Natural Looking Breast Enlargement with the IDEAL IMPLANT

by | May 28, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

You may have doubled the size of your wardrobe in college by borrowing your roommate’s clothes, but chances are you wouldn’t have been able to share bras. The unique size and shape of your breasts means you need a specific bra size. For breast implant sizes, the same rule applies: breast augmentation results won’t look quite right unless you have implants that are customized to fit your body. Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a premier plastic surgeon in New York City who excels in her practice of helping women achieve their ideal breasts. Her Charlottesbook article, “Are Those Things Real? Breast Implant Sizing 101” answers all of your questions about breast enlargement and how to get implants that look and feel as natural as possible.

The Problem with Supersizing

If you want natural looking breast augmentation results, Dr. Bartsich says there are some major pitfalls to avoid. Nobody wants to end up wishing they’d gone bigger, but choosing a breast implant size that is too large is the ultimate giveaway that you’ve had a breast enlargement procedure. Dr. Bartsich knows the effects this error can have. She says, “The problem with an oversized implant is that it needs somewhere to go. It will either spill into the middle, creating a uni-boob effect, or pour into the armpit area. This is what happens when the width of the implant is too big for the breast.”

Finding a Custom Fit

Your surgeon will create an implant pocket during your surgical procedure for your implants.  The pocket needs to be properly positioned and just the right size. Dr. Bartsich stresses the importance of choosing an excellent surgeon to make sure you find your “custom fit.” She also explains what you need to discuss beyond breast implant sizes: “Your breast augmentation consultation should be a fitting, where the surgeon assesses your breast width, tissue quality, elasticity, and amount of breast tissue, to figure out what size and shape would work best. By the end of your consultation, you should understand why you have a specific size, and what that size is.”

Over or Under?

When it comes to deciding whether to place implants over or under the chest muscle, Dr. Bartsich says it depends on the patient. Placement under the muscle is often thought to give a more natural look, but for some women it can result in what is termed the “double bubble deformity.” This happens “when the breast hangs lower but the implant stays under the muscle and there is a step-off in between.” If it’s important to you that your breast enlargement looks as natural as possible, talk to your surgeon about your goals. Dr. Bartsich says that “In most instances, allowing the implant and the breast to migrate together is the best bet, and this means keeping them in the same space as a unit.”

Implant Types and Why They Matter

For decades women had only two options for breast implant types: unstructured saline or silicone gel breast implants. Silicone gel has long been a popular choice because it feels and looks more natural than saline implants, but questions about the health concerns of silicone gel have given some women second thoughts. Unstructured saline implants provide women with peace of mind but can lack the aesthetic appeal of silicone gel. Dr. Bartsich says, “For patients with a good amount of their own breast tissue, they can sometimes pull off the natural looking breast implants with a saline augmentation, but these are more prone to rippling, which is a total giveaway.”

IDEAL IMPLANT®: Breast Enlargement Without Compromise

What do you do if you want natural looking breast enlargement results without having to worry about the concerns surrounding silicone gel? The new IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants offer women an alternative that provides beautiful, natural looking results. The IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with saline, and its unique design gives it a natural shape and feel that other saline-filled implants lack. Women who choose the IDEAL IMPLANT never have to worry about silent rupture, routine MRIs, or any of the maintenance associated with other types of breast implants.  

The Trend for Natural Looking Breast Implants

In her article, “Are Those Things Real? Breast Implant Sizing 101,” Dr. Bartsich says she has “always believed that cosmetic surgery should be like makeup: it should go largely unnoticed.” If you want breast enlargement that looks natural, it’s important to choose a surgeon with experience and skill. Then together you can make the best decisions about your breast implant sizes, placement, and type for the perfect end result.

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