A Breast Lift and Enhancement with Less Worry

What do women seeking a breast lift or breast enhancement want? Often surgeons will brush past concerns about silent ruptures, capsular contracture, and rippling rather than fully addressing these concerns. Dr. Thomas Bartell has built his Madison practice around listening to women and offering options that leave his patients feeling beautiful, confident, and worry-free.

Survey Finds Concerns Among Women

Women researching breast lift or breast enhancement should be aware of the common concerns many have regarding breast implants. While silicone-gel breast implants offer natural feeling results, your peace of mind could be compromised because of the risk of a “silent rupture.” With saline-filled implants, you are compromising natural feeling breasts for peace of mind. A recent survey of over 900 women, including over 400 nurses, found the following results:

  • 98% of women responded that they would feel somewhat to constantly concerned about their silicone gel implant rupturing. This statistic includes 68% of women who already had silicone-gel implants.
  • 89% said they would prefer an implant where a rupture is detectable by looking at the breast rather than getting an MRI as long as the implant performance is similar.
  • 91% said they prefer saline coming into contact with their tissue as long as the implant performance is similar.

The IDEAL IMPLANT®: Beautiful Results, Peace of Mind

Women seeking a breast lift or breast enhancement can now choose the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. The internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT gives it a stable structure that does not ripple like other saline-filled implants, and provides a more natural look and feel. Because of the saline filling, it gives women peace of mind, addressing the concerns found by the survey. In addition, the IDEAL IMPLANT® has a lower rupture rate and a lower capsular contracture rate when compared over seven years to the top silicone gel implant brands.

For a Breast Lift and Breast Enhancement in Madison, Choose Dr. Thomas Bartell

Dr. Thomas Bartell is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in body re-contouring in Madison. His patients enjoy the personalized care they receive and the skills Dr. Bartell brings to the table. Dr. Bartell knows women have concerns about breast implants, before and after surgery. That is why he is glad to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.  For your breast lift or breast enhancement choose a surgeon who will listen to your concerns and give you all the options you deserve.

Considering breast implants or researching breast lift? Contact Dr. Thomas Bartell today to discuss your options. Simply call 608-271-0500 or visit Dr. Bartell’s office is located at 6418 Normandy Lane, Suite 210, Madison, Wisconsin 53719. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Dr. Daryl Hoffman Provides Choices for Palo Alto Breast Implants

If you are researching breast implant types, you know each type has its benefits and compromises. Finding a surgeon who offers all the choices, listens to your concerns, and never pressures you into choosing an implant you aren’t comfortable with is important. For Dr. Daryl Hoffman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Palo Alto, breast implants should leave his patients feeling beautiful, confident, and worry-free. Dr. Hoffman has listened to women’s concerns about breast implants and now offers the latest technology developed to address common concerns.

Women’s Concerns about Breast Implants and Silent Rupture

A recent survey asked over 900 women how they feel about different aspects of breast implants. The survey found the following concerns from its respondents:

  • 98% of women would be at least somewhat concerned about their silicone gel implant rupturing.
  • 89% said if the implant performance is similar they preferred an implant where you can detect a rupture by looking at the breast rather than needing an expensive MRI.
  • 91% said if the implant performance is similar they would prefer saline coming in contact with their tissue rather than silicone gel.

Natural Look and Peace of Mind

The IDEAL IMPLANT was developed to address the above concerns with silicone gel implants – silent ruptures, repeated MRIs, and risk of ruptures. In the past, women who wanted a natural feeling breast implant chose silicone-gel breast implants and had to compromise their peace of mind. Saline-filled breast implants do not carry the same risk of a silent rupture but tend to look unnatural and ripple. Now there is a new saline-filled breast implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. The IDEAL IMPLANT gives women peace of mind that if a rupture happens they will know immediately and the saline will be naturally absorbed by the body. The internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT gives women a natural feel and beautiful look that does not ripple like traditional saline-filled implants.

Exceptional Results for Your Palo Alto Breast Implants

Dr. Daryl Hoffman, an acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon, received his training from Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Hoffman’s patients enjoy the gentle, personalized care they receive as well as the ability to bring up any concerns and receive honest answers. To address concerns and stay up to date with the latest breast implant technology, Dr. Hoffman became one of the exclusive surgeons in the area to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant.

Considering breast implants in Palo Alto or researching Palo Alto breast implants? Contact Dr. Daryl Hoffman today to discuss your options. Simply call 650-325-1118 or visit Dr. Hoffman’s office is located at 805 El Camino Real, Suite A, Palo Alto, California 94301. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Breast Enlargement Surgery Recovery: Expectations and Outcomes

If you’re considering breast enlargement surgery, you may be wondering what the recovery will be like. You may have heard from your neighbor that it’s no big deal and she was back to work the next day. Or maybe your co-worker said she was out of commission for weeks with the worst pain she’s ever had. Doing your own research, looking at data, and talking to a board-certified plastic surgeon will give you more information than anecdotal evidence. As with any surgery, recovery will vary, but researching typical experiences, listening to your surgeon, and setting realistic expectations are your first steps toward a great outcome.

What to Expect During Surgery

Before you prepare for recovery, you should know what will happen during your surgery. Your doctor will recommend a type of anesthesia, typically general anesthesia or IV sedation. Before the procedure, your surgeon will discuss incision options and most likely recommend one of the following incisions based on their experience, your implant choice, and your desired outcome.

    • Periareolar incision: round the nipple
    • Inframammary incision: in the breast fold
    • Transaxillary incision: under the arm

After making the incision, your surgeon will place the implant either subglandular (above the chest wall muscles) or submuscular (below the chest wall muscles). Silicone gel implants are pre-filled, but saline-filled implants can be inserted empty, then filled with a predetermined amount of saline–meaning it can be inserted through a smaller incision, resulting in less scarring. With saline-filled implants, such as the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, the surgeon can adjust for asymmetry by adding a little more or less saline during surgery until the breasts look symmetrical. After the implant is placed and filled, the surgeon will close the incision. Your surgeon may use stitches, glue, or tape to keep the incision closed.

After Your Breast Enlargement Surgery

The most important thing you can do for a good surgery outcome is listen to your surgeon’s instructions. Gauze, an elastic bandage, or a support bra will be needed to provide support while your breasts heal. Your breasts will look different immediately, but some swelling and bruising are normal. Recovery in the hospital or outpatient center typically does not take long, and many patients go home the same day. If you plan to leave the same day, make sure you have a trusted friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24-hours. Your surgeon may prescribe medication to manage pain and antibiotics to prevent an infection. Take these medications as directed to reduce risks and complications. Call your surgeon or go to the ER immediately if you begin to notice signs of an infection. Don’t try to get back into the swing of things just yet, take it easy, and allow your body to heal.

Post-op: the First Few Weeks

Your surgeon will likely recommend taking one- to two-weeks off work, depending on your work environment. Stay away from physical activities until you are cleared by your doctor, which may take six weeks. This is not only to make sure your incision heals properly but to keep you from doing activities that could raise your pulse or blood pressure. Remember, you just had surgery! Give your body time to heal, and you will reap the benefits of patience. Realself has suggestions of a few things to do or buy before your surgery so you can take it easy when you get home.

Getting Back to Normal

Swelling, bruising, and soreness are all par for the course after you have breast enlargement surgery. Different women will experience varying levels of pain and swelling but know that a normal recovery happens anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or more. Tightness and pain should lessen over the first few days, and you should be able to switch from strong painkillers to milder ones within the first month. Swelling and settling over the first few months means that the appearance of your breast implants will change slightly from when you first see them. As long as you are following your doctor’s instructions, there is no need to worry about bruising, this symptom is common within the first few days to weeks. However, if you feel worried at any point in your recovery, call your surgeon for a follow-up appointment. Wearing a compression bra or a sports bra will help you heal by giving you extra support, especially when you begin to exercise. Scars are an unavoidable part of breast enlargement surgery but should decrease over time.  

Long-Term Maintenance

After the swelling, bruising, and pain go away, you can enjoy your new body. Your surgeon will inform you of any follow-up visits you need to schedule and what common complications to be aware of. Continue to get mammograms (or begin getting mammograms when you reach 40 years old, as recommended by the American Cancer Society). Let the person doing your mammogram know you have breast implants. The implants may interfere with a standard mammogram, so you will need a different technique performed to get a clear picture. If you chose saline implants, such as the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, you would not need any special monitoring for rupture after surgery, since you know the implants are intact by looking in the mirror. Periodic monitoring for rupture with MRI scans is recommended for those with silicone gel implants, however, because of the risk of “silent rupture.” The FDA recommends all implants be removed if they rupture, but it can be difficult to detect a rupture in a silicone gel implant. An MRI is the only way to detect a silent rupture and determine if removal is necessary. Because of this, the FDA recommends women with silicone gel implants get an MRI three years after the procedure, then every two years for the rest of their life. Silicone-gel is not absorbed by the body like saline is, and according to the FDA “When silicone gel-filled implants rupture, silicone gel may escape from the scar tissue capsule around the implant and migrate away from the breast. This can cause lumps to form in the breast, chest wall, armpit, arm, or abdomen.”

Your Breast Enlargement Surgery Journey

Knowing the ins and outs of breast enlargement surgery recovery will help you get the best outcome. Your breast implants will be part of your body for many years, so put in the effort to find a great doctor, pick the right breast implants for you, and educate yourself about the surgical and recovery process. Knowing what to expect will help you plan accordingly and not be surprised or upset by the processes. It may seem like a long road to beautiful results, but when you look back ten years from now, you will wish you started sooner. If you’re looking for a breast implant that is low maintenance and has a low risk of capsular contracture and rupture ask your surgeon about the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. To find a surgeon who offers the IDEAL IMPLANT near you visit the surgeon finder.

The History of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery has come a long way since women and their surgeons first started experimenting. According to research published in the Journal of Plastic Surgery by Walter Peters and Victor Fornasier, women have had anything from paraffin to silk fabric to glazier’s putty injected into their breasts.  However, the sometimes terrifying history of breast enhancement surgery taught doctors and researchers some important lessons and thankfully women can now receive safe and effective breast enhancements from board-certified surgeons.

Primitive Methods

The history of medicine is often filled with torturous procedures performed on patients who assume their doctor has their health and safety in mind, and breast augmentation is no different. As Peters and Fornasier discovered, injections were popular in many of the breast augmentations of the 19th and 20th centuries. Unfortunately for patients, the doctors experimenting with these materials, which included things like glass balls and epoxy resin, didn’t take the time to listen to patients or think through how the foreign objects might affect them. Peters and Fornasier sayAs complications unfolded, physicians followed the pattern of first blaming the technique and the lay people doing the injections. Then, individual patient susceptibility, and finally the material itself, were blamed for the adverse effects that resulted. Poor outcomes made patients distrustful.”

Silicone Injections

Beginning in 1944 doctors started replacing the popular paraffin injections with liquid silicone injections. These silicone injections are not the same as the silicone-gel implants of today. Silicone gel implants used in today’s breast enhancement surgery are surrounded by a silicone shell to keep the gel in place. According to Peters and Fornasier, liquid silicone injections caused many of the same issues as paraffin injections: “migration of silicone to other parts of the body, inflammation, discoloration, and the formation of granulomas, ulceration and fistulae.” Despite its widespread use until the 1990s, liquid silicone has never been approved by the FDA to use as an injection for cosmetic purposes.

Silicone Gel Breast Implants

The first silicone gel breast implants were developed in 1962 by plastic surgeons Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin. After the initial breast enhancement surgery trials, the implants went through a number of revisions. While these implants were certainly safer than their predecessors, the FDA still did not issue an approval and the implants dealt with numerous safety issues. By 1992 the FDA issued a voluntary moratorium on silicone gel breast implants while they reviewed the safety of the devices on the market. A few months later the FDA approved several Pre-Market Approval applications from major silicone gel breast implant manufacturers. In 2006, after extensive study of the safety of silicone-gel breast implants, the FDA finally approved the implants for women 22-years-old and older. If you visit a board-certified plastic surgeon today to discuss breast enhancement surgery, you will likely see these implants as they are some of the most popular options on the market. Despite the safety of these implants when intact (not ruptured), the FDA recommends women whose implants have ruptured get the implants and any silicone that has leaked into surrounding tissue removed, whether or not the patient is experiencing complications.

Saline Implants

Saline implants, which consist of a silicone shell filled with sterilized salt water, have been available for breast enhancement surgery since 1964. After the FDA pulled silicone-gel implants from the market in 1992, saline implants became the only safe option for women seeking breast augmentation. The FDA has approved their use in women aged 18-years and older. Saline-filled breast implants continue to be used, particularly by women who feel uncomfortable with silicone gel implants and the risk of a “silent rupture” (when an implant rupture is not apparent to the naked eye and an MRI is required to detect it, a concern only with silicone gel implants). The major drawback to saline-filled implants is the lack of viscosity. Because saline is closer to the viscosity of water than breast tissue, these implants have been known to ripple, buckle, or otherwise look unnatural. This is especially true if the recipient does not have much breast tissue or fat in between the skin and the implant. However, in case of a rupture, the saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body.

Is There a Better Option for Breast Enlargement Surgery?

When silicone gel breast implants were finally approved women had two options: the natural feel of silicone gel or the peace of mind of saline. While both silicone gel and saline implants are safe and approved by the FDA, a recent survey has found that women still worry about a “silent rupture” of silicone gel implants and what that could mean for their future. In fact, in the survey, which included over 900 female respondents, 98% of those surveyed said they would feel somewhat concerned to constantly concerned about the possibility of a silent rupture. Finally, after years of listening to patient’s concerns, dealing with unnatural looking saline implants, and ruptured silicone gel implants, Dr. Robert Hamas decided to develop another option.

The IDEAL IMPLANT: What is it?

Dr. Hamas, a plastic surgeon and the inventor of the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, decided to find a solution for women who want the natural look of silicone gel and the peace of mind of saline. In 2006 he founded Ideal Implant Incorporated and began the process of developing an implant to address what women want and need for their breast enlargement surgery. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a saline-filled implant with a silicone shell and multiple internal layers of baffle shells to control the amount of saline that flows throughout the implant. Because the saline is controlled more than single shell saline implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT is stable and does not ripple easily, giving it a natural, beautiful appearance. After ten years of development, refinement, and clinical trials, the FDA approved the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant for women 18-years-old and older.

New Technology: Good or Bad?

Now in 2018 women have three options for their breast enlargement surgery: saline breast implants, silicone gel breast implants, and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. But, given the rough history of breast augmentation, how can you be sure these implants are safe? New technology wasn’t always a good thing in the past, which is evidenced by looking at the variety of materials doctors used to insert and inject into their patients. Fortunately, the medical community has become more regulated and has more accountability, which results in more safety for consumers. Today, with research, FDA clinical trials, and years worth of data, we don’t have to be in the dark about new technologies like the IDEAL IMPLANT. Breast implant research and trials today are transparent and nothing like the experiments of the past. With the extensive data and FDA trial requirements, women today can have confidence in newer technology. You can even review the summary of safety and effectiveness data for the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant from the FDA.

Where to find the IDEAL IMPLANT

The focus of IDEAL IMPLANT has always been addressing the safety and concerns of breast enlargement surgery patients. The majority of IDEAL IMPLANT is owned by plastic surgeons who shared Dr. Hamas’s concern for women and desire to offer more options. Because of this, IDEAL IMPLANT only partners with board-certified plastic surgeons. To find a surgeon near you use the surgeon finder feature on the IDEAL IMPLANT website.

Choosing breast implants is a big decision that will affect you for years to come. For more information about the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, visit the IDEAL IMPLANT website or make an appointment with a board-certified surgeon today.

How “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants Compare to IDEAL IMPLANT

If you’re researching breast implant types, you may be wondering how the different types compare. When you visit a plastic surgeon you will most likely face the choice between saline implants, silicone gel implants, and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. Be aware that when women refer to “silicone breast implants” they are referring to silicone gel implants, or “gummy bear” breast implants, which are filled with silicone gel. All implants have a silicone shell, but what the breast implant is filled with–silicone gel or saline–will determine what comes into contact with your breast tissue in case of a rupture.

The Downside of “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants or Silicone Breast Implants

Women typically pick silicone gel breast implants because they have a more natural feel and do not ripple like saline implants. But often women who have these implants are not aware of the downsides to them. These include:

  • Silent Ruptures: When a silicone-gel breast implant ruptures it is not possible to tell there is a leak without an MRI scan. This is why it is called a “silent rupture.” The silicone-gel may start leaking into surrounding breast tissue and need to be removed.
  • Repeated MRIs: To detect a silent rupture the FDA recommends women with “gummy bear” breast implants get an MRI every two years for life. These MRIs are expensive and typically not covered by insurance companies.
  • Price Difference: While prices and insurance coverage may vary, you should factor in the cost of an MRI every two years.

The IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant

The IDEAL IMPLANT combines what women love about saline implants and silicone breast implants. This new technology gives women the peace of mind that a rupture will be immediately evident by just looking at the breast, and the saline inside is safely absorbed by the body. The internal structure ensures the implant keeps its beautiful, natural shape and does not ripple. After years of choosing between the beauty of silicone gel breast implants and peace of mind of saline breast implants, women can now have the best of both worlds.

Visit Dr. Ellen Mahony For Exceptional Results

Dr. Ellen Mahony is a board-certified plastic surgeon who takes care to make sure her patients know all their choices for plastic surgery. After completing rigorous training and research, Dr. Mahony has earned numerous awards and is a member of several prestigious medical associations. As a surgeon and a recipient of breast implants, Dr. Mahony knows what women want from saline and “gummy bear” breast implants or silicone breast implants. That’s why Dr. Mahony is excited to be one of the exclusive surgeons in the area to provide a better implant option for her patients, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, simply call (203) 221-0102 or visit Dr. Mahoney’s office is located at 131 Kings Highway, North Westport, Connecticut 06880.  Call today for more information about how IDEAL IMPLANT can give you the look you want.

Women Concerned About Silent Rupture in Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Nearly 75 percent of women say they’d be “very” or “constantly” concerned about “silent” or unknown ruptures of silicone gel breast implants, according to survey results presented recently at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Three surveys of 1,143 women showed 97 percent want to know if silicone gel implants rupture, with 95 percent wanting the faulty implant replaced even if it’s not causing symptoms. And surgeons – especially men – need to more diligently heed patients’ concerns about ruptures, said Vivian Ting, a California-based surgeon.

“The surveys clearly showed that the majority of women have very real concerns about silicone gel in their bodies and the risk of silent rupture,” Dr. Ting told attendees at the Aesthetica Super Symposium of ASPS in Las Vegas last week. “Surgeons may underestimate this anxiety simply because they don’t share the concern, in great part because 90 percent are male. Yet a woman’s anxiety about what is in her body is a critical part of the full treatment picture.”

Read the full press release here.

How Can Your Practice Attract Breast Enhancement Patients?

An independent 2017 study asked women questions about their thoughts and concerns regarding breast enhancement and breast implants. The study surveyed 933 random female respondents, 415 of which were nurses. Follow-up questions were given to 100 female physicians and received similar responses. The findings can give insight to surgeons who want to attract more breast augmentation patients to their practice.

What Do Women Want From a Breast Augmentation?

Women who are researching breast implant types are primarily concerned about the look and feel of their implant. This leads most surgeons to recommend a silicone-gel implant. However, women are concerned about other aspects of breast implants. For instance, the survey revealed that 7 in 10 women state a lower rupture risk is one of their top priorities when choosing between implants with a similar look and feel. Women and their surgeons have been very satisfied with the look and feel of the IDEAL IMPLANT, comparing it to the natural look and feel of silicone-gel implants. The IDEAL IMPLANT, however, offers a lower rupture and capsule contracture rate than the leading silicone-gel brands, giving women exactly what they want from their breast enhancement.

What are Women Concerned About Before and After Breast Augmentation?

One surprising finding from the survey shows that most women are concerned about “silent ruptures.” An astonishing 98% of women reported they would feel somewhat to constantly concerned about a possible silent rupture of silicone-gel implants. This figure includes 68% of women who already had silicone-gel implants in place. This finding should signal to surgeons that their patients want and need a better option for great looking implants and peace of mind post surgery.

Benefits of Staying Up-to-Date with Breast Enhancement Technology

The IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant is the latest breast implant technology and addresses the issues women have with traditional saline and silicone-gel implants. The survey found that after the learning basic facts about breast augmentation and implant options many women would intentionally seek out a surgeon who offers the IDEAL IMPLANT. As technology and innovation move forward, make sure you and your practice move with it. Offering the IDEAL IMPLANT at your practice means you are taking your patient’s concerns about breast implants seriously. The IDEAL IMPLANT is only offered by a small number of board-certified plastic surgeons that patients can find through the IDEAL IMPLANT surgeon finder. To learn more about the IDEAL IMPLANT and how you can grow your practice by offering it, visit our website today.

Thinking About a Breast Augmentation? Lubbock Women Turn to Dr. Jane Rowley

Are you considering a breast augmentation, but feel uneducated about your options? There are various types of breast implants, and it is important to understand the risks and benefits of each kind. Dr. Jane Rowley is a board-certified plastic surgeon that can guide you through your decision and help you have a positive surgical experience.

More About IDEAL IMPLANT ® Structured Breast Implants

Dr. Rowley offers the latest IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. They are different from typical saline or silicone gel implants in numerous ways. The IDEAL IMPLANT uses a unique design that incorporates a series of implants shells and two separate chambers that hold saline. This advanced structure supports the implant edges to reduce the collapse and wrinkling that can occur with a traditional saline implant. It also gives the implant a more natural look and feel that women typically seek from silicone gel implants.

Silicone gel implants carry certain risks. Silicone gel implants can rupture at any time, and only an MRI can detect this “silent rupture.” Surgery is then required to remove the implants and leaked gel from the tissues. With IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, no MRI is needed following the breast augmentation. Lubbock women always know their implants are intact by how they look and feel.

Want Breast Implants? Cost a concern?

With the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, cost shouldn’t be a worry. The staff at Dr. Rowley’s office can help you with financing. Dr. Rowley is committed to helping her patients achieve the look they desire. She received her training in plastic surgery at New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and also completed six months of international surgical training in the United Kingdom. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Rowley helps women feel better about themselves and confident about their bodies.

Are you wondering about breast implants? Cost concerning you? If you want a breast augmentation, Lubbock women should contact Dr. Jane Rowley to discuss their options. Simply call (806) 792-3715 or visit Dr. Rowley’s office is located at 3519 22nd Place, Lubbock, TX 79410. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT ® Structured Breast Implants.

Pros and Cons of Breast Implants Virginia Beach Women Need to Know

It is a big decision to pursue a breast augmentation. Cost is just one significant factor. When choosing to get breast implants, Virginia Beach women need to be educated on all their options. Women typically choose between saline or silicone gel implants. But a new, innovative kind of implant is available – IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. Dr. Matthew Galumbeck is among a select network of plastic surgeons board-certified to offer the unique IDEAL IMPLANT.

The Risks and Benefits of a Breast Augmentation, Costs, and Other Concerns.

While cost plays a major part in a woman’s decision to receive breast implants, Virginia Beach women should also think about the safety each different type of breast implant. Silicone gel implants can rupture at any time. It is a difficult situation requiring an MRI to detect rupture and then surgery to correct the problem.

With the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, “silent rupture” is not possible. Women always know their implants are intact by how they look in the mirror. The IDEAL IMPLANT has a unique internal structure that reduces wrinkling and collapse when compared to traditional saline implants. There are two separate chambers filled with saline as part of a series of implant shells nested together. When choosing between saline and silicone gel, women commonly feel they have to compromise youthful shape and natural feel for safety. Not so with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. You get both. The advanced design of the IDEAL IMPLANT provides the desired volume and projection women want while also giving the peace of mind women need.

The IDEAL IMPLANT with Dr. Matthew Galumbeck

IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants are only available from plastic surgeons that are board-certified or eligible for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Matthew Galumbeck is proud to offer the latest technological advancements in plastic surgery including the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. With more than 17 years of clinical practice, he creates for his patients a positive surgical experience and helps them achieve the look they desire.

Considering a breast augmentation? Cost a concern? Contact Dr. Matthew Galumbeck today to discuss your options. Simply call (757) 491-3204 or visit Dr. Galumbeck’s office is located at 1817 Republic Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

For Breast Enlargement, Baltimore Women Have Choices