Your Questions About Breast Implants Answered by Steven Ringler, MD

About Dr.Steven Ringler

Dr. Ringler is a board-certified plastic surgeon recognized nationally and internationally renowned for his achievements and educational leadership in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Over the past 17 years, Dr. Ringler has devoted his practice to cosmetic plastic surgery where he provides the very latest in safe, proven technology in surgical and non-surgical services.

Answers to Questions about Breast Implants

Perhaps you have heard of the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant but want to know more before going to a doctor about your breast augmentation. Grand Rapids surgeon, Dr, Steven Ringler, offers you all the information you need to know to make your decision. He recommends the IDEAL IMPLANT because it is the best of both worlds–breast implants that look and feel natural without the risk of silent ruptures seen with silicone gel implants.

Who is the Best Candidate for IDEAL IMPLANT?

Any woman who wants an implant with a natural look and feel but does not want silicone gel in her body is the right candidate for IDEAL IMPLANT. These breast implants are for the many women who would be concerned about the high 10-year rate of undetected, silent ruptures with silicone gel implants inside their body, and the inconvenience of the FDA-recommended MRI scans every two years to detect those ruptures.

What will the breast incision be with the implant?

Dr. Ringler uses a technique called the transaxillary breast augmentation. Grand Rapids is proud to be home to Dr. Ringler–the only plastic surgeon in the area who offers this procedure. He makes a small incision in the armpit through which an implant is inserted. The small scar is hidden and very hard to detect several months later. With this technique, there may be less swelling and bruising, thus offering patients a quick and less painful recovery. For women who are interested in breast implants with no visible breast scar, this procedure may be an excellent option.

Still have questions?

We know that there are many things to consider before moving forward with breast augmentation. Grand Rapids women rely on Dr. Ringler to give them the information they need to know rather than just want they want to hear. Please do not hesitate to contact him. Dr. Ringler wants to help you have the best experience possible.

Contacting Dr. Ringler

Considering breast implants or researching the IDEAL IMPLANT? Contact Dr. Ringler today to discuss your options. Simply call 616-328-8800 or visit Dr. Ringler’s office is located at 1151 East Paris Avenue SE #200, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Call today for more information on the IDEAL IMPLANT.

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