Structured Saline vs. Silicone Implants: Cost Isn’t the Only Concern

For years, breast augmentation patients have chosen between the natural look and feel of silicone gel implants and the simplicity of saline implants. Many women felt torn having to compromise on either beauty or security. Now, women’s options have evolved. If you’re in the market for breast implants, you have newer technology from which to choose: namely, structured saline implants and cohesive silicone implants. Cost is one factor to think about when making your decision, but there are several other key considerations as well.   

Cohesive Silicone Gel Breast Implants 

Silicone implants have long won the popularity contest among breast augmentation patients because of their natural look and feel. However, there have been questions surrounding the safety of silicone gel and its effects on the body. The gel in today’s silicone implants is more cohesive than in previous years, meaning it’s less likely to end up oozing into your tissues out of a ruptured device. Plastic surgeons often point this out to women who are wary of putting silicone gel into their bodies. However, doctors admit that a rupture still brings the gel into contact with women’s tissues. 

Any woman with silicone gel implants could have leakage and not know it. There are no signs or symptoms of implant rupture. This is why the FDA continues to recommend that women with silicone gel implants get regular MRIs to detect leakage, and that any ruptured implant be removed. This is one of the reasons silicone implants cost more over the years. They also require a larger scar, because they are filled before surgical insertion.

Structured Saline Breast Implants

While silicone gel implant technology has advanced, major advancements have also been made in the world of saline-filled implants. Unstructured saline implants are not a viable option for many women, because they don’t produce a realistic feel. Today, women have access to the uniquely designed, saline-filled IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. This structured saline breast implant is the perfect choice for women who want beautiful results and peace of mind.  

Making Your Concerns Heard

Most of the time, your plastic surgeon is the best source of information on the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of breast implants. However, some women feel their concerns about silicone gel implants and silent rupture are being dismissed by their doctors. Some plastic surgeons are incentivized by silicone gel implant companies. Not only does this cause hesitancy about adopting new technology, but it may also add bias to what should be strictly professional advice. The IDEAL IMPLANT is the latest in breast implant technology, so doctors who fail to keep up with modern advancements may still picture the outdated and unstructured “water balloon” saline device when patients ask about it. 

Many plastic surgeons disregard saline-filled implants altogether, because of silicone gel incentive programs, reluctance to apply new technology, or lack of understanding. Do not let your surgeon write off your concerns, as well. If you feel your interests are not the number one priority, find a doctor who does put you first. There is no reason to stick with someone who waves your concerns when your body, your health, and your happiness are at stake. 

It is possible that silicone implants cost doctors less in the long run than structured saline. Because a silicone gel leak often goes unnoticed, patients do not go back to their surgeons with a problem that needs to be fixed. A deflated saline implant sends a woman straight to her doctor’s office. So, if silicone implant patients are seemingly happy, why should doctors want to change their approach? 

If more plastic surgeons cared more about women’s health and well-being than their personal online reviews, they would.  

Do Silicone Implants Cost More?

When discussing implant types with your doctor, it is helpful to have an understanding of current research. The Ten Year FDA Core Clinical Trial Data show that IDEAL IMPLANT significantly outperforms silicone gel implants in primary breast augmentation. IDEAL IMPLANT had just a 3.7 percent cumulative risk of implant rupture or deflation, whereas  silicone gel implants had numbers as high as 9.3 percent (Allergan Gel) and 24.2 percent (Mentor Gel). The risk for capsular contracture is also much lower with IDEAL IMPLANT. In short, it is very likely that silicone implants cost more in the long run than structured saline.   

From 1992-2006, the FDA removed silicone gel implants from the market entirely due to safety concerns. During that time, only traditional saline implants were available. Times have changed, and now women have access to a structured saline implant that offers the same aesthetic result as silicone gel, without the risk of silent rupture. 

What Women Want

Now more than ever, women are speaking out about the health impacts of breast implants. Silent rupture is a real problem that raises concerns for thousands of women. Through a survey of 933 participants, a third-party firm found that women overwhelmingly prefer to know and be in control of what is going on in their bodies. 

  • 98% said they would be concerned about silicone gel implant silent rupture 
  • 95% said they would want a ruptured silicone implant removed, even with no symptoms, and
  • 89% reported feeling “less likely to choose silicone gel” upon learning of the FDA MRI recommendations

Dr. Vivian Ting, a California plastic surgeon, recently presented these and other similar findings to attendees at the Aesthetica Super Symposium of ASPS in Las Vegas. She says:

“Surgeons must be aware of these survey findings to ensure women’s rupture concerns are taken into consideration. Women have a right to have their concerns taken seriously about what is in their bodies, be educated about all of their implant choices including structured saline implants like the IDEAL IMPLANT, and not simply have their concerns dismissed.”

No More Compromise 

IDEAL IMPLANT enables women to achieve a beautiful, realistic look and feel with the peace of mind of having saline inside them. Dr. Larry Nichter, an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon, offers the structured saline implants as an option for women who want natural beauty without compromise. He explains the shift he has seen in breast implant technology: 

“We moved toward silicone gel implants after 2006 because they offered a better cosmetic result over the original, unstructured saline implants. Now we have the Structured Implant technology that offers the similar natural look without MRIs or silent rupture, and the safety of only saline inside.”

2021 Breast Implant Choices

With modern advancements in breast implant science, women no longer have to choose between natural results or peace of mind. Breast augmentation patients can select either structured saline implants or cohesive silicone implants. Cost is just one factor to consider. It’s a personal decision and there’s no right or wrong choice, but it should be completely up to you. Decide what your priorities are, arm yourself with the latest information, and see multiple plastic surgeons so you can find one who will not dismiss your concerns.

How Much is Breast Surgery? Get Your Questions Answered by Dr. Steven Ringler

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Did you know over 200,000 women underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2020? Year after year this procedure remains the most popular cosmetic surgery according to statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Breast augmentation offers lasting results and a very high satisfaction rate, which is why so many women opt to enhance their bodies in this way. However, in order to achieve the results you want you need an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon on your side. In addition to providing excellent results, the right surgeon will be able to answer all your questions, from “how much is breast surgery” to “what type of implant will give me great results and peace of mind?”. For women in and around Grand Rapids, Dr. Steven Ringler is the surgeon you need. Dr. Ringler’s 35 years of experience in the art and science of cosmetic surgery will help you reach your breast augmentation goals. Learn more about getting a breast augmentation from Dr. Ringler below.

Breast Surgery Before and After Pictures: Why They Matter

Before you choose a plastic surgeon for your breast surgery it is important to look at their before and after pictures to see the kinds of results they offer. Most surgeons provide these on their website, Realself profile, or during a consultation. Dr. Ringler’s surgical skill is demonstrated in the before and after pictures below. 

This 41 year old patient received the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant® filled to 375cc. The “after” picture was taken one year post-op. As you can see, Dr. Ringler’s patient has natural looking results and will enjoy them for years to come.

How Much is Breast Surgery? Think About the Future

There are many factors that weigh into how much your breast surgery will cost. The total cost of a primary breast augmentation will include items such as:

  • Anesthesiologist fees
  • Medical tests
  • Surgical facility fees
  • Prescription medications
  • Surgeon fees
  • Breast implant choice

Insurance companies typically do not cover the cost of a cosmetic breast augmentation.

When you’re planning your breast augmentation, it is important to remember that frugality isn’t the top priority. Surgeons with more experience are likely to charge proportionate to their expertise. A highly skilled surgeon is more likely to get you the results you want. 

Likewise, choosing a breast implant just because it is the cheapest option isn’t always a good choice. Remember, you could have these implants for the next 30 years or more, the money you spend on your primary augmentation is an investment in your future. If you choose a breast implant simply because it costs less, even though it feels unnatural to you, you may opt for reoperation, increasing your costs. 

This is why, when it comes to asking “how much is breast surgery,” you need to think about your future, not just your present. At your first consultation, Dr. Ringler will review what each choice means for your results, both for the present and for the future. As Dr. Ringler explains, “I think it’s really important, as a physician, to educate the patient. That’s part of the informed consent process. I think patients need to understand what their options are. It’s their body. They need to make the decision.” Meanwhile, his staff will prepare for you a comprehensive and individualized quote. If you’re curious about the cost of breast surgery, don’t rely on an online calculator or estimator, visit Dr. Ringler’s office for a consultation today.

Breast Implant Complications

While most women with breast implants do not encounter complications, they are important to know about before your surgery, and another reason you need to choose your breast implants carefully. In addition to reviewing the look and feel of each breast implant, Dr. Ringler will explain the associated risks, including rates of rupture and capsular contracture. Choosing an implant with low rates of these more common complications, like the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, will help you avoid reoperation in the future. To compare the risk rates of some of the most popular breast implants available visit this page

Factor in Warranties to Answer How Much is Breast Surgery

When asking about the total cost of your breast surgery, you should also consider breast implant warranties. As with primary augmentations, insurance companies typically do not cover reoperations after cosmetic breast augmentations. That means if your breast implant ruptures you will have to pay for the reoperation out of your own pocket. Most implants come with warranties to cover these types of complications, but they vary on the specifics. One of the most comprehensive breast implant warranties is available with the  IDEAL IMPLANT, which offers affordable and renewable coverage for the most common post-surgery complications. To learn more about IDEAL IMPLANT’s warranty, visit the IDEAL IMPLANT website or ask Dr. Ringler during your consultation.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit with Dr. Ringler

Whether you are just curious about breast surgery, or you’re ready to schedule your augmentation, Dr. Ringler and his staff welcome you to make your first appointment at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. Before you visit for the first time here are a few ways you can prepare:

  • Write down any questions you have, such as “how much is breast surgery?,” or “what is recovery like?” 
  • Bring a list of your current medications and information about your allergies and family history to help Dr. Ringler determine whether you are a good candidate for surgery. 
  • Be prepared to talk about your ideal results, lifestyle, and expectations. 
  • Take a look at Dr. Ringler’s before and after gallery on his website to see more pictures like the one above.

At your consultation you will be presented with the different types of breast implant options, and Dr. Ringler will explain what each type offers. To learn the basics visit this compare page. Dr. Ringler is one of the exclusive surgeons in the nation to offer the latest breast implant option, the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. According to Dr. Ringler, “As soon as the IDEAL IMPLANT became commercially available, I began using the product. It’s a great advancement because it’s really the best design change that I’ve seen in implants throughout my entire career.” 

Schedule Your First Appointment Today

Dr. Ringler is dedicated to giving each patient the best, and safest, cosmetic surgery experience. As recent Realself reviewer hollysortman wrote, 

“Amazing experience all the way from initial consult to post-op for my Ideal Breast Augmentation with Dr. Ringler! … Dr. Ringler really listened to what I wanted for my breast implant procedure outcome. … very caring and thoughtful to all my needs. Love my new breasts and couldn’t be happier! Thank you, thank you, Dr. Ringler!”  

If you have questions about breast implants, combination surgeries, or are just curious how much is breast surgery, Dr. Ringler is ready to help. Don’t wait to start feeling more confident in your skin, give Dr. Ringler and his staff a call today.

Considering breast implants in Grand Rapids? Contact Dr. Steven Ringler today to discuss your options. Simply call (616) 328-8800 or visit Dr. Ringler’s office is located at 1151 East Paris Ave SE #200,Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

What You Need to Know About Ruptured Breast Implant Pictures

If you have researched breast augmentation for any amount of time, chances are you have run across ruptured breast implant pictures. While these pictures can be jarring, you may wonder “do I really need to worry about a rupture?” and “if my implant ruptures will it really look like that?” The truth is, a small portion of women who get breast implants do experience implant rupture. However, the breast implant you choose will have an impact on your level of risk. We spoke to Dr. Kent Hasen, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Naples, Florida, to learn how the latest breast implant technology is lowering women’s rupture risk and giving them great looking results. Read below to learn how you can choose the best breast implant for your body, and your peace of mind.

Different Implant Types

To understand ruptures you need to understand implant types. The FDA has approved three different types of breast implants for cosmetic enhancement: unstructured saline breast implants, silicone gel breast implants, and IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. Every type of breast implant is made with a solid silicone shell, then filled with either saline or silicone gel. 

  • Unstructured Saline Breast Implants: This implant type is made from one shell filled with sterile saline, the same fluid used in IV bags and naturally absorbed by the body if it ruptures. Ruptured breast implant pictures showing unstructured saline implants may resemble a deflated water balloon. As Dr. Hasen describes this implant, “it is very safe but feels kind of like an old-time water bed” and tends to ripple or wrinkle under the skin because of the lack of internal structure.   
  • Silicone Gel Breast Implants: The silicone gel that fills this type of implant is a thick, sticky substance that in some implants resembles honey or syrup, and in others is closer in firmness to a gummy bear. The silicone gel helps the implant to keep its shape and feel similar to natural breast tissue. If this implant ruptures the silicone gel must be removed completely as the body cannot absorb it like it does with saline.
  • IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant: The IDEAL IMPLANT is the newest breast implant technology, designed to give women the best of what unstructured saline and silicone gel implants have to offer. As Dr. Hasen explains, “the IDEAL IMPLANT is also filled with saline, however there are baffle shells inside. You can see the outer shell and then there’s two to four inner shells (depending on size) that allow for the fluid in it to move very slowly.” The controlled movement of fluid gives the IDEAL IMPLANT a natural feel, similar to natural breast tissue. The sterile saline gives women peace of mind that if their implant ruptures the saline will be naturally absorbed and the rupture can be detected immediately.

Ruptured Breast Implant Pictures

A breast implant rupture happens when the silicone shell of an implant forms a tear or hole, making a way for the substance inside, either saline or silicone gel, to leak into the surrounding tissue. An implant that is filled with saline, whether it is an unstructured or structured saline implant, will deflate after a rupture as the saline is naturally absorbed by the body, making rupture detection as easy as looking in a mirror. 

According to the FDA , some women with ruptured silicone gel breast implants experience symptoms such as, “a decrease in breast size, change in breast implant shape, hard lumps over the implant or chest area, an uneven appearance of the breasts, pain or tenderness, tingling, swelling, numbness, burning, or changes in sensation.” However, oftentimes women with silicone gel breast implants have a “silent rupture,” and the woman does not experience any rupture symptoms. The only way to detect a silent rupture is by visiting your doctor for an MRI or ultrasound scan.

No matter what type of breast implant you have, the FDA recommends removing ruptured implants. If you have a silicone gel implant your surgeon will also have to remove any silicone gel that has leaked into surrounding tissue or migrated past the scar tissue capsule.

Don’t Let Ruptured Breast Implant Pictures Scare You

Breast augmentation has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for years, because it gives women increased confidence and lasting results. If you’re worried about implant rupture rates you can see how different implant types compare with data from FDA Core Clinical Trials at the IDEAL IMPLANT’s Compare Page. Then, talk to a surgeon like Dr. Hasen to learn about the benefits and compromises of each implant type so you can make an educated choice for your body. 

Dr. Hasen is one of the exclusive board-certified plastic surgeons in the nation offering the latest breast implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. One reason he offers this newer option is the low risk rate. “The IDEAL IMPLANT . . . has been shown to be very safe,” explains Dr. Hasen. “It’s got a long history of not having few ruptures as well as a very low capsular contracture rate. So in patients that are looking for an alternative to silicone gel this is a great option.” In fact, IDEAL IMPLANT’s rupture risk over ten years for a primary augmentation is only 3.7%, compared to popular silicone gel implants which range from Sientra’s 8.7% to Mentor’s 24.2%. 

Visit Dr. Hasen to Learn More

When you’re considering a breast augmentation, looking up ruptured breast implant pictures is not going to help you set realistic expectations. What will help is talking to an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Hasen. At Dr. Hasen’s state of the art plastic surgery center you will find a spa-like environment where you can explore your options for enhancement, ask questions, voice your concerns, and feel empowered. 

Considering breast augmentation in Naples, FL? Dr. Hasen is ready to help you on your aesthetic journey with a full range of services, from minimally invasive med spa treatments to combination surgeries like a mommy makeover. Don’t wait to start your journey toward aesthetic enhancement. Visit Dr. Hasen’s website to learn more about his office, staff, and the services he offers. Call (239) 262-5662 to schedule your first appointment.

How Old to Get Breast Implants: Women’s Concerns About Silent Rupture

Breast augmentation with implants continues to be a popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the year 2020. If you’re Googling, “how old to get breast implants?” you should know that the FDA  has approved saline-filled breast implants in women aged 18 or older, while you have to be 22 or older to get silicone gel-filled breast implants. When you make the choice to get a breast augmentation, you deserve to know exactly what’s going into your body and how it will affect you. 

Breast implants are designed to last many years, and their designs and shapes have evolved over time to reflect women’s changing desires and goals. But one thing that hasn’t changed? Women want to know what’s happening inside their bodies. They want to know that their breast implants are intact. But there are still breast implants on the market today that don’t alleviate women’s concerns. Silicone gel-filled implants have the potential to rupture silently and a woman won’t know about it for weeks, months, or even years. Another concerning factor is that some plastic surgeons don’t inform women about the possibility of silent rupture and act like it’s not a big problem. 

Women are Concerned About Silent Rupture

All breast implants have the potential to tear or rupture, but silicone gel-filled breast implants are the only ones that do so silently. The FDA states,

“If a silicone gel-filled breast implant ruptures, it is not likely that you or your doctor will immediately notice because most silicone implant ruptures are without symptoms, ‘silent ruptures’. A silent rupture doesn’t change the way an implant looks or feels, so your surgeon or health care provider may not be able to detect a silent rupture by a physical examination alone.” 

Silicone gel-filled implants can rupture at any time after they are placed, and the longer you have the implant, the higher your chances of rupture. A recent independent survey asked 933 women ages 25-45, (of which 45 percent are registered nurses, with 108 women in the aesthetic surgery industry, and 102 female physicians) how they felt about silent rupture. Survey findings showed:

  • 98% of women said they would be concerned about silent rupture with silicone gel implants.
  • 95% of women say they would want a ruptured silicone implant removed, even if they didn’t show symptoms

At an American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference, California-based plastic surgeon Dr. Vivian Ting shared the results of three surveys of 1,143 women with almost identical findings. Survey results showed that 97 percent of women want to know if their silicone gel implant has ruptured, with 95 percent of women wanting the faulty implant replaced even if it’s not causing symptoms. Dr. Ting believes it’s important to share these survey findings with other plastic surgeons to make them aware of just how substantial women’s worries are. “The surveys clearly showed that the majority of women have very real concerns about silicone gel in their bodies and the risk of silent rupture,” she said. “Surgeons may underestimate this anxiety simply because they don’t share the concern, in great part because 90 percent are male. Yet a woman’s anxiety about what is in her body is a critical part of the full treatment picture.”

Over 10 years, silicone gel-filled implant had very high rupture rates, with Mentor gel-filled implants rupturing 24% of the time. Dr. Mathew Plant, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Toronto, says “Patients have aesthetic surgery to feel better about themselves and gain some confidence that they may be missing. So the last thing that I ever want to do is put a device into someone that then gives them a whole bunch of new anxieties and keeps them up at night. If all we’ve done is trade one insecurity for another then we haven’t really accomplished anything at all.”

Silent Rupture Detection: is it Reliable?

The only way to find out if your silicone gel-filled breast implant has ruptured is by obtaining an MRI or ultrasound scan. The FDA recommends women get these imaging procedures every two to three years after breast augmentation. This is an out- of-pocket expense (not covered by insurance) that can cost between $444-$1468. This is in addition to the money already spent for the initial breast augmentation. Out of the 933 respondents, 89% of women surveyed reported they were “less likely to choose silicone gel” after learning of the FDA MRI requirements.

Unfortunately, modern imaging technology is not always 100% reliable. NYC board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sophie Bartsich says, “In the last couple years I’ve had several patients who’ve had MRIs done because there was a question about their existing silicone gel implants. I’ve found that sometimes MRIs are not actually very reliable. In some instances, a patient’s MRI said the silicone gel implant had ruptured, and then when I went in to operate on it, it actually hadn’t. I’ve had one or two patients where an MRI showed the implant was not ruptured, but based on my clinical exam I really thought there was a concern, so I went in and it turned out it was ruptured.”

Some surgeons don’t even discover a silent rupture until they are switching out a patient’s breast implants due to aesthetic concerns or sizing changes.

Bottom line: if a woman waits until she is in pain or notices her breast is swollen, complications have already happened. At that point swapping out her implant is a much more extensive process and recovery afterward can be prolonged. 

What Breast Implant Revision Surgery is Like

If a silent rupture occurs with a silicone gel-filled implant, the majority of women want the ruptured silicone implant and sticky gel removed and replaced with something else. Sometimes it’s another silicone gel-filled implant, and other times women opt for a structured implant like the IDEAL IMPLANT®

“As far as breast implant revision goes, it is also a lot easier to replace a structured saline implant than a silicone gel implant, “ says California-based plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Bachelor. “When somebody has a ruptured silicone gel breast implant, especially the older implants which were liquid silicone gel, it is a very difficult replacement surgery. They may need a total periprosthetic capsulectomy or removal of the implant and reconstruction, which is a much more difficult procedure than swapping out a deflated saline implant.”

Remember that after any type of surgery, there’s a recovery process involved, where you have to avoid strenuous activity and exercise and halt a lot of your day-to-day activities. If you’ve already had a breast augmentation and been through the recovery process once, you might not be in a rush to do that all over again. In case of a rupture, women prefer that saline come into contact with their body tissues rather than silicone gel (91%). Dr. Bachelor says swapping out saline-filled implants is a much easier procedure, “Since it is filled with saline instead of silicone gel, replacing a saline implant requires just a slight revision and then a quick replacement of the implant.”

Why Do Doctors Still Push Silicone Gel Implants?

With all the knowledge we have about silent rupture, and the proof we have that women are very concerned about it, why do so many women continue to go into their plastic surgeon’s office and come out with silicone gel-filled implants? 

Many doctors push silicone gel-filled implants on their patients because silent rupture is not a problem for the doctor. They are not the ones with the implants in their bodies. They are not the ones keeping up with regular MRIs. They are not the ones having anxiety over silent rupture. In many ways using silicone gel-filled implants is easier for surgeons because they don’t deflate, so patients don’t know when they are ruptured. Other doctors simply have always used silicone gel implants and will continue to use them because they don’t experience the side effects of rupture firsthand. They’re not concerned about the possible health impacts from long term exposure to silicone gel. Silicone gel implants might look good and feel natural, but that’s not the end of the story.

Dr. Ting says, “Women have a right to have their concerns taken seriously about what is in their bodies, be educated about all of their implant choices . . . and not simply have their concerns dismissed.”

When you go in for a breast augmentation consultation, you may go into the office feeling like you know what you want, but then change your mind based on the plastic surgeon’s recommendations. With that medical degree hanging on the wall, it’s easy to feel like they have the expertise and should know best, and to keep quiet about your rupture concerns. Any plastic surgeon who is not willing to listen to what you want and who dismisses your personal preferences is not the doctor for you. If you experience this in a plastic surgeon’s office, it’s time to find a different surgeon.

Newer Options for Breast Augmentation

While some surgeons push silicone gel-filled implants on their patients because they personally prefer it, other surgeons may be unaware that there are other implant options out there that may alleviate their patients’ rupture concerns. 

Survey findings showed that 89% of women preferred an implant where a rupture could be detected by looking at the breast rather than requiring an MRI scan. With the new IDEAL IMPLANT, women can tell they have a rupture just by a quick glance in the mirror. They don’t have to worry about harmful substances coming into contact with their bodies because saline—which is salt water, like in your tears or an IV— is safely absorbed by your body.

The IDEAL IMPLANT significantly outperforms silicone gel for primary augmentation over ten years with both a lower risk of rupture and of capsular contracture. Only 3.7% of patients have the risk of rupture over ten years, compared with silicone gel implantsat 8.7-24.2%. 

The IDEAL IMPLANT also looks and feels natural, with an innovative design. A series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers hold the saline filler. This unique internal structure gives the saline inside a more natural feel, while reducing folding and wrinkling. The edges of the implant have also been lowered for a more natural contouring to the chest wall.

Beauty Without Compromise

This is 2021, and you don’t need to compromise your safety to get the look you want. There’s no need to worry about silent rupture if you don’t want to. If you’re researching, “how old to get breast implants?”, take the time to research board-certified plastic surgeons, too. Your plastic surgeon should present all your options to you and let you make the final decision. Technology has advanced, make sure your surgeon has, too! 

You are your own best advocate, and you deserve to be heard. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, you get all the benefits of earlier implants, but without their compromises. The problem of silent rupture has been—put simply—solved. 

Benefits of Under Muscle Implants and the IDEAL IMPLANT®

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Women who are looking for breast enhancement through implants often wonder about their implant options as well as how the implants will be placed and what their incision scars will look like. With board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, women are provided a variety of options as well as a say in where their incisions will be and how their implants are placed-whether over the muscle or under muscle implants. All of these decisions will be thoroughly discussed with Dr. Tehrani during your consultation. Together, you’ll be able to decide on the best plan for your particular body type and vision. Because Dr. Tehrani is experienced in all types of breast surgery, he is able to create amazing results for each patient based on their individual needs and desires. Learn more about what he can offer you-including anatomical breast implants and the latest in implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. 

Anatomical Under Muscle Implants 

Anatomical implants have a “teardrop shape” that is more contoured looking than round implants. These implants can be customized to what you want, with different fillings, profiles, and heights as well as your choice of over the muscle or under muscle implants. Implants placed under the muscle often lend a more natural look with the upper pole of the breast being less round and full than the bottom portion. Anatomical implants also have textured shells which are intended to help the implant adhere to the tissue where it is inserted and prevent the implant from turning and potentially changing the overall look. Since anatomical implants are not round, their placement requires experience and attention to detail as well as a knowledge of the specific type of pocket to create.


Whether you want anatomical or round implants, consider the benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT, the latest in breast implant technology. Surgeons and patients alike love this implant because it has a natural look and feel with a significantly lower risk of rupture than silicone gel implants. The IDEAL IMPLANT is designed to last a lifetime. However, in the rare case that it does rupture, women can tell just by looking in the mirror while the saline filling inside is harmlessly absorbed by the body. This allows them to safely seek implant replacement without the need for an MRI or ultrasound imaging. The under muscle implants shown in the before and after photos below, as well as those on Dr. Tehrani’s website will show you how the IDEAL IMPLANT combines the best of all breast implant features in one. 

“I was referred to Dr. Tehrani by a friend for breast augmentation. I am so pleased with my results. I am currently 1 year post op and could not be happier. The staff was extremely kind and caring and I really felt Dr. Tehrani listened to exactly what I wanted and took great care of me. I love the way my breasts look and feel and definitely recommend him to other patients looking for breast augmentation!”

– Realself review

Breast Augmentation With Dr. Tehrani

When you’ve decided that you want to move forward with your breast augmentation, all you have to do is schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Tehrani. Here you can explain to him your desires and ask any questions that you may have. Dr. Tehrani will take his time answering your concerns and educating you on all of your options, including the pros and cons of under muscle implants vs. over muscle implants. He will then perform a thorough physical exam, take measurements, and help you create the best cosmetic surgery plan that will benefit your body and lifestyle, while achieving your personal goals. 

No matter what you end up deciding, Dr. Tehrani knows how to provide his patients with fantastic results. Because of his training, skill, and special experience with the IDEAL IMPLANT, he can give you the beautiful, natural looking breasts you desire similar to the patient pictured below. To achieve the results this patient hoped for, Dr. Tehrani decided to use Ideal implants of different sizes: 495cc on the right side and 440cc on the left side.

Before and After Photos

The before and after shown above is just one example of the beautiful work that Dr. Tehrani can achieve. Visiting his website and viewing the gallery of before and after photos will give you an even better idea of what you can expect from your procedure. The patient above chose the IDEAL IMPLANT and is very satisfied with her results. Dr. Tehrani knows how to tailor each breast augmentation to the specific needs, desires, and measurements of his patients. Women from all over the country visit with and trust Dr. Tehrani to give them the incredible results they desire. 

“I’ve considered breast implants for many years but never had the guts to do it. I finally decided to take the leap. When I met with Dr. Tehrani he was so outgoing, friendly and made me feel comfortable and excited about moving forward. I was very worried I would end up too big. He told me to trust him. So I did and they turned out amazing. They are the perfect size for my frame. I didn’t have any bleeding or bruising. The next day after surgery I was up and moving around. Aside from some nerve pain while sleeping, the entire process was flawless and pretty easy. So happy I went with Dr. Tehrani. Jesse was also fantastic. She was very patient and accommodating, setting up the surgery for me and explaining the process. A big thanks to the entire team.”

– RealSelf review

About Dr. Kevin Tehrani

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani is renowned for his mastery in aesthetic surgery. As he considers plastic surgery to be the ultimate expression of art in surgery, Dr. Tehrani relentlessly strives for exceptional care and results for his patients. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Tehrani is the founder and director of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. He is Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and is a member of multiple local and national societies, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He’s been nominated and voted by his peers and colleagues to be one of the Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in New York by the No.1 visited website for the best of everything in the NY metropolitan area,, as well as the America Top 10 website.

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Tehrani. Dr. Tehrani was always very kind, always listening to my needs. I like the fact that Dr. Tehrani is not a doctor that will do a surgery and leave you hanging. He wants to be with you every step of the way until you feel happy. I would highly recommend Dr. Tehrani to anyone thinking about getting surgery. You won’t be disappointed!”

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Considering under muscle implants in Long Island, New York? Contact Dr. Tehrani today to discuss your options. Simply call 516-498-9790 or visit Dr.Tehrani’s offices are located at 33 West 56th Street in New York City, NY, and at 560 Northern Boulevard, Suite 109 in Great Neck, Long Island, NY. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Why Choose Dr. Carlino for High Profile Breast Implants

Anybody who has contemplated plastic surgery can tell you that it’s not easy figuring out what you want and who you should trust as your plastic surgeon. Many patients are willing to travel across the country if they can be guaranteed confidence in the person they are about to trust with their body and their future. As you get to know Dr. Richard Carlino of Specialists in Plastic Surgery, you’ll soon realize that he is a top surgeon and an easy choice. Because of his expertise and experience in the field, you can have peace of mind knowing that he will ensure you get what you are looking for and what will look best for your body. He is able to perform a variety of procedures, offering everything from high profile breast implants to non-invasive cosmetic surgery. Once you know what he can offer, you’ll soon stop your search and get started on the new you.

Meet Dr. Richard Carlino

Dr. Richard Carlino, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has been practicing various types of plastic surgery, including breast augmentation surgery, for over 30 years. In this time he has seen many different women with all kinds of body styles and desires. This experience has given him the opportunity to learn various techniques and options for breast implants in order to cater to each individual patient’s desires. He understands the importance of providing women with all possible options-including unstructured saline implants, silicone gel implants, and high profile breast implants like the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. He listens to his patients’ goals, educates them on what’s available, and formulates a plan of action that will look best for their particular body type. 

In his own words, Dr. Carlino describes his philosophy for plastic surgery-

“Plastic Surgery is about change–sometimes it’s a change in a feature that a person doesn’t like, or perhaps it’s about body features that have changed with time; sometimes it’s about maintenance and looking as good as you feel. My goals are threefold:

  1. To offer my patients an extraordinary level of expertise in a very individual and personalized setting.
  2. To understand the aesthetic goals of my patients while helping to establish realistic expectations.
  3. Above all, to form a comfortable and trusting relationship allowing each patient to undergo his or her surgery with confidence.

[Plastic surgery] is about working with patients and defining the correct procedures to perform to get their desired results. It’s about the ability to understand and communicate realistic from unrealistic aesthetic goals. With every patient, I work to combine my in-depth plastic surgery training… and ability as a surgeon to provide each patient with extraordinary results.”

The Breast Augmentation Process

Whether you’re looking for high profile breast implants or some other type of breast surgery, the breast augmentation process is about the same. Initially, you’ll meet with Dr. Carlino for a consultation where you’ll discuss your options and how the entire process will go for about one hour. He’ll talk to you about operative time, recovery, potential risks, and different options for implants. Unlike other surgeons, Dr. Carlino doesn’t limit his implant options or vendors. With more implant options available as well as Vectra 3-D Imaging which lets you see a 3D image of your expected breast appearance post surgery, you are more likely to achieve your goals for your breast augmentation.

General and/or local anesthesia is combined with sedation to make you comfortable before your breast augmentation procedure. Small incisions are made in discreet locations agreed upon by you and Dr. Carlino based on your consultation and which type of breast implant you are receiving. The incisions’ size and location typically includes the breast crease, and in certain situations will be under the areola. A pocket is made behind or in front of the pectoral muscles and the implant is placed into the pocket and secured with sutures.

Even though you will notice an immediate difference in your breasts, swelling and bruising from surgery may initially obscure the changes, making it hard for you to see clear results for the first few weeks. This is a normal part of the healing process. Dr. Carlino will follow up with you soon after to check on you and how you are healing. 

Your Breast Implant Options

Every breast implant, including a high profile breast implant, has its advantages and disadvantages, which Dr. Carlino will explain to you thoroughly. Because you have so many options, Dr. Carlino is able to tailor your implants to your individual needs and desires.  The latest implant on the market, the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant has the look and feel of the silicone gel implant with no risk of silent rupture. Because the IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured implant filled with saline, a rupture can be detected right away just by looking in the mirror while the saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body. 

The ideal patient for the structured IDEAL IMPLANT is someone with a reasonable amount of breast tissue who wants a moderate to high profile breast implant and doesn’t want to worry about the safety risks of a silicone gel implant. Another benefit of the IDEAL IMPLANT is that it is guaranteed for life with the IDEAL IMPLANT Premium Protection Plan. If it ruptures, it will be replaced free of charge. 

Contact Us Today

Now that you know more about Dr. Richard Carlino and what he can provide for you, you can go into your breast augmentation surgery with confidence and peace of mind that your results will match your vision and change your life for the better. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about Dr. Carlino and what a typical breast augmentation would entail. 

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Silicone Gel Implants vs. The IDEAL IMPLANT®

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Thinking about getting silicone gel implants for your breast augmentation? In New York City, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Rapaport specializes in cosmetic surgery procedures for the breast, body, and face. With over 27 years of experience, Dr. Rapaport has the knowledge and expertise to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. All of the procedures conducted by Dr. Rapaport are performed on-site in his fully accredited office surgical suite on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

When it comes to breast augmentation, Dr. Rapaport has more experience with the endoscopic underarm technique than any other plastic surgeon in the New York area. He is also part of an exclusive group of surgeons who now offer IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, the latest in breast implant technology. The IDEAL IMPLANT significantly outperforms silicone gel implants for primary augmentation over ten years with both a lower risk of rupture and of capsular contracture. Technology has advanced, make sure your surgeon has, too! Dr. Rapaport is an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon due to his extensive expertise working with the IDEAL IMPLANT. 

What You Need to Know About the IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a saline-filled breast implant with a unique structure that controls the movement of the saline solution so it feels natural to the touch. It gives women a beautiful, youthful appearance and contours to the shape of a woman’s chest. There are a lot of key differences between the IDEAL IMPLANT and silicone gel implants that make it appealing to a lot of women:

  • The material inside of an IDEAL IMPLANT is saline, while gel implants contain sticky, silicone gel not natural to your body.
  • When comparing FDA Clinical Trial Data.  The IDEAL IMPLANT is less likely to rupture with only a 3.7% rate of rupture after ten years compared with leading silicone gel brands that have a rupture rate between 8.7 and 24.2%.
  • Clinical trail data also shows women with leading silicone gel brands experience capsular contracture 12.1-18.9% of the time, while patients with IDEAL IMPLANT have a low rate of capsular contracture at only 6.6%.
  • There is no need to worry about silent rupture with the IDEAL IMPLANT. You can detect a rupture just by looking in the mirror. Silicone gel implants require an expensive MRI or ultrasound scan to detect a rupture. In a recent independent survey, 98% of women surveyed said they would be concerned about silent rupture with silicone gel implants.
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT is inserted empty, and only filled once in position, so the incision needed is smaller than the incision necessary for silicone gel implants. This results in women with the IDEAL IMPLANT having smaller, less noticeable scars.

Dr. Rapaport says, “Based on my experience, I would say the IDEAL IMPLANT is an excellent option. Patients like the look and the feel. Above all they really like the peace of mind of knowing that they haven’t done anything they might regret down the road or that if there is a rupture, the process of replacing it is easier than with other implants that rupture.”

If you do have to replace an IDEAL IMPLANT, it is a simple procedure that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Old implant out, new implant in. Whereas with silicone gel implants, often sticky silicone gel has leaked out, and the surgeon has to spend time cleaning out the gel, removing scar tissue, and changing out the implant. 

In addition to these benefits, the structured IDEAL IMPLANT also doesn’t have the problems of unstructured saline implants. There are no visible ripples or obvious wrinkling as sometimes occurs with unstructured saline implants. That’s because the series of nested shells that make up the IDEAL IMPLANT give women a smooth, natural look.

A Video of an IDEAL IMPLANT Breast Augmentation 

In this video, you’ll see a 25-year-old woman, three months post-augmentation who chose the IDEAL IMPLANT for her procedure. Dr. Rapaport used the endoscopic, underarm approach to insert the implants. On her left side, the implant was filled to 300cc, and on the right the implant was filled to 275cc to improve the patient’s slight breast asymmetry.

One main reason this patient chose the IDEAL IMPLANT is because she didn’t want to have to worry about monitoring her breasts for silent rupture, or obtaining regular MRIs or ultrasounds. In the video you can see there is no visible scar on the breast and she was able to obtain a great result while also achieving peace of mind.

Silicone Gel Implants vs. IDEAL IMPLANT: Which is Right for Me?

When you go in for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Rapaport, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your personal goals for cosmetic surgery, and ask any questions you may have about your chosen procedure. “I look at a breast augmentation consultation as an educational process,” says Dr. Rapaport. “With the necessity being that the patient learn about her options.” 

With a breast augmentation, you have the option of incision through the underarm, areola, or in the skin that connects underneath your breast to your chest. Dr. Rapaport performs most of his breast augmentations with underarm incisions using an endoscope. “Throughout my years of practice, it has been very satisfying to achieve a natural-appearing breast appearance without any scar on the breast,” says Dr. Rapaport. “It is very rewarding to see these patients both early after surgery and years after their operation, maintaining their results, and all without any breast scars.”

Each patient will be able to try on a variety of breast implant sizes and profiles and decide which size is best for her. Dr. Rapaport will clearly indicate if a patient’s request for size is not compatible with her anatomy. Dr. Rapaport places extreme importance on his patient’s preferences, and he will not push you or corner you into making your individual decision. 

Choose Dr. Rapaport for Your Procedure

Board-certified New York plastic surgeon David Rapaport, did his plastic surgery training at the New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, which is widely regarded as the nation’s top plastic and cosmetic surgery residency program. After a one-year microsurgery fellowship, Dr. Rapaport moved to Florida. There, he developed a successful and respected practice as a cosmetic plastic surgeon. During his four years in Florida, he also did pioneering work in endoscopic and minimal incision breast and oncologic (melanoma) surgery. In 1997, he returned to New York and opened his private practice of cosmetic surgery in NYC. His endoscopic work has helped him gain popularity among women who don’t want scars on their breasts post surgery. 

“I was referred to Dr Rappaport by a girlfriend who had the most natural results. . . I knew from the moment I had the consultation that he was the ideal surgeon for me. Four months post op and the results exceeded my wildest dreams. I look (and feel) as good as I did pre kids if not better. An unbelievably natural and proportional (across my body)result. I highly recommend Dr Rappaport!”

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Considering breast implants in New York? Contact Dr. Rapaport today to discuss your options. Simply call (212) 249-9955, or visit Dr. Rapaport’s office is located at 905 5th Avenue (at 72nd Street) New York, NY 10021. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.