Maryland Cosmetic Surgery: Explore Your Options with Dr. Ronald Schuster

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All breast implants are not created equal. The implants you choose for your Maryland cosmetic surgery will not only determine your aesthetic outcome, they will determine how likely you are to need revision surgery in the future. Dr. Ronald Schuster, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Lutherville, tells us about the latest innovation in breast implants and what it means for women. Throughout Dr. Schuster’s distinguished career, he has sought to educate his patients so they can make the best choices for their bodies. He is proud to be one of the exclusive surgeons in the Baltimore area to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant.

What is the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant?

Why do women need to know about the newest breast implant option, the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant? Before the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant was introduced, women had to choose between silicone gel and saline breast implants. Now with the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, women can have the best of both worlds. Dr. Schuster explains what IDEAL IMPLANT is and why it matters to women seeking cosmetic surgery in Maryland:

“The silicone gel and saline implants have been around for decades, and there hasn’t really been any change in the design until recently, until the new IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. And the majority of woman choose to use the silicone gel implant because it gives the most natural feel, but it has issues. The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is a new design. It’s a new company and a new type of breast implant. It’s designed to give the implant a very natural breast-like feel, with the safety patterns of a typical saline implant. It’s filled with saline and it avoids the issues with silicone gel.”

The internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT is what sets it apart. With two chambers and layers of baffled shells, the IDEAL IMPLANT is able to control the flow of saline inside the implant. The result is a breast implant that moves and feels more like natural breast tissue. To learn more about the unique structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT visit

Picking a Breast Implant that Looks Great

It is important to compare the aesthetics of each breast implant type before your Maryland cosmetic surgery. Dr. Schuster explains,

“Woman love the shape of the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant because it’s shaped very similar to the others. It does have some advantages over the saline implant. With the saline implant, you can see that as you stand more upright there can be some, what we call, collapse of the upper portion of the implant. Also down below there can be rippling, and sometimes you can feel that in a thin woman. When side by side, hopefully you can see that the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant solves those problems because of the way it’s constructed.”

The IDEAL IMPLANT is also manufactured with lowered edges so it naturally contours to the chest wall. Visit Dr. Schuster’s office to see a side by side comparison of the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, a saline breast implant, and a silicone gel breast implant. Many women find that in a blind feel test they cannot tell the difference between a silicone gel breast implant and an IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant.

Learn About Complications Before Your Cosmetic Surgery in Maryland

The FDA categorizes breast implants as temporary devices, and notes that “the longer you have breast implants, the more likely it is that complications will occur and you will need to have them removed.” Breast implant rupture is one of the most common complications, and necessitates a revision surgery. Choosing breast implants with a low rate of complications like rupture will help you avoid additional surgeries. Some surgeons recommend replacing your breast implants periodically, even if there is nothing wrong with them. However, Dr. Schuster tells us, “you only really need to replace them if they break. So with the silicone gel implants, the rupture rate ranges between 10% and 25% over 10 years, it’s significant. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, it’s a lower rupture rate.” In fact, according to recently released data from its FDA clinical trial, IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants showed a rupture rate of only 2.1% in an eight-year study of primary augmentations.

Peace of Mind After Your Maryland Cosmetic Surgery

What does Dr. Schuster mean when he says “safety patterns of a typical saline implant”? IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants are filled with saline, the same fluid that fills IV bags. If the implant ruptures the saline will be naturally and safely absorbed. Silicone gel breast implants are filled with thick, sticky silicone gel which needs to be removed if the implant ruptures. According to the FDA

Silicone gel that leaks outside the capsule surrounding the implant may travel (migrate) away from the breast. The leaked silicone gel may cause lumps to form in the breast or in other tissue, most often the chest wall, armpit or arm. It may be difficult or impossible to remove silicone gel that has traveled to other parts of the body.”

Dr. Schuster tells us some women feel concerned about the possibility of a rupture, especially when they realize the rupture could be silent:

“The concern is woman would have something in their body that they just don’t know the integrity, whether it’s working, whether it’s broken or not, and then what they would need to do about it. Silicone gel implants are safe, but there are these issues and it’s been recommended that woman actually have MRIs every other year to find out if the implants are intact.”

Knowing the Status of Your Breast Implants After Cosmetic Surgery in Maryland

Knowing your breast implants are intact can give you peace of mind and allow you to live in the moment instead of worrying. Dr. Schuster tells us,

As we know, nothing lasts forever. And so, whether it’s a heart valve, a knee replacement, a breast implant, it’s going to wear out. So when it does wear out, what does that mean for the woman that has the implant? With the saline implants, when these wear out, it just dissolves in the body and the woman knows about it. It doesn’t make them sick.”

Dr. Schuster contrasts this with silicone gel breast implants. “With the silicone gel implant, it stays inside the body. And so, we call that a silent rupture, because the women will not know about it.” Some surgeons downplay the anxiety a silent rupture can cause their patients. However, a recent survey found that 98% of women stated they would be somewhat to constantly concerned about a silent rupture with silicone gel breast implants. Dr. Schuster recognizes that his Maryland cosmetic surgery patients want not only great looking results, but freedom from anxiety about the status of their implants.

The only way to detect a silent rupture is with an MRI, which is why the FDA recommends periodic MRIs for women with silicone gel breast implants. Repeated MRIs are not only a hassle for busy women, they can be expensive. According to Business Insider the average cost of an MRI in the United States is between $444 and $1468. Insurance companies do not typically cover the cost of these MRIs. Dr Schuster explains,

“With the new IDEAL IMPLANT, it behaves like a silicone gel implant, but when it does wear out the woman knows about it right away, so it gives her peace of mind. She knows what’s happening with the implant. She doesn’t have to worry about getting an MRI to find out about it.”

Picking the Right Surgeon for Your Cosmetic Surgery in Maryland

Your plastic surgeon should be someone you trust to tell you the truth about things like breast implant complications. How do you know you’re picking a surgeon like this? Here are some tips for finding the right surgeon for your procedure:

  • Board-Certification: Make sure your plastic surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Surgeons who maintain their board-certification demonstrate a higher level of patient care, ethics, and education. They have undergone rigorous training and testing in order to provide their patients with safe and efficient procedures.
  • Education and Experience: Find out where your surgeon trained, and what type of experience they have. Make sure your surgeon has experience in the procedures you want.
  • Before and After Pictures: Ask to see your surgeon’s before and after pictures. Not only will this give you an idea of the surgeon’s skill level, it will help you understand the type of results you can expect.
  • Schedule a Consultation: One of the best ways to pick a surgeon is to visit the office for a consultation. Sitting down face to face will help you decide if you are comfortable with the surgeon and their office.

Your Maryland cosmetic surgery should be performed by someone with experience, skill, and compassion. Your surgeon should be in tune with your desired results, and always be honest about what plastic surgery can and cannot accomplish.

Dr. Ronald Schuster: Excellence in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ronald Schuster is a board-certified plastic surgeon, the Chief of the Plastic Surgery Division at Northwest Hospital Center, and head of his private practice. He is a graduate of Emory University and received his medical degree at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. After a five-year general surgery residency at Sinai Hospital, Dr. Schuster completed a three-year residency and fellowship in plastic surgery at Washington University Barnes Hospital. His extensive training allowed him to become familiar with the procedures he now performs regularly. Dr. Schuster is a member of several prestigious medical organizations, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Medical Association, and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

Throughout his training and career, Dr. Schuster has dedicated himself to finding and implementing the most effective treatments. He strives to educate his patients on their options for cosmetic surgery in Maryland so they can reach their goals. Current and former patients enjoy the personalized care and attention to detail Dr. Schuster exhibits. Read what two former patient had to say about their experiences:

“After visiting a few different surgeons about breast augmentation, I decided to choose Dr. Schuster because he had so much experience and also made me feel comfortable in person. After a couple consultations, I also decided to go with IDEAL IMPLANTS because of their natural feel and also because of the safety of the saline filling rather than silicone. After my surgery and a couple months of recovery, the implants look so natural and I couldn’t be more happy with them. My friends have all commented on how natural everything looks and also feels! I would recommend the IDEAL IMPLANTS for anyone thinking about breast augmentation. They give me a peace of mind that I wouldn’t have with silicone implants while also feeling natural. I’d recommend Dr. Schuster and his team to anyone—they are great to work with and patient and understanding throughout the entire process.”  – Realself reviewer mogeyt

“Ronald Schuster is one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Baltimore, Maryland.  He is extremely knowledgeable about all plastic surgery procedures.  He provides a wealth of information in his consultations as well as all the time necessary to make sure you are informed about the risks, benefits and outcomes as well.  I recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery as he gives excellent patient care and truly cares about the results he provides his patients.” – Google reviewer John Bihn  

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