Natural Breast Augmentation with Dr. Schuster and the IDEAL IMPLANT®

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

For beautiful, natural breast augmentation in Baltimore, Maryland, women seek out the skills and expertise of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ronald Schuster. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Schuster’s experience and qualifications make him one of the best plastic surgeons in the area. If you’re considering breast implants, Dr. Schuster is proud to be one of an exclusive network of plastic surgeons offering the new IDEAL IMPLANT®

“The IDEAL IMPLANT is the first newly designed breast implant in the last thirty years,” says Dr. Schuster, “and we are the first practice in Baltimore to offer these amazing new implants.”

This revolutionary new structured implant gives women the safety of saline, but looks and behaves like a silicone gel implant. The more women learn about the benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT, the more they request it for their breast augmentation. Dr. Schuster is an IDEAL IMPLANT Preferred Surgeon due to his experience with this new breast implant technology. Here’s what you need to know about the IDEAL IMPLANT before your procedure.

The Unique Structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT

When you hold an unstructured saline implant upright, it collapses and loses its fullness, making it look almost like a water balloon instead of a breast implant. It also tends to wrinkle around the edges of the implant, producing an unnatural look and feel. Unlike implants of the past, the IDEAL IMPLANT is structured with a unique design that holds the saline in place and allows the implant to move and flow in a more natural way. The IDEAL IMPLANT’s internal structure is made up of a series of shells nested together—three to five, depending on the size—and two separate chambers that hold the saline solution. 

The IDEAL IMPLANT is also shaped to conform to the curves of your chest wall. The edges are also curved under so that you’ll experience less wrinkling and rippling. You’ll achieve a youthful, round look with the IDEAL IMPLANT that you just can’t get with an unstructured saline implant.

You may be thinking, “Ok, the IDEAL IMPLANT looks good, but what does it feel like?” Many women who want a natural breast augmentation don’t want their breasts to feel too hard or too squishy; they want their implants to feel like natural breast tissue. One of the reasons silicone gel breast implants have been popular for so long is because they feel so similar to breast tissue. The good news is, when you place the IDEAL IMPLANT and a silicone gel implant side-by-side in a blind test, most patients, (and even doctors!) cannot tell the difference between a silicone gel implant and the IDEAL IMPLANT. The IDEAL IMPLANT feels just as natural as a silicone gel implant, if not more so.

The Worry of Silent Rupture with Silicone Gel Implants

Dr. Schuster says,“The majority of women choose to use the silicone gel implant because it gives the most natural feel. But it has issues.”

The main issue with silicone gel implants is that they can rupture or leak silently, without you even realizing it. Because most silicone gel breast implants are made today with a very cohesive silicone gel, it can be weeks, months, or even years before you notice that a rupture has occurred. When they do rupture, sticky silicone gel can eventually leak out of the implant and into your body tissues, causing further complications such as capsular contracture. According to the FDA, “it may be difficult or impossible to remove silicone gel that has traveled to other parts of the body.”

The only way to detect a rupture is with an MRI or ultrasound, which are not always 100% accurate methods. The FDA recommends women with silicone gel implants get screened every two-to-three years to check for silent ruptures. These MRIs are expensive and not covered by insurance policies. In a 2017 Independent Survey, Women’s Preferences in Breast Implants, 98% of women reported they would be concerned about silent rupture with silicone gel implants. If your silicone gel implant ruptures, replacement surgery can be complicated, after which you’ll have to go through the recovery process all over again. 

Of course saline breast implants can rupture too, but it’s not as big of an issue. Unstructured saline implants will completely deflate almost immediately, but the body will absorb the saline solution without any harmful side effects. Most women choose to have an unstructured saline implant replaced as quickly as possible. 

In the event that the saline-filled IDEAL IMPLANT ruptures, it won’t completely deflate because of the two-chamber design. You will know there’s a rupture due to the slight loss of volume (a quick glance in the mirror will tell you all you need to know), but it won’t be so obvious to others. You can also have peace of mind knowing there’s only saline inside, and get the implant replaced at your convenience. Since your surgeon won’t have to clean up any sticky silicone gel inside of your body, replacing your IDEAL IMPLANT is straightforward and easy and the surgery takes less than an hour. 

Dr. Schuster says, “The IDEAL IMPLANT is FDA-approved and has a lower rupture rate when compared to silicone gel breast implants. Their safety and reliability has been proven in over 500 women with extremely high satisfaction rates.” When compared to silicone gel breast implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT has a lower rate of both implant rupture and capsular contracture, so a rupture is less likely to occur in the first place. 

Choose the IDEAL IMPLANT for Your Natural Breast Augmentation

If you want to enhance your breasts dramatically, or just go up a cup size or two, you can achieve the look and feel you want with the new IDEAL IMPLANT. These implants come with a smooth surface, a high profile, and result in natural, beautiful results for women. Because the IDEAL IMPLANT is filled during surgery, your incision will be small and almost unnoticeable. 

Dr. Schuster says,

“The IDEAL IMPLANT is a saline-filled breast implant that has the look and feel of silicone gel. For those women considering a breast augmentation, and for the peace of mind associated with saline implants, these are the best solution for you.”

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