Searching for “New York Plastic Surgeons Near Me”? Dr. Tehrani Offers the IDEAL IMPLANT®

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Plastic surgery is a form of art. One important part for a successful plastic surgery is the surgeon’s artistic talent and eye for the aesthetic. Not every surgeon on your “New York plastic surgeons near me” search results will have the talent to be able to tailor your cosmetic results. Dr. Kevin Tehrani considers plastic surgery to be the ultimate expression of art in surgery and is renowned for his mastery of aesthetics. He relentlessly strives for exceptional care and premiere results for his patients. Today, he combines those talents with his professional expertise as a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Tehrani has performed thousands of successful plastic surgery procedures and offers his patients the very best in quality care.

Dr. Tehrani became a master of his trade during his years of rigorous training. He earned his medical degree at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. After becoming the Chief Resident in General Surgery during his residency at New York’s Beth Israel Medical Center, Dr. Tehrani continued his postgraduate training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Kansas University Medical Center, where he served as Chief Resident once again.

Let Dr. Tehrani’s Offices Change the Way You Feel About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery candidates who search for “plastic surgeons near me in New York” have easy access to several convenient locations. Dr. Tehrani works out of his two plastic surgery practices located in New York. Each one has the feel of an exclusive boutique rather than a typical medical office. Patients are warmly welcomed into the spa-like setting where they are treated and cared for like family. Dr. Tehrani and his entire team understand each patient has unique needs that need to be met with customized care, and they take pride in providing an unmatched plastic surgery experience. Dr. Tehrani consistently provides his patients with results that exceed their expectations. Dr. Tehrani and his team enjoy being part of your personal emotional and physical journey through cosmetic surgery, and their ultimate goal as a practice is to help you become the person you want to be inside and out.

IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants: The Latest in Implant Technology

If you search online for “New York Plastic Surgeons Near Me,” make sure to filter your own results by selecting a surgeon who stays current on up-to-the-minute technology and techniques. Dr. Tehrani does just that – he attends The Aesthetic Meeting, an annual event hosted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that introduces doctors from around the world to the most current and cutting edge procedures and technologies through instructional courses, colleague collaborations and scientific sessions.

New York Plastic Surgeons Near Me Who Offer IDEAL IMPLANT

For breast augmentation, IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants are the next-generation technology. There will be some surgeons on your “New York Plastic Surgeons Near Me” search results who do not offer the IDEAL IMPLANT. Dr. Tehrani is part of an exclusive network of plastic surgeons to provide this option to patients. As a plastic surgeon, his patients’ health, safety, and peace of mind are at the top of his priorities. Dr. Tehrani proudly offers the IDEAL IMPLANT as an option for women who want breast implants that have the security of saline and the natural look and feel of silicone gel.


Women who have their breasts enhanced want to walk away from their procedure feeling beautiful and confident. Silicone gel implants have long been a popular choice among breast augmentation patients because of their close resemblance of natural breast tissue. With the recent complicated history of silicone gel and the questions that remain about its effects on the body, women are looking for a new alternative. Before you select just any surgeon on your list of “New York Plastic Surgeons Near Me” search results, be sure it is someone who is willing to be honest and upfront with you about the advantages and compromises of the different types of implants.

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a saline-filled implant with an internal structure that gives it a beautiful, natural look and feel. It combines the advantages of both silicone gel breast implants and saline implants for an option that gives women the best of both worlds. Although silicone gel implants are popular, they require maintenance and monitoring to detect rupture and leakage. The FDA recommends that women with silicone gel breast implants have routine MRIs to check for damage to the implants. Saline implants do not need to be monitored, but tend to lack the aesthetic appeal that silicone gel has. Saline breast implants do not have any internal structure and are often compared to a water balloon. Rippling and wrinkling are common complaints among women who have saline implants.  

Freedom From Compromise With IDEAL IMPLANT

The new IDEAL IMPLANT is a breast implant option that frees women from being forced to sacrifice either beauty or peace of mind. You can enjoy breast implants that look and feel like natural breast tissue, without having to worry about whether your implants are intact. By simply looking in the mirror, women with the IDEAL IMPLANT can immediately tell if their implant has ruptured. And even if the implant does break, the saline (sterile saltwater solution) inside is harmlessly absorbed by the body.

IDEAL IMPLANT Numbers Don’t Lie

Women feel a sense of security with the IDEAL IMPLANT, and for good reason. FDA trial data based on primary breast augmentation shows the IDEAL IMPLANT has a 2.1% risk of rupture during the first eight years. Compare that to silicone gel implants that have a 7.2-13.6% risk of rupture during the same timeframe. Not only do IDEAL IMPLANT recipients benefit from a significantly reduced risk of rupture, but they also enjoy an easier replacement surgery in the event that rupture does occur. There is no tedious cleanup of leaked silicone gel—just a simple swap of implants through a small incision.

Capsular contracture can be another concern for women with breast implants. This happens when the scar tissue around the implant causes the breasts to look distorted and feel hard and painful. FDA trial data revealed that for primary augmentation, the IDEAL IMPLANT has a 6.6% risk of capsular contracture during the first 8 years, whereas silicone gel implants have a 10.9-16.2% risk. Facts and figures have a tendency to get lost among all the information we uncover during research; but knowing and understanding these statistics give women the power to choose the implant that will benefit them in the long run.

Plastic Surgeons in New York Before and After Photos

When searching for “Plastic Surgeons Near Me in New York,” be sure to look at your prospective surgeon’s breast augmentation before and after photo gallery. Viewing these photos will give you an idea of the surgeon’s work and help you to form realistic expectations for your own outcome. Below are untouched images of one of Dr. Tehrani’s breast augmentation patients who received the IDEAL IMPLANT.  

Considering breast implants in New York? Contact Dr. Kevin Tehrani today to discuss your options. Simply call 516-498-9790, or visit Dr. Tehrani’s office is located at 560 Northern Blvd., Suite 109 Great Neck, Long Island, NY 11021. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.