San Diego Plastic Surgery Expert Dr. Steven Cohen Discusses Breast Augmentation Options

by | May 23, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Are you considering a breast augmentation? Researching San Diego breast implant options can be overwhelming, which is why it is good to get an expert’s opinion on the benefits and compromises of each type. Dr. Steven Cohen is a highly skilled and sought after board-certified plastic surgeon in the San Diego area. We recently sat down to ask him about his experience, innovations, and the breast implants he offers. Dr. Cohen is one of the exclusive plastic surgeons in the area to offer IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

What can you tell us about your plastic surgery practice?

“I’m a plastic surgeon in La Jolla, California. I’m in private practices named Faces Plus: Plastic Surgery, Skin, and Laser Center. And we’ve embraced multimodality care to patients since 2004. We provide a full set of skin care, lasers and surgery, and we try to help our patients achieve better lifestyles and better appearance changes, and manage some of their aging conditions and some of their congenital deformities.”

“My background is in general surgery in New York City, at Columbia, and I was originally going to do heart surgery so I journeyed a little bit into that for two years. I did a fellowship and then saw a TV program on complex craniofacial surgery on PBS and it was amazing. I switched my career paths and have been very fortunate to run several large craniofacial programs at the University of Michigan, Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta, and Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

“And my practice has evolved on the adult side into primarily a cosmetic practice. We specialize in facial surgery. There’s very few things that I don’t do on the face. We also do quite a bit of fat grafting and have really been one of the early pioneers in adopting fat graft techniques for breast surgery as a complementary procedure to make breasts more beautiful either for primary augmentation for aesthetic purposes or for secondary aesthetic deformities.”

How many patients come to you for San Diego Breast Implants?

“Most of my writing has been in the facial arena and I have quite a few inventions in that area, and also in fat grafting. And the breast stuff really came to me later, largely as a result of my fat graft surgery. We probably do about 30% breast surgery in our practice. I’ve always been an innovator in the field, so I seek out breast procedures that I think are not just new, but I think enhance the patient experience, bring better results.”

Why did you start offering IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants?

“IDEAL IMPLANTS were very interesting. A colleague talked to me about this and what was interesting to me at first was this is a new implant. And it’s interesting that it has two chambers. And some people probably do want saline and are a little nervous about silicone gel. But a few years ago when Paul first spoke to me, what I was really riveted by was the data of the rupture rates and the capsular contracture rates.

“I thought it was very beneficial to show my patients these as an option and I feel obligated to inform them in a comprehensive consultation about all of the options. Now more recently with the scare with the BIA-ALCL, I think that there’s been more interest in these kinds of implants.”

How do you approach a consultation for patients who want to remove and replace their breast implants in San Diego?

“So recently I’ve had a lot of physicians sending me patients who want their implants removed. The discussion is: you have silicone gel breast implants, what are your options? And the options become, you can remove the implant, you can leave everything to collapse and go back to where it was potentially. You may require a lift to compensate for the stretched, expanded tissue. You may require simply fat grafting to refill the breasts. But, in many cases, women still liked the enhanced appearance of a breast implant. And IDEAL IMPLANT, again, fits into a very nice segment where you can kind of assure people, look, even when silicone gel was removed from the market, saline implants were never removed.”

What benefits does IDEAL IMPLANT have when compared to silicone gel breast implants?

“There seems to be a sense that they’re safer. There have been no associated implant cancers related to implants filled with saline that I’m aware of at my last reading. And I think that the opportunity for our patients now, it becomes even more important to discuss and inform them of all the options.”

As a plastic surgeon why do you like IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants?

“It’s actually a very easy question to answer. The reason I like IDEAL IMPLANTS and choose to offer them in my practice is because the outcomes are better than the competitive implants. Period. Again, facts are stubborn little creatures. So if you believe in data and everything else being almost equal, such as the feel, why not offer something like that?

“It’s also nice to have an implant that has some variation in terms of the base diameter and then the ability to alter projection. And one of the things that initially I was a little concerned about was using IDEAL IMPLANTS in conjunction with the fat, but I’ve had absolutely no issues with that whatsoever. The implants can be placed after a sizer is in and the fat is grafted with the sizer in. Or if you’re an experienced injector you can even feel very comfortable injecting around the implants with it, with a high degree of safety.”

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