My Breast Enlargement With the IDEAL IMPLANT® in Vancouver

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Testimonials - Clients

Reading the stories of breast enlargement patients can be helpful when you are considering the procedure for yourself. No two women will have the exact same experience with their breast implant surgery, but researching others’ reviews can be like talking to a good friend: it’s about connecting with people who go through similar things. 

Real experiences with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants can be found in abundance on RealSelf, a website that features reviews on plastic surgeons, procedures, and information on breast augmentation cost. Laurasaurusrexx is the username of a RealSelf member in Vancouver, BC, who shared her journey online. Her story is just one of the many that contribute to IDEAL IMPLANT’s RealSelf “Worth It” rating of 99 percent. She shared these updates on her plastic surgery:

Why I Chose Breast Enlargement

“Well, I finally booked my breast augmentation! I’m 31 years old with a tall and lean frame, and I have no children. I mostly wear a bra size 34B, but there is space in the cup, and I’d like to be able to finally fill out a bra.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted larger, womanly breasts. When I was a child I would put a pillow in my top and imagine being a grown woman. I always figured I would hit puberty and get full-sized breasts! But, unfortunately it never happened for me. 

“Since my teen years I’ve thought about breast implants. When I hit my 20s I figured I would wait until having children and see if breastfeeding made my breasts bigger. If the increased size didn’t last, the procedure would be worth the breast augmentation cost to me. But I’m 31 now, with no husband or long-term partner, and I’m tired of waiting. It’s depressing to feel like I have to wait to get breast enlargement for something that might not even happen. I want to embrace my single life and focus on being the best, happiest version of myself!

“Despite having small breasts, I’ve never been self-conscious about my body. I feel confident in myself. I just think larger breasts would make me EVEN more confident and feel comfortable in certain clothes.”

Taking the First Steps

“When I called the plastic surgeon’s office, they asked what I was looking for, answered questions, and took my personal information. The lady on the phone was so kind and put some of my anxiety at ease. We set up a consultation!

“My doctor was very kind and knowledgeable. I brought a huge list of questions, including questions about breast augmentation cost, and he answered most before getting to the Q&A at the end. He helped me set my expectations. Based on my body type I now know what to realistically expect my results to look like after the surgery. 

“I tried on some sizers and am leaning toward 375cc high profile IDEAL IMPLANTS. 375cc seemed so huge! But I think it’s hard to imagine having any breasts when you are as flat chested as I am. My goal is to have full, natural looking, proportionate breasts. Now that my breast enlargement is booked I’m so excited!”

3 Days To Go

“I’ve been channeling my anxiety into cleaning and preparing my house. I’ve officially decided to go with IDEAL IMPLANTS under the muscle, 375ccs. 4 hours until I have to be there!!!”

Forget the Stress: Get the IDEAL IMPLANT Advantage

Laurasaurusrexx may have been nervous about her upcoming surgery, but in choosing the IDEAL IMPLANT, she will never have to worry about some of the problems that come with other breast implants. Silent rupture, or undetected silicone gel leakage, will never be an issue for her because the IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with saline. Laurasaurusrexx will not have to factor routine MRIs into her overall breast augmentation cost either, because leakage of the implant is easily visible. Her implants will not be susceptible to wrinkling or rippling because of the IDEAL IMPLANT’s unique structural design. She will be able to enjoy the natural look she’s always wanted without any of the stress. 


“My breast enlargement surgery is complete and the doctor said everything went well. Afterwards, my friend took me home and I was so hungry! I ate things like soup, crackers, and popcorn.

“I’m being diligent to take my pain medications as scheduled and I’ve been icing a bit. Tonight I’ll be attempting to sleep on a 45 degree angle, but I’m not a back sleeper so we will see how that goes!”

Day After Surgery Update

“I am one day post op and things are better than I expected. I can do things like get out of bed alone, go to the bathroom, get a snack, and sit up and watch TV. It feels good to be relatively independent. 

“Some things are still a little difficult, like reaching behind me, reaching anything above the shoulders or low down, or holding anything with pressure. I haven’t attempted to change clothes or shower, so I’m still in my comfy new PJ set.” 

Feeling Good on Day Three

“I’m on day three after my breast enlargement and I’m feeling pretty great! I even had a shower! My breasts are pretty numb, especially the nipples. It’s super strange. The shower feels really weird. My chest still feels tight and I have some pain but it’s getting better.”

One Week Post Op

“Well, it’s one week after getting the new boobs and sometimes I still can’t believe that I actually did it. I’m so happy! Things have gotten so much easier over the past week. Right after surgery it was challenging to bend or reach things with my arms. Now I can do most things, with some things feeling a bit funny, but not painful. 

“I’ve been feeling super tired and have spent the days resting. But I did go out with friends a couple times and for some short walks. I’ve been back at work for two shifts. Using my arms a lot does cause some soreness and pain. 

“My post op appointment with my plastic surgeon is in 2 days and I hope the doctor agrees with how well I think things are going with my new IDEAL IMPLANTS.” 

18 Days After Surgery: Continuing to Heal!

“It’s been 18 days since my breast enlargement. A lot of things have gotten way easier and I am pretty much feeling like my normal self again. Life is back to normal, just with bigger boobs.

“I went to Victoria’s Secret yesterday and got sized as 32DDD! Which is insane. I bought two wireless T-shirt bras but had to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING!”Laurasaurusrexx achieved the natural feminine look she had always wanted with her IDEAL IMPLANTS, and she was able to do it without having to sacrifice any peace of mind about their safety. For her, the breast augmentation cost was more than worth it for the results she’s already enjoying. The IDEAL IMPLANT is the latest in breast implant technology and it caters to women who want natural looking results from breast enlargement without silicone gel. If you are interested in a breast implant that makes you feel beautiful and secure, contact a member of the exclusive network of plastic surgeons who provides the IDEAL IMPLANT. Click here to find an IDEAL IMPLANT surgeon near you.