, dealing with unnatural looking saline implants, and ruptured silicone gel implants, Dr. Robert Hamas decided to develop another option.

The IDEAL IMPLANT: What is it?

Dr. Hamas, a plastic surgeon and the inventor of the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, decided to find a solution for women who want the natural look of silicone gel and the peace of mind of saline. In 2006 he founded Ideal Implant Incorporated and began the process of developing an implant to address what women want and need for their breast enlargement surgery. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a saline-filled implant with a silicone shell and multiple internal layers of baffle shells to control the amount of saline that flows throughout the implant. Because the saline is controlled more than single shell saline implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT is stable and does not ripple easily, giving it a natural, beautiful appearance. After ten years of development, refinement, and clinical trials, the FDA approved the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant for women 18-years-old and older.

New Technology: Good or Bad?

Now in 2018 women have three options for their breast enlargement surgery: saline breast implants, silicone gel breast implants, and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. But, given the rough history of breast augmentation, how can you be sure these implants are safe? New technology wasn’t always a good thing in the past, which is evidenced by looking at the variety of materials doctors used to insert and inject into their patients. Fortunately, the medical community has become more regulated and has more accountability, which results in more safety for consumers. Today, with research, FDA clinical trials, and years worth of data, we don’t have to be in the dark about new technologies like the IDEAL IMPLANT. Breast implant research and trials today are transparent and nothing like the experiments of the past. With the extensive data and FDA trial requirements, women today can have confidence in newer technology. You can even review the summary of safety and effectiveness data for the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant from the FDA.

Where to find the IDEAL IMPLANT

The focus of IDEAL IMPLANT has always been addressing the safety and concerns of breast enlargement surgery patients. The majority of IDEAL IMPLANT is owned by plastic surgeons who shared Dr. Hamas’s concern for women and desire to offer more options. Because of this, IDEAL IMPLANT only partners with board-certified plastic surgeons. To find a surgeon near you use the surgeon finder feature on the IDEAL IMPLANT website.

Choosing breast implants is a big decision that will affect you for years to come. For more information about the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, visit the IDEAL IMPLANT website or make an appointment with a board-certified surgeon today.

Determining the Best Breast Implants for You: Understanding Complications

What are the best breast implants for your lifestyle? Knowing the potential complications after your surgery will help you make an informed decision. Below we give you an overview of the differences between breast implant types, the most common implant complications, and how you should factor your peace of mind into your decision.

The 3 Types of Implants

There are three types of implants now available from many board-certified plastic surgeons.

    • Saline-Filled Breast Implants: these implants are filled with saline (salt-water) and have a single silicone shell. Saline resembles water in the way that it moves, occasionally resulting in ripples under thin skin. The FDA has approved these implants in women 18-years and older and they are widely available in the United States.  
    • Silicone-Gel Filled Breast Implants: as the name implies, these implants are filled with silicone gel and have a single silicone shell. Silicone gel is a more viscous substance than saline resulting in an implant that is stable and does not ripple easily. These implants are also widely available but have only been approved by the FDA for women over the age of 22.
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant: The IDEAL IMPLANT is new to the implant market and was developed to address common concerns women have with saline and silicone gel implants. The IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with saline, but contains nested baffle shells for internal support. This baffle structure means the implant moves and feels similar to natural breast tissue, despite being filled with saline. The IDEAL IMPLANT® is available from exclusive board-certified plastic surgeons around the United States and has been approved by the FDA for women 18 years and older.

What are the Common Complications?

The FDA has identified complications that have been reported as a result of breast augmentation surgery using all types of implants. For a full list of the complications that have occurred in at least one percent of patients, visit the FDA website. To determine the best breast implants for you, you need to be aware of these complications and how often they affect women post-op. The FDA reports that the most common complications are capsular contracture, rupture, deflation, reoperation, and removal.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture happens when the tissue around the implant tightens. This tightening can cause the implant area to harden, become misshapen, and can be painful. Many women decide to remove or replace their implant after a capsular contracture, especially if it causes pain. Capsular contracture can happen to any patient no matter the type of implant they receive. However, statistics show different levels of risk for each implant type. See the following table of capsular contracture risk of the leading silicone-gel implants and the IDEAL IMPLANT:

Implant Brand Capsular Contracture Risk for Primary Augmentation (in FDA 6 or 7 year clinical trial data)
Allergan silicone gel 16.2%
Mentor silicone gel 9.8%
Sientra silicone gel 10.0%
IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant 6.3%

Rupture and Deflation

A breast implant rupture can be caused by many different factors and can happen at any time during the life of your implant. Some common factors include instrument damage during surgery, capsular contracture, compression due to mammogram or physical trauma, and normal implant aging. When a saline-filled implant (including the IDEAL IMPLANT) ruptures, it will get smaller (which is apparent by simply looking at the breast) and the saline will be naturally absorbed by the body.

Silicone gel filled implants can rupture as well, however, unlike saline filled implants these ruptures are not immediately evident and are referred to as “silent ruptures.” Because silicone-gel is a thicker substance, it often remains close to the shell or within the capsular tissue surrounding the implant. Silicone-gel rupture complications can include misshapen or lumpy breasts, pain, tingling, and swelling. Silicone-gel can also migrate away from the breast area and form bumps. Because of the risk of a silent rupture, the FDA recommends women with silicone gel implants get a first MRI three years after they receive their implant, then again every two years after that for life. An MRI is the most effective way to detect a rupture in a silicone-gel implant.  

Just like capsular contracture risk, the risk of rupture varies across implant types and knowing the data will help you determine what the best breast implants for you are. The following table shows the rupture risk for the leading silicone gel breast implant brands and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant:

Implant Brand Rupture Risk for Primary Augmentation (in FDA 6 or 7-year clinical trial data)
Allergan silicone gel 7.4%
Mentor silicone gel 3.4%
Sientra silicone gel 5.4%
IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant 1.8%

Reoperation and Removal

Capsular contracture, rupture, or dissatisfaction with results are just a few of the reasons the FDA has identified as the causes for breast implant reoperation, replacement, and/or removal. Breast implants are not categorized by the FDA as lifetime devices, which is something you should consider when researching the best breast implants for you. However, if your implant has not ruptured and you do not have any other complications, there is no need to replace your implants. In this sense, it is beneficial to pick a breast implant that has a low risk for the most common complications.

If your implant ruptures, you experience capsular contraction, or you have any other complication, you should discuss options with your board-certified plastic surgeon. Some women decide to remove their implants entirely while others opt to replace them with new implants. Many breast implant companies offer a warranty for their implant. Be sure to read all the way through the warranty to determine what it will cover, and for how long. Planning for your future in this way can save you thousands of dollars down the road if you encounter complications.

Peace of Mind for the Future

Your breast implants will be with you for many years, perhaps for the rest of your life. They can be a great decision and bring you confidence with your body. But what about peace of mind? Capsular contracture risk and rupture rates are easy things to research and share statistics on, but your own comfort and peace of mind are different. A recent independent survey of over 900 women found that 98% of women would be somewhat to constantly concerned about a silent rupture of their silicone gel implant. What this statistic tells us is the thought of a silicone gel implant rupture, even if it does not cause complications such as lumps, swelling, and tenderness, can make women worried. When you’re comparing the best breast implants for you, don’t forget to take into consideration your own peace of mind in the case of complications.

Picking the Best Breast Implants for You

Many women think deciding on an implant will come down to which will give them the most natural-looking results. While that is certainly important, risks, complications, and peace of mind should also be taken into consideration. Think about the lifestyle you want to lead, if you can afford future surgeries and MRIs, and your peace of mind day to day.

How to Find a Surgeon

When you’re ready to sit down with a surgeon make sure you pick one who offers all the breast implant options and can guide you through the benefits and compromises of each choice. A skilled, experienced, compassionate surgeon will listen to your questions and make time to ensure you are comfortable with your decision. The IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant is only available from certain exclusive board-certified surgeons nationwide. Visit the IDEAL IMPLANT surgeon finder to find one in your area.

For more information about the latest breast implant technology and how it gives women beautiful results with peace of mind, visit the IDEAL IMPLANT website or find an IDEAL IMPLANT surgeon near you.

How do I Choose Between the Plastic Surgeons Near Me?

Decisions, decisions. Life is full of options and opinions. Often we ask our friends and family for opinions before making big decisions, but can end up even more confused than before. When researching plastic surgeons near me, who can you ask?  And what to ask? Who knows about silicone gel implants, “gummy bear” implants, saline implants, or the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants? Continue reading for tips on how to figure out what is right for you-especially when it comes to plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgeons Near Me

As you search plastic surgeons near you it’s important to consider the following:

  • Do they take the time to explain potential concerns?
  • Do they answer all of my questions?
  • Are they board certified?
  • Do they have extensive experience?

If you can answer “yes” to all of the above questions, then you should feel confident. The next step is to schedule a consultation with them to discuss your options. See how they make you feel and if you can be open with them about your concerns.

IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants

Once you decide between the plastic surgeons near you, proceed to what type of breast implant do you want. The silicone gel implant, or “gummy bear” implants is one option. The latest in implant technology, however, is the IDEAL IMPLANT. It is structured in a way so that it feels natural but also poses no risk of harm to the body in case of rupture. WIth IDEAL IMPLANTS, women have a greater sense of security knowing they will instantly know if their implant ruptures by looking at their breast, without the need for an MRI scan as with silicone gel implants..

About Dr. James Pietraszek

Dr. Pietraszek was provided with a wonderful role model in his dad as to how to treat a patient with care and respect. He decided to pursue plastic surgery and trained and learned from many of the leaders in the field. Since he moved to San Diego, he has been in private practice. Dr. Pietraszek will be able to tell you about all your options, from “gummy bear” implants to the IDEAL IMPLANTS which he now offers. He says, “It gives me great satisfaction to know that when I improve a patient’s’ appearance, I enhance their self-image and their self-esteem, which will allow them to more fully realize their true potential.”

Considering breast enhancement in San Diego or researching “plastic surgeons near me”?  Contact Dr. Piestraszek today to discuss your options. Simply call 858-450-3377 or visit Dr. Piestraszek’s office is located at 8929 University Center Lane, Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92122. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT ® Structured Breast Implants.

What to Expect Before, During, and After Breast Surgery

If you’re considering breast enhancement, you will typically be faced with a few different implant options. Saline implants, silicone gel implants (sometimes referred to as simply “silicone implants” because they are filled with silicone-gel rather than just having a silicone shell), and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant.

Before: Research And Expectations

Each implant type will give you different results, so do your research before choosing one for your breast surgery.

  • Saline Implants are filled with saline which is naturally absorbed in the event of a leak. Women love the peace of mind they bring but are often unhappy with ripples that tend to form.
  • Silicone-Gel Implants, commonly called silicone implants, are filled with silicone-gel which holds its shape much better than saline, giving a more natural look. However, ruptures are “silent” and can only be detected by an MRI scan, and silicone-gel is not absorbed by the body in the case of a rupture.
  • IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant is filled with saline, but unlike traditional saline implants, it has an internal structure that helps it keep its shape. The natural look and feel is comparable to silicone-gel, but it gives women the peace of mind that comes with saline in their body.

During: What Your Surgeon Will Do

Make sure you choose a board-certified surgeon who you feel comfortable with and is willing to show you before-and-after photos. Implants are placed either above or below the pectoral muscle through one of several different incisions. Your surgeon and the type of implant will determine which incision is best. Surgery usually lasts one to three hours, and unless your surgeon says otherwise, you should be able to go home the same day. General anesthesia is typically used, but local anesthesia may be an option for some patients.

After: Breast Surgery Recovery and Beyond

After a recovery time of about a week, you should be able to resume most activities outside of exercise with your surgeon’s permission. By three months, post-op swelling should be minimal, and you should be able to resume life as normal. Always be aware of the signs of bleeding and infection, and follow all of your surgeon’s instructions. With saline implants and the IDEAL IMPLANT, the only step left is to enjoy your new body. If you chose silicone implants, you would need to schedule an MRI every two years to make sure your implant has not ruptured and visit your surgeon if you’re feeling pain or discomfort from your implant. To learn more about breast surgery and to find a board-certified surgeon near you, visit the IDEAL IMPLANT website today.

Thinking About a Breast Augmentation? Lubbock Women Turn to Dr. Jane Rowley

Are you considering a breast augmentation, but feel uneducated about your options? There are various types of breast implants, and it is important to understand the risks and benefits of each kind. Dr. Jane Rowley is a board-certified plastic surgeon that can guide you through your decision and help you have a positive surgical experience.

More About IDEAL IMPLANT ® Structured Breast Implants

Dr. Rowley offers the latest IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. They are different from typical saline or silicone gel implants in numerous ways. The IDEAL IMPLANT uses a unique design that incorporates a series of implants shells and two separate chambers that hold saline. This advanced structure supports the implant edges to reduce the collapse and wrinkling that can occur with a traditional saline implant. It also gives the implant a more natural look and feel that women typically seek from silicone gel implants.

Silicone gel implants carry certain risks. Silicone gel implants can rupture at any time, and only an MRI can detect this “silent rupture.” Surgery is then required to remove the implants and leaked gel from the tissues. With IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, no MRI is needed following the breast augmentation. Lubbock women always know their implants are intact by how they look and feel.

Want Breast Implants? Cost a concern?

With the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, cost shouldn’t be a worry. The staff at Dr. Rowley’s office can help you with financing. Dr. Rowley is committed to helping her patients achieve the look they desire. She received her training in plastic surgery at New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and also completed six months of international surgical training in the United Kingdom. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Rowley helps women feel better about themselves and confident about their bodies.

Are you wondering about breast implants? Cost concerning you? If you want a breast augmentation, Lubbock women should contact Dr. Jane Rowley to discuss their options. Simply call (806) 792-3715 or visit Dr. Rowley’s office is located at 3519 22nd Place, Lubbock, TX 79410. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT ® Structured Breast Implants.

Your Options Breast Enhancement, Newport News

What do you want from your breast implants? Natural, beautiful looking breasts, a low rupture rate, and very little long-term maintenance are all high priorities for women in Newport News and elsewhere. The latest implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, offers women all of these benefits and more. See how it compares to other breast implant options before your breast enhancement surgery.

A Breast Lift With Beautiful Results

The IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant is the newest option for women who want a natural looking breast augmentation. Many women who desire natural looking implants opt for silicone gel implants because they do not ripple and lose their shape like saline filled implants tend to do. The IDEAL IMPLANT uses newer technology, separate chambers of saline, that means the implant mimics the density of breast tissue and gives women a natural and beautiful result. Now women can have the beautiful results of silicone gel implants with the peace of mind that comes with saline implants.

Long-Term Maintenance of Your Breast Enhancement, Newport News

The FDA recommends women with silicone gel implants get an MRI every few years to check for a silent rupture. This long-term maintenance cost can be a financial burden on many women, and cause them unnecessary anxiety. The IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with saline, meaning if it ruptures you will know just by looking in the mirror. Saline is also natural and safely absorbed by the body. But most women will not need to worry about their IDEAL IMPLANT rupturing, the rupture rate over seven years is 1.8%. A major silicone gel brand has a rupture rate of 7.4% over the same time period. The IDEAL IMPLANT gives women what they really want: beautiful appearance, low maintenance, and peace of mind.

For Breast Enhancement, Newport News Women Choose Dr. Z

Dr. Michael Zwicklbauer, “Dr. Z,” is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Newport News. He has been practicing at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads since 1997. His skills as a surgeon, and desire to see his patients get the best results possible, have led him to be one of the exclusive surgeons in the area to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. If you want a more natural looking breast lift by a surgeon who is experienced and compassionate, choose Dr. Z.

Considering breast implants in Newport News or researching breast lift?  Contact Dr. Michael Zwicklbauer today to discuss your options.  Simply call 757-873-3500 or visit Dr. Zwicklbauer’s office is located at 895 City Center Boulevard, Suite 300, Newport News, VA 23606. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.