Frequently Asked Questions


Does a warranty come with the implant?  The Basic Protection Plan is a Limited Warranty provided automatically with each IDEAL IMPLANT. The Premium Protection Plan offers more extensive protection and benefits for an additional fee paid prior to surgery.

Why would I need the Premium Protection Plan?  To help pay the uninsured out-of-pocket expenses for problems that might occur after cosmetic surgery.

Does my health insurance plan cover postoperative problems?  If your health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery, usually it will not cover postoperative problems from that surgery.  

What will and will not be covered? The Premium Protection Plan will protect you in the case of certain postoperative problems that are related to initial and replacement IDEAL IMPLANT surgery.  The Plan will not cover other procedures done at the same time. Also, it will not cover problems caused by unrelated trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident or fall, in which case your health, auto or homeowners insurance may apply.

Is there a deductible or copay? There is no deductible or copay.

Why is there $10,000 protection for the first 60 days?  The risk of postoperative problems that are expensive to treat is higher just after surgery, and then becomes less likely as time goes on.  

What if the costs are more than the $10,000 for a postoperative problem in the first 60 days?  It is rare that treatment costs go above this limit, as Leavitt Risk Partners works closely with those involved in your care to get the best prices.  However, if costs are greater than the limit, you will be responsible for the balance.

What if I am not happy with the size of my implants, will this cover changing to larger or smaller implants?  The Premium Protection Plan is only for certain postoperative problems resulting from initial or replacement IDEAL IMPLANT surgery, not dissatisfaction with the size or cosmetic result.

How do I enroll in the Premium Protection Plan? Only your surgeon can enroll you in the Plan, which has an additional fee that may be included in your surgical fee, or be a separate charge. Enrollment must take place prior to your surgical procedure.

Why is the fee higher for exchange of implants than for primary breast augmentation?  Once someone has had breast implants, the risk of a postoperative problem from another procedure is slightly higher.

What if I do not want to enroll in the Premium Plan?   The Basic Protection Plan is automatically provided at no charge to patients implanted with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants in the United States or Puerto Rico on or after August 1, 2018.

How do I annually renew my enrollment in the Premium Protection Plan?   You will receive email reminders to renew your protection for deflation, capsule contracture and insertional scarring. This annual email reminder will come from the Plan administrator, Leavitt Risk Partners. 

How long am I protected with the Premium Protection Plan?  You may renew the Plan each year indefinitely for life, as long as you respond to the renewal email each year and pay the renewal fee.

What if I do not renew my Premium Protection Plan? If you do not renew your Plan with your surgeon each year, the Basic Protection Plan will automatically apply for the remainder of its original term.

If I have a problem, who should I see? You should contact the surgeon who did your initial implant operation.

What if I have a problem and am traveling or I have moved out of the area where my surgery was performed? Contact the surgeon who did your initial implant operation for information. If not available, contact Leavitt Risk Partners by phone (503) 342-2444 or by email ([email protected]) for referral to a surgeon in your area.

What if I want to change surgeons, my surgeon has retired, or my surgeon has moved out of the area? Contact Leavitt Risk Partners by phone (503) 342-2444 or by email ([email protected]) for referral to a surgeon in your area.

What if the implant company is sold, am I still protected?  Yes, the Premium Protection Plan will remain in force and be renewable for life, regardless of the implant company’s ownership or status. The Premium Protection Plan payments are from Ironshore Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Company, which is an AAA rated insurer. When you choose IDEAL IMPLANT and the Premium Protection Plan, you choose lifetime peace of mind.