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About Morad Tavallali, MD

Breast Implants Virginia Tavallali

For breast implants, Virginia surgeon Dr. Morad Tavallali is one of the Washington, D.C. area’s most experienced cosmetic plastic surgeons. He completed his undergraduate work at Georgetown University, after which he obtained a Masters Degree in Physiology and Biophysics before entering medical school. He graduated with Honors from Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1985 and trained as a General Surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Dr. Tavallali has designed his plastic surgery practice to provide patients not only with skillful surgical results but also with a plastic surgery experience of the highest quality.”

 Breast Implants in Virginia with Dr. Tavallali

When it comes to breast implants, Virginia women have the very best options for product and doctor. Plastic Surgeons like Dr. Tavallali will take the time to listen to your concerns and present to you all of your options. Because of his experience and expertise, you will feel right away that he has your best interests at heart and understands what you personally need.

You want to get plastic surgery, but you’ve heard horror stories. The scars, the surgery, and the risk of silent ruptures are enough to make anyone think twice. But now you don’t have to. It’s 2018 and new technology means less stress. For breast implants, Virginia women have a new, safer choice with the IDEAL IMPLANT, a structured breast implant that will quiet your concerns when it comes to breast augmentation.

What is the IDEAL IMPLANT?

“IDEAL IMPLANT is an FDA-approved implant with a unique internal structure to provide a natural look and natural feel like silicone gel but is filled with saline, which is harmlessly absorbed by the body if ruptured.  It offers a lower risk of rupture than other implants on the market and can often be placed with a smaller incision.” This new technology for breast augmentation eliminates many concerns women have worried about in the past with breast implants. Virginia women have a less invasive option with improved recovery time and very little risk is what you need and is available now.

Contacting Dr. Tavallali

Considering breast implants in Washington, D.C. or researching breast augmentation?  Contact Dr. Tavallali today to discuss your options.  Simply call (703) 876-9400 or visit Dr. Tavallali’s office is located at 8245 Boone Boulevard, Suite 540, Vienna, VA 22182.  Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

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