What Are High Profile Breast Implants? Learn More From Dr. Barry Silberg!

Breast implants are not one-size-fits-all. Breast augmentation surgery is a very customizable procedure that allows women to achieve a wide range of results. Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Plus, they have varying structural designs and are made with different kinds of internal fillers. These variables produce numerous levels of projection, often referred to as low, moderate, or high profile breast implants. As a patient of Dr. Barry Silberg, you will learn about all your options to ensure you make the best choice for your body type.

Committed to Education

Dr. Silberg works hard to educate his patients about the different kinds of breast implants and profiles. He strives for women to feel empowered and confident in their decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery, and this comes through education and knowing the available options. Dr. Silberg is also committed to remaining up-to-date on the latest advancements and innovations in the plastic surgery industry. As stated on his website:

“Dr. Silberg attends several plastic surgery meetings each year and makes presentations to other plastic surgeons on new developments in plastic surgery and medicine. He has published numerous articles and has presented his work as an invited guest professor and/or surgeon in Japan, Thailand, France, Mexico, Korea, and Brazil as well as at major medical meetings in the United States. He is the inventor of External Ultrasound Assist, used worldwide to make surgery less traumatic. His instrument, the Silberg Graft Passer, is widely used in soft tissue augmentation of the face, making procedures more accurate.”

A Skilled and Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Silberg is no stranger to plastic surgery. He has been in practice since 1979 and performed an array of cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeries. He has served several terms as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, and is currently a member of the Level II Trauma Team at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. In this position, he performs major reconstructive surgery to those who have incurred serious and complex injuries to the body and face. Furthermore:

Dr. Silberg has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries incorporating leading edge technologies and state-of-the-art techniques and he has been a lecturer and teacher for cosmetic surgeons worldwide, having taught throughout the U.S., France, South America, and Asia. Dr. Silberg has also volunteered with Rotoplast in the Philippines performing cleft lip surgery on dozens of children.

Offers Low, Moderate, and High Profile Breast Implants

Dr. Silberg understands every patient has unique goals and expectations. He takes time to listen to each one of his patients and learn about what they hope to accomplish from a breast augmentation. Whether you are interested in low or high profile breast implants, he offers three types of breast implants—silicone gel, unstructured saline, and IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.


There are significant differences between silicone gel, unstructured saline, and IDEAL IMPLANTS. For years, women have been forced to choose between the natural feel and realistic look expected with silicone gel implants, and the peace of mind and security that comes with a saline filler.

Silicone Gel Implants: Women with silicone gel implants can experience a “silent rupture”, in other words, a rupture that goes undetected. The sticky gel substance comes in contact with the surrounding tissues of a woman’s body without her knowledge, and must be surgically cleaned out when the damaged implant is removed. An MRI or ultrasound is often required to detect the rupture. In fact, it is recommended that all women with silicone gel implants pursue regular MRI scans or ultrasounds to detect silent rupture of their implants.

IDEAL IMPLANTS: Both unstructured saline implants and IDEAL IMPLANTS are filled only with a sterile saltwater solution. So if an IDEAL IMPLANT ruptures, a woman’s body can harmlessly absorb the escaped saltwater. No MRIs or ultrasounds are needed for long-term implant maintenance or to detect a rupture. A woman with IDEAL IMPLANTS can simply look in the mirror to determine if her implants are intact.

An IDEAL IMPLANT Preferred Surgeon

Dr. Silberg was recently named an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon for his extensive experience with IDEAL IMPLANTS. As a plastic surgeon that offers low and high profile breast implants, he wanted an additional implant option for his patients. IDEAL IMPLANTS utilize the latest implant technology to combine the best characteristics of both silicone gel and unstructured saline implants. IDEAL IMPLANTS have a series of implant shells nested together that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. This advanced internal structure controls the movement of the saline to mitigate sloshing, reduce wrinkling, and support the implant edges to prevent collapse or damage. In fact, a study comparing IDEAL IMPLANTS and silicone gel implants found that IDEAL IMPLANTS have a lower rupture/deflation rate over ten years after primary breast augmentation.

A Trusted Plastic Surgeon

Want to learn more about the different types of implants? Are you feeling unsure whether you want low, moderate, or high profile breast implants? Let Dr. Silberg help you decide the right fit for you! Dr. Silberg is well-known for his kind and sympathetic bedside manners, as described by these patients:

“I was very pleased with Dr. Silberg and his wonderful staff. In addition to being professional and obviously knowledgeable in his field, Dr. Silberg was friendly and made this first time surgery patient comfortable and less anxious about the surgery and post op care. I highly recommend Dr. Silberg.”

– A RealSelf review by Deb55

“Dr. Solberg and his staff were very professional, and informative. They took the time I needed to address all my questions and concerns. Very reassuring and compassionate. I’m really enjoying my great results!”

– A RealSelf review by r.l.s.

“Dr. Silberg is an artist! Compassionate, caring and professional, he does an amazing job to ensure a natural and refreshed look. He offers a variety of very reasonably priced non-surgical and surgical procedures and if you are considering any kind of procedure from injectables to aesthetic surgery, I strongly suggest that you consult with him first. He’s the best!”

– A Google review by Karin Iwata

Deciding the Best Choice for You

See for yourself why Dr. Silberg was voted top Plastic Surgeon for 2016 in a survey of local doctors taken by Sonoma Magazine!

Considering breast implants in Santa Rosa, CA? Contact Dr. Barry Silberg today to discuss your options. Simply call 707-528-0911 or visit Dr. Silberg’s office is located at 1111 Sonoma Avenue, Suite 210, Santa Rosa, CA, 95405. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

A Breast Augmentation with Dr. Sutton Graham and IDEAL IMPLANTS®

Are you looking to feel more confident, improve your self-esteem, and enhance your appearance? There are a variety of reasons why women pursue a breast augmentation. Perhaps you want to achieve better body proportions or correct breast asymmetry. Maybe you want to increase volume that was lost from pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss that left your breasts sagging and deflated. No matter the reason, Dr. Sutton Graham takes the time to listen to your story and learn why receiving breast implants is important to you. Performing breast procedures exclusively since 1998, Dr. Graham is ready to help you reach your goals.

About Dr. Sutton Graham

Dr. Graham is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized treatment to each one of his patients. He founded the Aesthetic Center Greenville in 1990, and is board-certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Many of the surgical procedures he performs take place at his nationally accredited, on-site surgical center. As outlined on the Aesthetic Center website:

“Unlike a typical hospital or multi-specialty surgery center, our facilities are used only for surgery procedures. We do not have many different surgeons treating all types of unrelated procedures and diseases. Our accredited, on-site facilities are used only by surgeon Sutton Graham, M.D., and each member of our staff really understands the unique needs and concerns of cosmetic surgery patients. Our specialized facilities and expertise helps ensure the quality and safety of each surgical procedure. In addition, we have carefully designed a number of protocols to optimize the postoperative recovery of each patient.”

A Breast Augmentation with IDEAL IMPLANTS

Dr. Graham strives to offer the latest innovations and technological advancements in the plastic surgery industry. In fact, he is part of an exclusive network of board-certified plastic surgeons eligible to offer IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants to his patients. He was recently named an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon for his extensive experience and knowledge with this new type of breast implant. This is how he describes his work with IDEAL IMPLANTS:

“For years, patients have expressed their concerns over the potential effects of ruptured silicone gel implants. To address these worries, Aesthetic Center Greenville offers the innovative IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant . . .Patients at our Greenville, SC, practice can rest assured that they will receive personalized care from a highly skilled surgeon who has their best interests in mind … At Aesthetic Center Greenville, our patients’ safety is our number one priority, which is why we choose to offer the most advanced options available for your surgery needs.”


Many women are familiar with silicone gel implants or unstructured saline implants, but a new kind of breast implant is now available. IDEAL IMPLANTS are unlike any other type of breast implant used for a breast augmentation. Their advanced internal structure consists of a series of implant shells nested together that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. The IDEAL IMPLANT website explains the benefits of this unique combination:

“Years of research and testing led to this innovative design, developed to better meet the needs of women wanting a natural look and feel without concerns relating to silicone gel … The unique internal structure controls movement of the saline for a more natural feel, while reducing folding and wrinkling, thought to be the main cause of implant rupture and deflation. On the outside, the edges have been lowered for a more natural contouring to the chest wall.”

IDEAL IMPLANTS Versus Silicone Gel Implants

Why worry about silicone gel breast implants? When a silicone gel implant ruptures, it is often referred to as a “silent rupture”. The sticky, gel substance leaks from the implant and comes in contact with the surrounding tissues of a woman’s body without her knowledge. Surgery is required to clean out the leaked gel and remove the damaged implant. An MRI or ultrasound scan is often required to detect a silent rupture. But with IDEAL IMPLANTS, a woman can look in the mirror to determine if her implants are intact. No MRIs or ultrasounds needed, and if a rupture occurs, the body safely absorbs the sterile saltwater solution. The IDEAL IMPLANT website says:

“When considering breast implants, women want a beautiful, natural, and safe result that doesn’t leave them wondering whether their implant has ruptured silently.  The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is the latest implant technology designed by a plastic surgeon to give women the best of both worlds—the beautiful look and natural feel they want, with the safety of only saline inside.”

What to Expect During a Consultation

Dr. Graham uses the consultation process to get to know each one of his patients and learn what they hope to accomplish from a breast augmentation. Patients are educated about their breast implant options and given the opportunity to see and feel the various types of breast implants in different sizes, filler types, and shape. Dr. Graham utilizes advanced 3-D imaging to assist patients in envisioning their potential results. Patients can also try on “breast sizers” as an additional tool in determining the right size breast implants. Every patient receives a customized treatment plan that outlines exact implant type, placement, and incision location. Plus, Dr. Graham works hard to ensure his patients are prepared for surgery and understand what they can anticipate during recovery as well. The Aesthetic Center website states:

“At our Greenville, SC, practice, also serving patients from Asheville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas, the planning process for breast augmentation is exceptionally detailed. This provides patients with the best possible outcome. Dr. Graham will perform an evaluation and discuss your goals as a starting point for your treatment.”

A Caring Plastic Surgeon

A breast augmentation is a big decision, and you will be in the best of care with Dr. Graham! He says:

“I am extremely fortunate. I have been given wonderful opportunities. It is a pleasure to go to work each day, meeting interesting people, addressing their concerns, and helping them reach their goals. Hopefully, I help them enjoy life more.”

Considering breast implants in Greenville, SC? Contact Dr. Sutton Graham today to discuss your options. Simply call 864-383-1522 or visit expertplasticsurgeon. Dr. Graham’s office is located at 615 Halton Road, Suite 100, Greenville, SC, 29607. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Before and After

A breast augmentation is as much about the look and feel of the breasts as it is about self confidence. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Holley is an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon and has helped thousands of women rejuvenate their appearance. Many women who come to see Dr. Holley are looking to increase their breast tissue volume or perfect their shape after childbirth, breastfeeding, age, weight loss, breast asymmetry, or illness. Dr. Holley is sure to help women feel confident and educated when choosing to get a breast augmentation, whether it is the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants or gummy bear breast implants, before and after their procedure.

About Dr. Scott Holley

Dr. Holley received his undergrad at Purdue University and moved on to pursue his medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine. He completed a five-year residency program in general surgery and a two-year residency in plastic surgery. His surgical experience continued as he completed fellowship training in hand & microsurgery at the Kleinert Institute in Kentucky, burn surgery at the Shriner’s Hospital in Ohio, and cosmetic surgery in Florida. Dr. Holley is not only board-certified in plastic surgery but is also certified as a specialist in hand surgery.

Dr. Holley is active in serving his community, both locally and internationally. On a local level, he has served as a delegate to the state medical society and has been elected to serve as president of the Michigan Association of Hand Surgery. He was also appointed to the Young Plastic Surgeon’s group of future leaders in plastic surgery. On an international level, he has traveled overseas to third-world countries to provide surgical services to children with birth defects. 

While Dr. Holley clearly holds the skills and accolades to prove he is a trusted surgeon, he takes great pride in providing his patients with satisfaction in their procedures, whether its a tummy tuck or breast augmentation with IDEAL IMPLANTS or  gummy bear breast implants, before and after their procedures, and superior communication. He holds attributes such as honesty, compassion, and communication as a top priority in his plastic surgery business. “Effective patient communication is every bit as important as surgical skill in achieving a successful outcome,” said Dr. Holley. 

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

You have likely heard of silicone and unstructured saline implants, but have you specifically heard of gummy bear breast implants? Gummy bear implants are made up of a firm, thick, cohesive gel. This gel is so cohesive, that they tend to not lose their shape, even if the outer shell is ruptured. Much like the gummy bear candy that is squishy, but still holds its shape, this type of breast implant has the same feature. 

The shape of the gummy bear implant is an anatomic teardrop shape. This can serve women who naturally lack breast tissue or women who have undergone a mastectomy. Because of the composition and structure of the gummy bear implant, they are less susceptible to rippling or wrinkling compared to unstructured saline implants. But gummy bear implants have their compromises. 

Ideal Implants Versus Gummy Bear Breast Implants, Before and After 

When choosing to get a breast augmentation with Dr. Holley, he will review all of your options to achieve your desired look. Some key information that he will cover during a consultation includes implant size and style, incision placement, and implant pocket choice. With the help of Dr. Holley and his expertise, women are sure to walk away feeling confident in their decision for breast implants. During the consultation, women can discuss their end goal and ideal look to provide Dr. Holley with information on what type and size of implant would best serve them.

One of the compromises of gummy bear implants is that they are currently only available in a limited number of shapes and sizes. Patients must be twenty-two years old or older to qualify for gummy bear implants.  Although they are made to hold their shape, silent rupture is still a concern.  

A large benefit of the IDEAL IMPLANT is that it has a significantly lower rupture and capsular contracture risk than any silicone gel implants, based on FDA clinical trial data. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant filled with saline. The structure of the implant gives it a more natural look and feel than unstructured saline implants because it’s unique design controls the movement of saline. The design also reduced the risk of rippling or wrinkling that can occur with unstructured saline. The IDEAL IMPLANT combines the advantages of saline and silicone gel implants. It provides a natural look and feel while eliminating the risk of silent rupture, and significantly lowering the risk of rupture and capsular contracture compared to silicone gel implants.

Recovery from Breast Implant Surgery

Following breast implant surgery, patients will be released to return home the same day as the surgery. Within a day, patients are able to return to light household duties, but should avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks. We know it can be difficult to ask for help and assistance after getting gummy bear breast implants, before and after surgery, which is why Dr. Holley recommends you create a plan to take care of yourself and your family prior to surgery. This allows women to focus on their recovery and heal faster. 

Why Dr. Scott Holley Should Be Your First Call for Breast Implants

Dr. Holley has exceptional patient reviews and is highly respected within his community. His extensive experience and expertise allows him to confidently perform breast augmentations and give his patients the satisfaction they have always wanted. Considering breast implants in West Michigan? Contact Dr. Scott Holley today to discuss your options. Simply call (269) 201-5208 or visit Dr. Holley’s office is located at 8175 Creekside Drive, Suite 100 Portage, MI 49024. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Learning About Safe Breast Implants of 2021 From Dr. David Wages

Breast augmentation is a personal journey that is unique for each woman. There are several major decisions that you will need to make to ensure you get the best possible results; however, two factors will impact your outcome more than anything else. The first important thing you can do to maximize your surgical success is to choose the right plastic surgeon. Additionally, the type of breast implant you choose is an important decision because it will determine the look and feel of your breast enhancement outcome. IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants are one of the safe breast implants that 2021 has to offer, and they provide a natural look and feel. When you combine a talented surgeon with an exceptional implant, your breast augmentation results will likely be everything you hoped they would – and more.  

Boston’s Plastic Surgery Expert

Dr. David Wages is one of the top plastic surgeons in the Boston area. Serving clients from his Peabody practice since 2003, Dr. Wages has developed a cosmetic practice with a focus on rapid recovery techniques and first class service. He has the experience and knowledge to give you the breast enhancement outcome you desire. He is board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The Consumer Research Council of America has presented Dr. Wages with the America’s Top Doctor Award for 12 consecutive years. Additionally, Boston Consumers Checkbook named Dr. Wages a Top Boston Plastic Surgeon. At his practice, North Shore Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, Dr. Wages and his staff provide individualized treatment as part of their commitment to exceptional health care.

To complement his 22 years of experience, Dr. Wages’ background also includes rigorous plastic surgery training. After graduating from the University of North Texas, he attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and completed his training and general surgery residency at Emery University in Atlanta. Dr. Wages then received his Advanced Fellowship Training at Massachusetts General Hospital. More recently, he has taught at Harvard Medical School. With such extensive training and experience, Dr. Wages truly provides expert care for his Boston area clientele.

Patients can choose from various surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments at North Shore Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. Whether you want safe breast implants of 2021, Botox®, fillers or vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Wages is the Boston area plastic surgeon you can trust. He is known for giving women dramatic transformations with the “Mommy Makeover” combination of procedures. Dr. Wages and his staff are devoted to patient satisfaction and are always willing to answer any questions you may have. 

Trusted Experience With IDEAL IMPLANT

Ideal Implant is proud to announce that Dr. Wages is now a Preferred Surgeon provider of the latest breast implant technology. With his advanced experience using IDEAL IMPLANT for breast augmentation, Dr. Wages has an increased level of expertise and understanding of the device and its benefits for women. Dr. Wages specializes in rapid recovery breast augmentation as well as hidden scar techniques, and offers patients the ability to return to normal activity within 24 hours. His unique preoperative, surgical, and recovery methods help breast augmentation patients achieve minimal discomfort, correct implant placement, and no blood loss. After week three of recovery with Dr. Wages’ advanced techniques, you can resume all your normal activities.

If you are interested in finding safe breast implants in 2021, Dr. Wages can help you find the right fit for you. Watch the video below to see Dr. Wages explain some of the advantages he has seen throughout his experience working with IDEAL IMPLANT.

The IDEAL IMPLANT combines the beauty of a silicone gel breast implant with the peace of mind that comes with only saline inside. A unique series of inner shells gives the implant a natural look and feel. Women who choose IDEAL IMPLANT will never have to worry about silent rupture, or the invisible leakage of silicone gel. Dr. Wages uses the IDEAL IMPLANT in his surgical practice for patients who want safe breast implants in 2021with the latest in breast implant technology. He explains:

“The IDEAL IMPLANT provides patients with the most up-to-date option for breast augmentation without the concern of a silent rupture of a silicone gel implant. It has the favorable characteristics of a silicone gel implant—stability, lack of ripples, and the reassuring characteristics of a saline implant—the ability to know without a doubt that the implant is intact without any testing or concerns.”

Why Choose the IDEAL IMPLANT?

As an IDEAL IMPLANT Preferred Surgeon, Dr. Wages understands the importance of giving women a breast implant option that doesn’t require compromise. Many of his patients are looking for safe breast implants. 2021 is a year of growth and self-care for many American women, and Dr. Wages is proud to offer an implant that caters to patients who want both beauty and security. IDEAL IMPLANT makes it possible to enjoy the added fullness of your breasts without the fear of the unknown. No costly MRIs or ultrasounds are necessary to determine whether your IDEAL IMPLANT has ruptured. And, though rare, if rupture does occur, your body can safely absorb the saline inside the implant. Dr. Wages says:

“The IDEAL IMPLANT takes the existing benefits of saline implants to a significantly higher level. Patients like the perceived safety of saline, but may not enjoy the feel or possible ripples that unstructured saline implants can have. The IDEAL IMPLANT provides patients the comfort of knowing that their implants are intact by self-visualization and enjoy the benefits of the stable implant that has lower rippling rate than traditional saline implants without overfilling them.”

Contact Dr. Wages for Safe Breast Implants in 2021

Considering breast implants in Boston? Contact Dr. David Wages today to discuss your options. Simply call 978-531-6966 or visit Dr. Wages’ office is located at 7 First Avenue, Peabody, MA, 01960. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost with Dr. Henry?

Many women dream of getting breast implants from a young age but don’t move forward with the procedure until later in life. Several factors can influence their decision, one being the question, “how much do breast implants cost?” Patients may assume that breast implant procedures are too expensive and they won’t be able to afford them. Once they meet with their desired board-certified plastic surgeon in a one-on-one consultation, however, they may quickly realize that breast implants are achievable and there are various types of payment plans available. When you consider all of the benefits of achieving your physique goals such as improved confidence, more clothing options, and a more proportional figure, you may wish that you hadn’t waited so long because the cost of breast implants is well worth it for the end result. Meet Dr. Kimberly Henry, board-certified plastic surgeon who is part of an exclusive group of surgeons to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. She helps patients achieve their goals and answer the question, “how much do breast implants cost?”. 

Meet Dr. Kimberly Henry

Dr. Kimberly A. Henry offers premier plastic surgery in the San Francisco area characterized by the highest standards of medical excellence and professionalism combined with personal warmth and a genuine, caring attitude. She is highly educated, well trained, and active in the medical and plastic surgery community in California. Dr. Henry belongs to various prestigious medical and honor societies, including the American Medical Association, American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the California Plastic Surgery Society.

Dr. Henry received her bachelor’s Degree from the University of Southern California and her medical doctorate from UC Davis School of Medicine. She completed her general surgery training at the Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital and her plastic surgery training at the Rush Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. She earned a second fellowship in aesthetic and breast surgery at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Portland. She now has four locations, providing cosmetic plastic surgery to Marin County, as well as much of Northern California. A frequent guest speaker for local organizations and a best selling author of two helpful guides to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Henry boasts ample qualifications and a reputation for artistry and honesty.

Dr. Henry’s cosmetic and plastic surgery facilities in Marin and the Bay Area are spacious and elegant, featuring state-of-the-art surgical suites, the most up-to-date equipment, and the special privacy cosmetic surgery patients often seek.

“I am very happy with my procedure. My surgeon did such a wonderful job. My procedure was painless and the healing process has been amazing. I showed my doctor photos and received exactly what I asked for. Dr.Henry and her staff are always available when I have questions or any concerns. I am very happy with the outcome and service I have received.”

– ktranise, Realself review

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

Dr. Henry offers her patients a wide variety of breast augmentation procedures as well as different types of implants, including unstructured saline, silicone gel and the structured IDEAL IMPLANT. Each implant comes with a variety of textures, shapes, and sizes as well as different methods of implant placement to help you achieve the dream that you have in mind. During a one-on-one consultation, you and Dr. Henry will discuss your goals and determine the best type and size of implant, implant placement, and incision location based on your specific body and individual needs.. 

During a typical consultation with Dr. Henry, she will allow you to handle and feel the differences between the implants and decide which is the most desirable to you. If you are only able to meet virtually, she will explain the advantages and disadvantages as well as the feel of each implant to you in detail. She will also take the time to answer all of your questions and make sure that you understand completely what the procedure will entail and how your results will look and feel. She will also answer the question, “how much do breast implants cost?” The cost of a breast augmentation surgery may vary based on implant type, incisions, and other factors. Dr. Henry can determine the cost and financing option best suited for you during your scheduled appointment. 

“I am so happy with my results! I am now about 8 weeks post-op and feel more confident than ever. My right breast was originally a B and my left a C so to even out Dr. Henry gave me both Ds. I gave her pictures of the shape and fullness I was going for and I think she nailed it. Right after surgery was the scariest time, I was in pain and the swelling lasted days, even weeks. But the medications helped immensely and after swelling went down, I have the results I was dreaming of.”

– ktmclennan, Realself review

Benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant filled with a saline solution. The internal structure gives it a natural feel while offering lasting peace of mind with the safety features it provides. One of the safety benefits of this implant is that it has a lower risk of rupture and capsular contracture than other implants on the market, based on FDA clinical trial data. In the small chance that it does rupture, the saline inside the IDEAL IMPLANT is harmlessly absorbed by the body, allowing patients to notice a difference just by looking in the mirror and without panicking about potential side effects. 

In fact, a recent study showed that the IDEAL IMPLANT outperforms silicone gel implants for primary augmentation over ten years. The study showed that the risk of implant rupture or deflation with the IDEAL IMPLANT was only 3.7% after primary breast augmentation in comparison to silicone gel implants with rates that range from 8.7% to 24.2% based on MRI scans. In addition, the IDEAL IMPLANT allows women to instantly detect deflation just by looking in the mirror, while silicone gel breast implants require regular MRI scans or ultrasound imaging to detect rupture. 

The IDEAL IMPLANT is offered exclusively through a select network of board-certified plastic surgeons committed to addressing women’s concerns, educating them on all of their breast augmentation and implant options, and staying up to date on the latest implant technologies. Dr. Henry has been selected as an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon, which means she has more experience studying, working with, and implementing this implant than other surgeons. It also means that she can offer her patients this cutting edge technology with all of its benefits while other surgeons may not have access to it yet. 

Contact Dr. Henry

As you thoughtfully make decisions about your breast augmentation procedure, consider all of the options that Dr. Henry offers in addition to her experience with all types of implants, including the IDEAL IMPLANT. Ideal Implant is proud to have Dr. Henry as one of our distinguished, top surgeons because we know that she consistently creates amazing results and understands the benefits of a structured implant for her patients. Wondering how much do breast implants cost in San Francisco, CA? Contact Dr. Henry today to discuss your options. Simply call 415-997-0918 or visit Dr. Henry’s office is located at 350 Bon Air Road, Suite 1, Greenbrae, CA 94904. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Get Natural Looking Breast Implants at Sound Plastic Surgery

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

The demand for natural looking breast implants continues to rise across the country as patients realize they have an increasing amount of options to choose from including implant type, shape, texture, and size. Breast implants today are not one-size-fits-all and there are natural looking breast implant options. Board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Joshua Cooper and Scott Sattler, at Sound Plastic Surgery perform breast augmentation procedures regularly. They will take the time in a one-on-one consultation with you to discuss your vision, lifestyle, and concerns, including your options for natural looking breast implants. As part of an exclusive group of practices that now offer the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, Sound Plastic Surgery provides you with the latest in implant technology. 


The IDEAL IMPLANT is the newest implant to approach the market of cosmetic surgery and is raising the bar for natural looking breast implants. Patient satisfaction is high when it comes to this implant because it has a natural look and feel with a very low risk of rupture and capsular contracture. However, in the rare case that it does rupture, women can instantly detect it just by looking in the mirror and no harm is caused to their body. This allows them to safely seek implant replacement without the need for an MRI or ultrasound imaging. In a recent ten-year study, the IDEAL IMPLANT proved to have the lowest risk of rupture and capsular contracture rates among breast implant options. This implant provides the priceless peace of mind that all breast implant patients are looking for. The natural looking breast implants shown in the before and after photos below, as well as those on Sound Plastic Surgery’s website, will show you how the IDEAL IMPLANT combines the best of all breast implant features in one. 

Breast Augmentation With Sound Plastic Surgery

Most women have an idea in mind of the look they want when they contact Sound Plastic Surgery. It is helpful to do your research before your consultation and have examples of preferred breast augmentation sizes ready to show to your surgeon. Once you have explained your vision, either Dr. Cooper or Dr. Sattler will do a thorough physical exam, take measurements, and help you create a plan for natural looking breast implants that will benefit your body and lifestyle, while achieving your personal goals. 

“I had a breast augmentation and it went perfectly. I am so impressed with the staff and the entire process! I would Recommend Dr. Cooper to  friends and family. I am 5’7, 120 lbs, was a size nothing, now I’m a size C and I am more confident than ever. It’s been just over a year and my breasts are softer and move more easily than when I first got them. I have cleavage and they are perky! I do not regret this decision at all.”

– Joscelyn E., Google Review

The experienced surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery know how to create incredible results and satisfied patients. Because of their training, skill, and special experience with the IDEAL IMPLANT, they know how to create the beautiful, natural looking breast implants you desire like in the patient pictured below. This 28-year-old woman pictured below received IDEAL IMPLANTS filled to 260 cc placed via infra-mammary scar in the dual-plane position by Dr. Sattler.

Natural Looking Breast Implant Before and After Photos

The before and after photos above are a great example of the beautiful work that the surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery can achieve. This patient chose the IDEAL IMPLANT and is very happy with her results. Dr. Sattler and Dr. Cooper know how to tailor each breast augmentation to the specific needs, desires, and measurements of their patients. Women from all over the country travel to and trust Sound Plastic Surgery to give them the incredible natural looking breast implants they desire. 

“I am 21 and received a breast  augmentation . . . and I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Sattler and his team were nothing less than perfection from start to finish. I always felt supported and welcomed. Dr. Sattler always answered all my questions and listened to all my wants/concerns in regards to size and possible risks. The recovery was a breeze and the follow ups were prompt. I never questioned the next step of the process because Dr. Sattler was always on top of it. Best Plastic Surgeon in Seattle hands down!”

– Julianna L., Google Review

Dr. Cooper and Dr. Sattler are plastic surgery and breast augmentation experts. They know just the right implant options to offer in order to achieve the individual look and feel that you want. With a variety of natural looking breast implants to choose from, you may have questions and concerns. The surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery will listen to and address any concerns you have and guide you in the best direction for you personally. Whichever breast implant you choose, rest assured, your surgeon will deliver incredible results. Breast augmentation before and after photos like the ones above are proof. 

About the Surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery

Sound Plastic Surgery is a premier Seattle area plastic surgery practice composed of two board-certified plastic surgeons: Dr. Joshua Cooper and Dr. Scott Sattler. Both surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Both surgeons are experienced plastic surgeons with years of experience in the Seattle area and maintain the highest level of accreditation, including membership on local hospital staff. The two surgeons have a combined experience of several thousand cosmetic surgery patients over their careers.

Both doctors are known in the Seattle community for their commitment to excellent patient care, superior cosmetic surgical results, and constant innovation in their technique. All patients in the Sound Plastic Surgery practice are treated like family. Sound Plastic Surgery’s reputation in the Seattle area is built upon the support and recommendations of hundreds of happy cosmetic surgery patients. Dr. Cooper and Dr. Sattler see each and every surgical patient personally. Every step of the journey for cosmetic surgery patients is guided by the surgeon that is ultimately responsible for that patient’s outcome. Their professional staff is dedicated to our mission of excellence in cosmetic surgery. The front desk staff members, medical assistants, and patient care coordinators have been trained in the nuances of cosmetic surgery and recognize that each patient is special and deserve the best care possible.

Recent accolades for the surgeons include Dr. Cooper and Dr. Sattler being voted ‘Best Plastic Surgeon’ in Seattle Metropolitan magazine for 2016 and 2015. Both surgeons have been awarded ‘Top Doc’ status in plastic surgery by And both surgeons have recently been inducted into the Hall of Fame for Plastic Surgery.

Considering natural looking breast implants in Seattle, Washington? Contact Sound Plastic Surgery today to discuss your options. Simply call 206-729-2248 or visit Sound Plastic Surgery’s office is located at 4915 25th Avenue NE #103a, Seattle, WA 98105. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

How Much Does Breast Surgery Cost?

There are many factors that go into play when determining the cost of breast implants. Some of these variables include location, surgery, hospital costs, anesthesiology, brand of implants chosen, and type of implants. Dr. Robert Kachenmeister is an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon and practices out of Orange County, California. Dr. Kachenmeister is a board certified specialist with over two-decades of experience in plastic surgery. His specialties include breast implants, mommy make-overs, and tummy tucks. In this article, we will discuss breast surgery cost and recovery from breast augmentations.

About Dr. Robert Kachenmeister, MD

Dr. Kachenmeister attended the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and received his MD in 1988. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is affiliated with Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California. He holds consultations in Mission Viejo and Newport Beach, California, but is also known for serving residents as far south as San Diego. Dr. Kachenmeister is a clinical instructor at Loma Linda University Medical Center, graduated cum laude, received the Surgery Resident of the Yard award in 1990, and the Who’s Who in American College and University in 1987. He has over 35 five-star reviews on RealSelf and is a highly trusted plastic surgeon. His online reviews boast of his impressive bed-side manner, making patients feel comfortable, minimal pain and scaring, and expertise in explaining the process. 

The Average Breast Surgery Cost

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast implant surgery in 2019 was $3,947. Keep in mind, this cost only makes up a portion of the total price of a breast augmentation. In addition to breast surgery, patients are responsible for paying the anesthesiologist, operating room costs, and other related expenses. The type of implant chosen by the surgeon and patient can also determine costs. For example, unstructured saline breast implants are more cost effective than silicone gel implants. This is due to the increased cost of manufacturing silicone versus saline. The different brands of implants can also change the price of breast surgery cost. Some popular brands include IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra. Geographic location can also play an important role in determining the price for implants. Locations with a higher population tend to charge higher prices compared to plastic surgeons who work in more remote locations. This is simply due to demand. Typically, the total breast surgery cost ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

Most health insurance plans do not cover breast augmentation surgery since it is an elective cosmetic surgery. Some insurance carriers even exclude coverage on breast diseases in patients who have breast implants. Prior to scheduling your breast augmentation, be sure to check with your insurance carrier to see if your plan has any breast implant restrictions. 

The more experience a surgeon has, the more likely they are to charge a premium for their experience and expertise. Many plastic surgeons including Dr. Kachenmeister offer financing plans for augmentations. If an estimate for a breast augmentation is out of your price range, be sure to ask about financing options. Remember, your comfort level and trust in the doctor should be at the forefront of your decision when choosing a plastic surgeon. 

What to Expect on the Day of Surgery

The day has finally arrived. The day when you will finally achieve your ideal look for your breasts. Many women choose to move forward with the breast surgery cost to improve their self-image and self-confidence. Prior to the day of surgery, Dr. Kachenmeister will have already conducted a consultation to determine your goals for post-surgery, which type of breast implant will help you achieve your goals, size of implants, and recovery processes. He also encourages women to come with a list of questions so that they can maximize their time during the consultation and put all of their worries at ease. 

The first step of the surgery is to put the patient under anesthesia. Dr. Kachenmeister will then make the first incision, depending on which type of incision was predetermined during the consultation. The breast implant is then inserted under the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue over the pectoral muscle. The position of the implant is determined depending on the method used for positioning the implant and the type of implant used. Once the implant has been placed and sized correctly, the surgeon will close the incision point. 

Most breast augmentations are outpatient surgeries, meaning patients are released the same day as the surgery. Some women may opt to stay overnight following a breast augmentation depending on circumstances. Surgery generally takes between one and two hours to perform. Once the patient has been awoken from anesthesia, post-op instructions and pain medications will be given to the patient. 

Recovery from Breast Implant Surgery

Every woman’s body is different and heals at its own pace. However, most surgeons agree that a full recovery from breast augmentations can take about six weeks. Although, many women notice that they feel normal after about one week. The first three to five days post-op tend to be the most uncomfortable and surgeons will prescribe pain medications to compensate for any pain. Following those days, most women can function with over-the-counter pain medications if needed. Most women report that they are able to return to work within a week following surgery. 

Dr. Kachenmeister will recommend that patients slowly ease back into their normal routines of exercise or daily routines. Strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or jarring activities such as running or jumping jacks should be avoided for a few weeks following surgery. 

To ensure a smooth recovery, special recovery bras are recommended. These provide implant stability as well as circulation and mild compression to ensure lymph drainage. 

Why You Can Trust Dr. Kachenmeister

Dr. Kachenmeister has over 33 years of experience and countless reviews that speak highly of his qualifications to perform breast augmentations. Considering breast implants in Orange County? Contact Dr. Robert Kachenmeister today to discuss your options. Simply call (949) 364-2277 or visit Dr. Kachenmeister’s office is located at 26732 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite 585, Mission Viejo, CA 92691. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

How Much is it for a Breast Augmentation? Choose Dr. Carlino & the IDEAL IMPLANT®

How much is it for a breast augmentation? At Specialists in Plastic Surgery in North Carolina, you can expect to pay about $7,000 – $8,200 for that particular procedure. With a clear, upfront pricing list, patients who visit Dr. Richard Carlino for their cosmetic surgery can feel confident in the cost of their procedure, as well as their choice in a plastic surgeon. Dr. Carlino says, “With every patient, I work to combine my in-depth plastic surgery training . . . and ability as a surgeon to provide each patient with extraordinary results.”

Dr. Carlino has over 19 years of experience as a plastic surgeon and has helped countless patients achieve their desired look with both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Dr. Carlino was recently recognized as an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon due to his expertise working with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. These new implants were developed using the latest technology, and give women the beautiful, natural look they want with peace of mind.

Your Breast Implant Options Explained

Every person’s body is unique, so certain breast implants are going to look different depending on your specific size and shape and how much breast tissue you already have. Right now women have three main options for breast implants: unstructured saline implants, silicone gel breast implants, and IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants

Silicone gel breast implants have been a popular choice for many years, because they give you a rounded, full look, while also feeling very similar to breast tissue. There are a lot of different brands and types of silicone gel-filled implants out there, including “gummy bear” implants, which have a very firm, cohesive gel inside of the silicone shell. However, what you may not know about silicone gel implants is that they can silently rupture any time after your breast augmentation, and you may not know about it until weeks, months, or even years later. A silent rupture is when the outer silicone shell tears or rips, causing silicone gel to slowly leak out and be in contact with tissue. 

In a 2017 Independent Survey, Women’s Preferences in Breast Implants, “98% of women reported they would be somewhat to constantly concerned about silent rupture with silicone gel implants.” The FDA recommends women with silicone gel-filled implants obtain MRIs or ultrasounds every two-to-three years after primary breast augmentation to check for silent ruptures. These imaging procedures are expensive and insurance won’t cover them, so most women elect not to get them, despite the FDA’s recommendations. 

With the IDEAL IMPLANT, there is no need to worry about silent rupture. That’s because if your implant tears or breaks, you’ll be able to tell with a quick glance in the mirror. Your implant won’t completely deflate due to the unique dual-chamber design, but it will be noticeable enough that you’ll know it’s happened. Many women appreciate that the IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with a sterile saline solution, which is harmlessly reabsorbed by the body if a rupture occurs. Based on FDA clinical trial data, the IDEAL IMPLANT  only has a 3.7% rupture rate over ten years, whereas silicone gel-filled implants are more likely to rupture, with anywhere from a 8.7% to a 24.2% rupture rate.

The IDEAL IMPLANT also feels almost identical to a silicone gel-filled breast implant, due to its advanced design. While an unstructured saline implant tends to ripple and wrinkle like a water balloon, the IDEAL IMPLANT keeps its shape because a series of nested shells hold the saline in place so it doesn’t slosh and move around. Women and surgeons agree that the IDEAL IMPLANT looks and feels natural. 

How Much is it for a Breast Augmentation: Your Personal Consultation

When you come in for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Carlino, you’ll sit down with him to discuss your personal goals and expectations for your breast augmentation. It’s important that you outline what you’re hoping to achieve out of the procedure so that Dr. Carlino can determine if your aesthetic goals are realistic or not. He will present your implant choices to you and talk you through what will happen before, during, and after your surgery. 

At your consultation, you’ll be able to step into the Vectra 3D Imaging system to plan your breast augmentation. This imaging system will take six photos that are turned into a 3D image by the computer, allowing you to see what your new breasts will look like from all different angles. With up-to-date information on breast implant sizes and shapes, the Vectra system visually approximates the changes in your appearance that can be expected after your breast augmentation.

Learn About Dr. Carlino

At Specialists in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Richard E. Carlino strives to offer patients an extraordinary level of expertise in a very individual and personalized setting. Dr. Carlino attended medical school at Rutgers Medical School in Piscataway, New Jersey. From there on, he completed his general surgery residency at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and his plastic surgery residency at Duke University Medical Center. He also completed his hand fellowship at Kleinert Hand Center in Louisville, Kentucky, and his cleft lip/cleft palate fellowship in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dr. Carlino is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of numerous medical societies, including: the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American College of Surgeons, the North Carolina Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Why Patients Choose Dr. Carlino for their Procedure

There are a lot of surgeons out there who could perform your breast augmentation, and it’s important that you pick someone who has the right knowledge, skills, and experience to help you achieve beautiful results. Still wondering, “how much is it for a breast augmentation?” When you step into Dr. Carlino’s office, you’ll have this question answered in detail, along with any others you might have.

“Very pleased with the results. Dr Carlino exceeded my expectations. He is very personable and an outstanding surgeon. I appreciate the care I received from the staff as well. Can’t imagine a better experience anywhere.”

Google review from Colleen M.

Considering breast implants in Raleigh, North Carolina? Contact Dr. Carlino today to discuss your options. Simply call (919) 785-0505 or visit Dr. Carlino’s office is located at 3633 Harden Road Raleigh, NC 27607. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

How Much is Breast Augmentation Surgery? Your Options Explained

How much is breast augmentation surgery? A breast augmentation can range in price from $6,000 to $12,000, but many factors affect the total cost. While price is an important factor to consider, before you undergo a breast augmentation be sure your plastic surgeon has your best interests at heart. Seek out a surgeon with the education, skills, and experience to deliver the results you want. 

In Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Peter Geldner has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery procedures. “I still get tremendous satisfaction from seeing the psychological and physical transformations that my patients experience following surgery,” Dr. Geldner says. “They revitalize their lives and do things they haven’t done in years.”

Dr. Geldner was recently recognized as an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon due to his extensive expertise working with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, the latest technology in breast augmentation. The unique design of this new implant allows women to have the best of both worlds: a beautiful look and peace of mind. 

What is the IDEAL IMPLANT?

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant that was designed by a plastic surgeon to give women a breast implant option that had the look and feel of silicone gel and the peace of mind of saline. While both unstructured saline and silicone gel implants have been on the market for many years, they both come with compromises that women do not want to settle for. 

Unstructured saline implants tend to ripple and wrinkle and feel less like breast tissue due to their design. These implants have no structure to hold the saline in place, and are often compared to a “water balloon”.

Silicone gel implants feel natural, but come with a risk of silent rupture, which means the implant can tear or break without your knowledge. Silent ruptures can only be detected with an MRI or ultrasound  scan, yet many women don’t follow the FDA recommendations to obtain these scans every two-to-three years because they don’t want to pay the expensive out-of-pocket cost.

With the IDEAL IMPLANT, a series of nested shells hold the saline solution in place so it doesn’t slosh around and feel unnatural. In case of a rupture, its unique two-chamber design provides a greater chance the implant won’t deflate completely and you can get it replaced at a convenient time. You also don’t have to worry about silent rupture, a quick glance in the mirror and you will know if your  implants are intact. The IDEAL IMPLANT also comes with a lower rate of rupture and capsular contracture when compared to silicone gel-filled implants, which are both common breast implant complications. 

Placed side-by-side, many patients and even doctors can’t tell the difference between the feel of a silicone gel-filled implant and the IDEAL IMPLANT. Women love the new technology IDEAL IMPLANT because they are able to achieve the same look and natural feel they desire with silicone gel-filled breast implants without the worry  of silent rupture. 

How Much is Breast Augmentation Surgery: Your Personal Consultation

When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Geldner, you’ll be able to discuss your personal goals and desires when it comes to breast augmentation. Dr. Geldner will go over all your options with you and help you pick the best breast implant type and size for your body. You can ask about how to prepare for your surgery, your pricing options, what your recovery will be like, and anything else you’re worried or concerned about.

You’ll also be able to see 3D photos of yourself with Dr. Geldner’s VECTRA 3D imaging system. This technology creates a simulation of your potential look after surgery. You’ll be able to really visualize how your breasts will look after your procedure and it can help you decide if what you think you want is what you actually want.

About Dr. Geldner

Peter D. Geldner, MD, is one of Chicago’s master plastic surgeons and founder of The Geldner Center in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL. Dr. Geldner collaborates with patients to assure the proper procedure is performed and the best possible results are achieved.

A native of Warsaw, Poland and raised in Israel, Dr. Geldner immigrated to the United States at age six and went on to attend Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Geldner continued his studies at the University of Wisconsin at Madison Medical School. Upon graduation, his training led him to the University of Chicago where he served as a General Surgery Resident and began his plastic surgery residency. Dr. Geldner furthered his experience at Wayne State University in Detroit and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, where he completed his residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1993, Dr. Geldner serves as Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also serves as a Clinical Instructor at the University of Chicago, Department of Surgery, Section of Plastic Surgery.

Choose Dr. Geldner for Your Procedure

You’ve already Googled, “how much is breast augmentation surgery?” and you’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Why wait any longer? On, 97% of patients say their breast augmentation was “worth it.” Patients who select Dr. Geldner for their breast augmentation enjoy a positive experience and amazing results. 

“My experience with Dr. Geldner and his staff was exceptional. I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Having surgery was a huge step for me. The support and encouragement I received at each visit; plus the results, has made me realize that I made the best decision. I’m so happy with the results!” review from muthamary

“My experience with Dr. Geldner and staff has been amazing!! I enjoyed his professionalism, expertise, honesty and most importantly the results were impressive and beautiful. He is definitely talented and I highly recommend him.” review from Welcome110

Considering breast implants in Chicago? Contact Dr. Geldner today to discuss your options. Simply call (312) 981-4440 or visit Dr. Geldner’s offices are located at 680 North Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1325 Chicago, IL 60611, and 12 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 315, Hinsdale, IL 60521. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Visualizing Natural Implants With Dr. Tehrani

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

What comes to mind when you think about your ideal breast augmentation results? Perhaps you want to look good in a swimsuit, or address asymmetry that makes bra shopping a nightmare. Maybe you want to reverse the clock by getting implants with a breast lift. Many women start with the goal of simply feeling more confident in their own skin, leading them to search for natural implants that will make them feel beautiful. A skilled plastic surgeon can help you reach your aesthetic goals and allow you to shed insecurities safely and effectively. Find out how you can get your ideal breast augmentation results with the help of renowned board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani.

Breast Augmentation Before and After

Before you schedule your consultation with Dr. Tehrani at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery it is helpful to look at before and after pictures and set realistic expectations. While every woman is different, looking at these pictures will give you a good idea of what is possible through breast augmentation. Below are the before and after pictures of a female patient who wanted to increase her breast size and address asymmetry. Using the latest breast implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, Dr. Tehrani was able to turn her vision into reality.

Visualizing Your Ideal Results

Looking at before and after pictures like the ones above will help you create aesthetic goals. You can visualize how implants will look once placed, discover why implant placement is important, and learn how to get the look of natural implants. Here are a few things to consider as you make aesthetic goals for yourself.

  • Your Ideal Size: As you look at before and after pictures you will notice fill volume is not equivalent to cup size. Two women with 350cc implants will have different results because of existing breast tissue, implant placement, and chest measurements. Instead of focusing on a specific fill volume, think about your ideal cup size and find pictures of women with similar measurements as you to show Dr. Tehrani.
  • Implant Placement: Is it better to place the implant above the muscle or below the muscle? While there are plenty of opinions thrown around online the truth is the best placement will be based on your specific body composition, lifestyle, and desired results. Dr. Tehrani will walk you through these options and explain the benefits and compromises of each so you can make an informed decision.
  • Implant Type: There are three types of breast implants, each with unique characteristics. Unstructured saline (essentially a water balloon), silicone gel, and IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants are all available at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. At your consultation you will learn about factors to consider such as unstructured saline implant rippling, “silent rupture” in silicone gel implants, and how you can get a natural implant look with peace of mind using the IDEAL IMPLANT.
  • Surgical Incisions: Your surgical incision is an unavoidable part of getting a breast augmentation, but there are options for where your incision is placed. Under the breast crease, around the nipple, and under the arm are the most common incision sites. Dr. Tehrani is one of the few plastic surgeons in the nation to offer transumbilical breast augmentation, or TUBA. This technique places the incision at the navel, or through an existing scar such as one from a C-section, in order to hide the tell-tale breast augmentation incision. If you are interested in this technique, make a consultation today to learn more.
  • Combination Surgery: In order to achieve your aesthetic goals you may need to consider a combination surgery such as a breast augmentation with a lift, tummy tuck, or liposuction. These procedures are commonly combined in a mommy makeover. Dr. Tehrani will create an individualized treatment plan to help you reach all of your aesthetic goals in a safe and effective way.

Finding Options for Natural Implants and More

As you think about your aesthetic goals and search before and after pictures, keep in mind that every woman’s body is unique. For a successful surgical outcome you need a surgeon who recognizes this and offers a wide range of options to meet every woman’s needs. Unfortunately, many surgeons do not offer all the available options to their patients. Dr. Tehrani recognizes the need to make individualized treatment plans, and is dedicated to providing options like the IDEAL IMPLANT for a natural looking result.

Dr. Tehrani was one of the first board-certified plastic surgeons to begin offering the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, and was named an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon because of his extensive experience using the implant. The internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT gives women natural looking results by reducing the risk of rippling and providing stability. Because the implant is filled with saline, there is no need for repeated MRIs or ultrasounds to check for a silent rupture as with silicone gel implants, and the saline is naturally absorbed by the body if a rupture does occur. To discuss your implant and surgery options and find out if you are a good candidate for the IDEAL IMPLANT visit Dr. Tehrani today.

Natural Implants And Outstanding Results From Dr. Tehrani

Dr. Tehrani is one of the leading plastic surgeons in New York, praised not only for his surgical skill but also for his attention to aesthetic details. In addition to seeing patients as the founder and director of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, Dr. Tehrani serves as Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Dr. Tehrani has been voted by his peers as one of the top 10 plastic surgeons in New York for his expertise in surgery and exceptional patient outcomes. 

At Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, Dr. Tehrani and his staff have created a welcoming environment in which you can explore your options for aesthetic enhancement. Whether you are looking for a highly individualized combination surgery like a mommy makeover, or a quick botox touch-up, Dr. Tehrani is here to help you reach your goals. He is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest safe and effective treatments so his patients can get results that look natural. Implants, injectables, lifts, and more are performed with utmost skill and precision, leaving Dr. Tehrani’s patients satisfied with their results and eager to refer others to the office. In fact, recent patient wrote, 

“Dr. Tehrani is simply the best of the best. He surrounds himself with knowledgeable, friendly staff who make you feel right at home. Dr.Tehrani gets to the heart of what you feel self-conscious about and uses his immense experience and expertise to fix it. He also uses your best assets and enhances them. No one guessed I had had Botox and filler — they just marvelled at how good I looked. That’s the sign of a true genius!” 

Google review from Nancy K.

Considering breast implants in New York or Great Neck? Contact Dr. Kevin Tehrani today to discuss your options. Simply call (212) 439-9900 or (516) 498-9790, or visit Dr. Tehrani’s offices are located at 33 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019, and 560 Northern Boulevard, Suite 109, Great Neck, Long Island, NY 11021. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.