Surgeon Testimonials

Network Surgeons Share Their Experience with IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT is fantastic. Once I express to my patients the different characteristics of the implant and the natural advantages that it has over some of the other implants, women just naturally recognize it as the great choice that it is. I don’t think that there’s anything specific about the other implants that necessarily make them bad, it’s just that the advantages of the IDEAL IMPLANT are really head and shoulders above some of the other choices that are available.” See full interview.

—Dr. Michael Lofgren, Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads, Newport News, VA

“From a surgeon’s perspective, the best thing involved is you don’t really have to worry about silent ruptures . . . It’s incredibly safe and so there’s far fewer lifetime surgeries with an IDEAL IMPLANT compared to traditional silicone gel implants . . . Here you have something with all the advantages of a silicone implant, without the disadvantages. So, it’s a win-win situation.” See full interview.

—Dr. Larry Nichter, Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, Newport Beach, CA

“This Ideal Implant is called a structured implant because it has little sleeves of this little shell, which allows it to have a buoyancy to it, so it feels more natural. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It also comes with a warranty for capsular contracture, and so we like the fact that this is a very, very user friendly implant.” See full article.

—Dr. Constance Barone, Barone Plastic Surgery, San Antonio, TX

This is the implant I would choose for myself. It’s natural feeling. It’s filled with saline, so I don’t have to worry about rupture. Complication rates are low, and patient satisfaction and surgeon satisfaction is really high. Plus, it’s only offered by board-certified surgeons, and it’s made by a board-certified plastic surgeon for plastic surgeons. For me, the choice is pretty easy.” See full interview.

—Dr. Karen Leong, Newport Beach, CA

I am just so excited to see such a new device come out that’s really a blend, I think, of the best of both worlds . . . I feel really confident in offering it . . .  The numbers don’t lie. They really are leading us to believe that everything about the implant is better, including its stability and durability too.” See full interview.

—Dr. Paul Leahy, Monarch Plastic Surgery, Leawood, KS

“I have used the Ideal implant for several years now. I was the first plastic surgeon to use them in the Richmond area. I definitely prefer them for my breast augmentation patients. The FDA re-released silicone implants on condition that these patients have an MRI to check the integrity of these implants every few years. This is because we do not know the long-term health effects of rupture in our latest generation of silicone implants. Insurance does not cover MRI’S in cosmetic breast augmentation the way it does for breast cancer reconstruction so we have no way to monitor for rupture other than mammogram and ultrasound which are not precise for this diagnosis. Unfortunately this left cosmetic breast augmentation patients with the poor choice of safety versus natural feel, until the advent of the IDEAL IMPLANT, which offers both!” See full article.

—Dr. Nadia Blanchet, Richmond, VA

When an IDEAL IMPLANT leaks, it doesn’t happen frequently, and it happens less than silicone. When it does, our bodies just absorb the saline, which is a natural part of our body. There’s nothing that’s fearful about that.” See full interview.

—Dr. Jed Horowitz, Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, Newport Beach, CA

“The IDEAL IMPLANT is less likely to get visible rippling, it has a more natural feel, and it’s going to have that extremely low capsular contracture rate.” See full interview.

—Dr. Thomas Hubbard, Hubbard Plastic Surgery and Skin Enhancement, Virginia Beach, VA

“What I like about [the IDEAL IMPLANT] is that patients who are reluctant to have silicone can have the peace of mind of having implant that provides an aesthetic result that’s comparable to silicone, without having the anxiety about worrying about the silicone maintenance or the potential risk of silicone rupture. I can also give them some reassurance about the long term complication rates, which are lower compared to either of the saline or the silicone.” See full interview.

—Dr. Otto Placik, Associated Plastic Surgeons, Chicago, IL

“I’ve been using the IDEAL implant for about three years, I believe, and my experience has been very, very positive. It’s an implant that’s well presented, the educational materials are good, there are samples that are good. Insertion has been made as straightforward as possible with the tubing is appropriately labeled. It’s really, sort of, a fool proof device in terms of how the surgeon can use it . . . I would say that the IDEAL IMPLANT is an excellent option. My patients are uniformly very pleased with it. They like the feel, they like the look, and I think above all, they really like the peace of mind of knowing that they haven’t done anything that they might be strongly upset about down the road either, by learning that silicone may not be as safe as we think.” See full interview.

—Dr. David Rapaport, Rapaport Plastic Surgery, Manhattan, NY

“I think there is a large group of patients, a large group of individuals, who want to have a breast augmentation, but the idea of silicone makes them nervous and I think the IDEAL IMPLANT has been demonstrated to be a safe and effective alternative.

—Dr. Richard Korentager, The University of Kansas Physicians, Kansas City, KS

“Well, I think my practice has always been about giving individuals choices and options . . . having this implant available, really has been able to take the issue of silent implant rupture off the table, and still provide a very nice, relatively wrinkle-free, natural feeling outcome. I think that is the case, that we’re getting the best of both worlds in this implant.” See full interview.

—Dr. James Kurley, Advanced Aesthetics Surgery & Laser Center, Champaign, IL

As a surgeon, the IDEAL IMPLANT offers some advantages over both saline and silicone. The biggest advantage that it’s useful for women who are worry about having the quote on quote silent rupture with a silicone implant. So ideal implants, like saline implants, if there’s a rupture, it will deflate and you will know it right away. The other thing that’s very nice about the Ideal Implant is that it maintains the shape of the implant like a silicone implant would and it does that will the baffles and the structure that’s inside the implants.” See full interview.

—Dr. Jonathan Heistein, Fort Worth/Southlake, TX

It has a very natural look and feel . . . There are a lot of advantages. The knowledge whether you have a leak or not just by looking, less rippling than you would see with other types of saline implants . . . the incidence of capsular contracture is extremely low, lowest among the different types of implants available. I just find that there’s a lot of reasons to have peace of mind when using the IDEAL IMPLANT . . . As a percentage of overall implants, yes, there’s no question that more and more of the higher percentage of implants is IDEAL IMPLANT as time goes on.” See full interview.

—Dr. Paul Loewenstein, Brookfield, WI