Patient Testimonials

Sherrie, Nurse Practitioner

I have been much more comfortable and confident with my IDEAL IMPLANTS. My gel implants always felt hard and I was embarrassed by them. When I had the gel implants replaced with IDEAL IMPLANTS, my surgeon confirmed that my gel implants had ruptured and were slowly leaking. I’ve had my IDEAL IMPLANTS for over six years, and am completely happy. I would definitely recommend them.

Karen, Business Executive

When I heard about IDEAL IMPLANT, I thought this was the perfect solution for me, as I have always been too afraid to try silicone gel implants and was unhappy with the wrinkling of my saline implants. I could see the wrinkling from my saline implants every time I looked at my breasts. Since having my saline implants replaced with IDEAL IMPLANTS, I have been so happy – the wrinkling is gone and I feel comfortable in my skin.

“When I had silicone implants, they were extremely heavy and they didn’t feel natural because of them being so heavy, so now that I am with a structured saline implant it feels not only natural but not heavy.”

Veronica, Actual IDEAL IMPLANT Patient


I never really liked my breasts and always wanted them to be a little fuller, but not have people know I received a breast augmentation. When I had the option to receive the IDEAL IMPLANT, I chose it because it combined the safety with the full look I had been wanting. I have since had a baby, and my breasts still look fantastic.


In my profession I have seen many ruptured silicone gel implants removed, and I knew this is not something I wanted for myself. I am very thin and fit and do not have much breast tissue, so my saline implants showed a lot of rippling and wrinkling, and depending on how I was standing you could sometimes see the outline of the implant under my skin. Since my saline implants have been replaced with IDEAL IMPLANTS, I no longer have any wrinkling or rippling, and my husband says these implants feel natural.