A Personal Experience with Breast Implants Before and After Surgery

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Do you wish you could get advice from someone who has had a breast augmentation, but don’t know who to ask? While every person’s body is unique and your breast implants, before and after, surgery may not be exactly the same as someone else’s, most women find it extremely helpful to read personal stories from former or current patients to know what to expect throughout the breast augmentation process. 

A recent 36-year-old female patient of Los Angeles-based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bresnick shared her personal experience with breast augmentation on RealSelf. She chose the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants for her procedure. In her posts, she discusses her consultation with Dr. Bresnick, choosing breast implant sizes, the day of the surgery, and the recovery process.

While a lot of women and surgeons used to think, “bigger is better” when it came to breast augmentation, trends have changed. Most women now want proportionate, natural-looking breasts that fit their body type. This patient said she only considered an augmentation after looking at realistic breast implants “before and after” photos.

“. . . For many years I was grateful for my 36B sized breast and very adamantly did not want breast implants because I thought I would look like I had two coconuts on my chest. I work in the aesthetic industry and in the more recent years I have seen so many gorgeous natural looking breast augmentations. . . “

Before a breast augmentation, it’s imperative that every patient select a plastic surgeon who is board-certified and can deliver fantastic results.

“After neurotically researching doctors in my area, I chose Dr. Stephen Bresnick (solid 5-star Yelp and seen his work firsthand). The end result of any beautiful breast job is a reflection of the true artistry mastered by the surgeon. Take your time looking through the Drs portfolio of before and afters. Of course I tried to select a woman of similar breast size and weight as myself to judge the overall potential outcome. . .”

Since every woman’s body is unique, different breast implant sizes won’t look the exact same on every person. Here are some tips this patient gives on finding the right size for you.

“I decided on the IDEAL IMPLANT for the safety and peace of mind, the decision was easy however deciding on the size was not! The doctor asked me to select three images of my wish boobs. He was very honest about what I could realistically expect. The women I liked had swoop style breasts which is more easily achieved with silicone. Saline is more round and takes time to settle lower in the breast . . .

“Since my choice was saline the doctor informed me that whatever range was possible to feel the implant, he would have to fill it half way in order for the implant to give the nipple a natural lift effect. Without putting this effect into place the natural roundness of the implant would have my nipple pointed towards the ground. This is the part of the consultation where I realized going with a doctor of 27 years experience is critical at spotting a problem before it becomes one. My desired breast size would be a full C small D, and the doctor ordered two different size implants and said he would put both in and pick which ever looked the fullest but the most natural.

“If you need guidance on how many cc will look best, I recommend trying out the rice bag test at home. There are online instructions of how much rice to fill to simulate X number of cc. The rice is placed in a hose tied off and compressed around your natural breast in a thin tight fitting sports bra. It does look weird without any nipples, so I put two marbles inside the sports bra over the bags.

“Rice sizer helped tremendously, allows you to feel the weight and see how a variety of your clothes will fit. 460 cc felt way too big, 425 cc was what looked and felt best.”

Your doctor should discuss every detail of the surgery and recovery process with you at your appointments. Any preparation you can take care of beforehand will help things go easier for you. This patient suggests prepping for your recovery well beforehand.

“Don’t wait to the last minute, I picked up my prescription meds the same day he wrote them, two weeks before the surgery day. I lined all the medications on the counter and marked them with sharpie indicating which time and how many and which ones had to be taken with food. Make sure to pick up all of your favorite frozen meals, protein bars, bone broth soups, stool softener, probiotics and Epsom salts.”

The Day of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Surgery went right on schedule. Wore scrub pants, and a snap down shirt, with oversized jacket. I spoke with the nurses and anesthesiologist about how nervous my bf was, this funny banter went on for five min or so, then I remember nothing.

“I woke up in postop recovery feeling like I had had the best nap of my life. My chest was wrapped and I couldn’t see or peek! I asked the nurse what size and she said 405. I was a little disappointed because after our conversation this was not part of the plan in order to raise the nipple. However it wasn’t until later that day at home that I opened up my envelope and saw my card and it said that I received 435 in the left breast and 445 in the right breast. She simply stated 405 because that’s the standard size ordered before they put in the saline. I took Percocet every four hours and the pain was controlled and the extra bonus was it helped me sleep most of that day.

“The pressure/soreness was similar to a strong workout at the gym (and I mean strong work out like as in haven’t worked out in a few years and you get DOMS delayed onset muscle soreness) but very tolerable. . . . Everyone told me to buy certain bras from Amazon, but I’m glad I did not. My doctor has me wearing a loose-fitting sports bra.”

Though you can expect to see your results right away, most implants start out high and have to “drop”and settle into place over a period of time.

“When my bandage compression was removed the second day my breast were quite high. I expected this and I know it will take time. I fully trust my doctors advice and artistry.”

Your doctor will probably also ask you to massage your breasts after surgery to help reduce the growth of a scar tissue capsule around the implant. This will also keep the implants soft and flexible.

“Had another follow up Monday and the nurse showed me how to do my dressing changes and my breast massage exercises. Doing the exercises the first few days were a pain because she asked me to do 20 side presses and milk squeezes every two hours throughout the day. My breast are tight and very firm but today is Thursday and since Monday I can feel them moving much easier.

“I am not experiencing any pain, however the right boob starts to ache when I’m doing my exercises. It almost feels like a Charlie horse along the side of my breast near my underarm.”

A week or two after surgery you will need to go back into your plastic surgeon’s office so they can remove the sutures and check for any infections in the incisions.

“Today has been one week since my surgery and I’m loving my boobs more everyday. My visit today was with the nurse to remove the sutures. This nurse has worked with the same surgeon for 10 years and fully capable of routine postoperative care and can identify things that are normal and things that are not. Thankfully my incisions are healing nicely with minimal bruising.”

Most women experience a significant boost in confidence after a breast augmentation. This patient couldn’t wait to fill out an unpadded bra after surgery.

“Couldn’t resist a stop by VS (Victoria’s Secret). First sexy lacy bra fitting. I know it’s early but I’ve been dreaming of the day I can fill out a lacy PADLESS bra. So far 36D fits best. I am so grateful to my surgeon, and his entire staff. Truly amazed and hard to believe a week ago I had barely b’s (all breast sizes are beautiful but I fantasized larger to harmonize with the rest of my body, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!)”

It’s important that you follow all the instructions of your plastic surgeon after your procedure. Twenty days after surgery this patient was still diligent in doing her exercises to promote healing and recovery.

“I have been wearing the band this way for one week (nurse said it will help the top of the chest line drop/soften more naturally) We will see what the doc thinks at the follow up tomorrow . . . I am very pleased with how they are softening. The bottom of the breast more dramatically, while the top is still high and firm. I do my best to do the exercises but admittedly miss the every two hour mark (sometimes it’s more like four). The ace band has been uncomfortable, feels sore pushing on the numb upper breast area.”

By day twenty-five after surgery this patient was noticing a significant change in the way her breasts felt and really starting to enjoy her new look. 

“I don’t think my boobs ever touched while laying on my side before. I am loving my side lying cleavage! Still wearing my ace bandage to bed and keeping my incisions covered. Breast feel softer each day. When I do the massage, I can feel the bag under my skin, kinda weird. I wonder if I will always feel the bag (you can feel it more so with firm squeezes, soft breast squeezes and tissue feels natural).”

On day twenty-eight this patient’s breasts were almost in their final position and feeling much more natural.

“My breast are starting to settle but still have more dropping to do. They are so much softer. When I do breast massage, I no longer have to squeeze as hard with my hand, it requires a lot less effort.”

Breast Implants Before and After Surgery with IDEAL IMPLANT

Dr. Stephen Bresnick is one of an exclusive group of surgeons who offers the latest in breast implant technology to his patients with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. This innovative new breast implant technology combines the safety of saline with the natural look and feel women expect from a silicone gel breast implant. The IDEAL IMPLANT has a lower risk of both rupture and capsular contracture when compared to silicone gel implants, and you can notice a leak just by looking in the mirror. The IDEAL IMPLANT is only offered by board-certified plastic surgeons and is FDA approved for women ages 18 and older in breast augmentation. 

About Dr. Stephen Bresnick

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bresnick is a native of Los Angeles who completed his undergraduate work, Master’s degree, and Doctoral Degree at UCLA. Dr. Bresnick earned his M.D. at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Following graduation from medical school, Dr. Bresnick completed his surgery internship and surgery residency at Stanford University, followed by a three-year plastic surgery residency at Stanford. Dr. Bresnick was named Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery at Stanford in 1996. 

Once becoming a fully trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Bresnick completed a Craniofacial Plastic Surgery fellowship at USC and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. He was named Clinical Instructor in Plastic Surgery from 1996-1997. Dr. Bresnick was appointed Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Plastic Surgery at USC in 1997, and remained on the full-time faculty for five years. During this time, Dr. Bresnick taught plastic surgery and lectured extensively, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Bresnick has won many awards and is recognized as an expert in plastic surgery. He has published nine books in medicine and science and has authored over 20 articles published in medical journals.

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