Richmond Breast Implant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lynam and his Thoughts on the IDEAL IMPLANT®

by | May 1, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Richmond women may not know where to go or who to choose regarding the best plastic surgeon. Getting to know doctors through interviews, like this recent interview with Dr. Gregory Lynam, are a great way to get a feel for their personality and practice. Read more to get to know Dr. Lynam and his thoughts on the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Tell us a little bit about you and your practice.

“My name is Gregory Lynam. I’m a board certified plastic surgeon. I have a unique pathway to my current position in that I originally went to dental school. So, I graduated from college, I worked for several years, and I went to what was called MCV Dental School, here in Richmond, Virginia. And, after graduating from dental school, I went into the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery, which is a dental specialty where you do a lot of complex facial reconstruction. We did a lot of complex facial trauma. We did the procedures where you move someone’s jaw forward or back. If your daughter looked like Jay Leno, you wouldn’t want that, so we’d move the jaw back. That was all hospital based, operating room surgery. And I really liked that.

“At some point, I just decided, well, if I’m doing this kind of complex facial bone maneuvering, we share trauma call, so you either got an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, or you got the plastic surgeon. I basically said, ‘I really like the fact that you can operate from here down, rather than from here up.’ I had to go back to a couple years of medical school to get a medical degree. I had to do a couple years of general surgery, and then I had to do a couple years of plastic surgery. It added about eight years more training, and that’s what I did.”

How did you hear about the IDEAL IMPLANT?

“I’ve always been a big fan of saline implants because I’ve always done a ton of transaxillary incisions. And so, for a while there, 50% of my augments were transaxillary. Transaxillary endoscopic saline submuscular breast augmentation. And so, when the IDEAL IMPLANT came out, somebody had said, ‘Well, you know you can insert it through an armpit incision.’ Yes, I gotta make it about a centimeter longer because it’s got more substance to it. It doesn’t fold flat like a regular implant because you got that internal baffles. It’s got anterior chamber, posterior chamber. It’s meatier, you know? It’s a meatier implant.

“I think it works well. It’s a nice implant. Their six year data, now their eight year data is fantastic. Lowest rupture rate, lowest caps contracture rate. When people say, ‘Will it really feel like a silicone gel implant?’ I don’t know. But most implants, if properly sized, if properly performed, and not done in a poor way or a wrong size selection, feel great. I don’t necessarily sell the IDEAL IMPLANT on feel because I think all of my saline implants that I did felt great too. But you can’t argue that their eight year data has a super lower rupture rate and super low capsular contracture rate. Their warranty program now kicks butt as well. I mean, you can’t beat that. I think everyone else is going to have to copy it.”

What is the process like for a woman coming in for her first breast augmentation consultation?

“I think the biggest thing is listening to what the patient wants. You have to be a good listener, and I think that’s probably the number one thing. I always start out the consultation, ‘Is there anything that you know you want or you know you don’t want?’ Some people have no clue, and some people want my input. But I want to know what they’re thinking or if they have any preconceived notions because if they come in and they want silicone gel implants … you don’t want to turn them off by pushing them into a saline, or an IDEAL, or something that they don’t want because they’re just going to go to somebody else.

“You want to agree with them, you want to do what they want, but I want to know how strong their beliefs are, and what they’re looking for. And, again, I want to talk about everything. And so, if someone’s really open to it, I’ll mention everything. We have some people that come in saying, ‘I want the IDEAL IMPLANT.’ I just did breast implants for a woman who is six feet tall, a thin girl, who wanted transaxillary, and wanted IDEAL, and she could be a runway model. And she’s got IDEAL’s now, and they look fine! There’s not a ripple on her! They look great. We know the saline implants ripple and wrinkle a little more than silicone gel. But I think the IDEAL IMPLANTS really seem to do great, even with people with thin soft tissue overtop of it. And I can place them transaxillary, so I love that.”

Why do you think women choose your practice over other options?

“I think it’s just because I’m very approachable. I don’t care whether you live in a million dollar house or you live in a one-bedroom apartment. I’m going to treat everyone the same. I think people just find that I’m honest, I’m approachable, down to earth. I try to speak to the level of each individual, not speaking above them or at them. You know, I try to have open and honest communication. I just want to tell people what I can do, what I can’t do. I’m going to guarantee everyone I’m going to do their surgery to the best of my ability.

“We’re not a factory. It’s about quality, doing a great job, not taking advantage of someone, and being really open, honest, and trying to address everyone’s concerns. I have patients who say, ‘I saw three other doctors. No one really examined me. No one really touched me. They came in, they looked at me, they told me this, that, and the other, and out the door they went. Then they put me with a person who is closing the deal.’ I mean, we size people. We spend a lot of time with people. I wish I could do it faster, but I can’t.”

What has been your experience with the Ideal Implant as far as patient satisfaction?

“I think they are happy with the implant. I wish I could say I have 100 patients I’ve done IDEAL IMPLANT on, but I don’t have enough. I don’t have enough volume to make a big universal statement, but I think I will. The feedback I have so far is good.”

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