Comparing IDEAL IMPLANT® to Silicone Gel Implants

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Breast Implant Complications, Breast Implant Education Center, Breast Implant Options

When you are considering breast augmentation, you have some important choices to make about which procedure is right for you, what type of implant to use, and who you will trust as your surgeon. There are several reasons women consider implants.  Some women choose to improve the sagginess of their breasts with a breast lift. Other women want to add volume to their breasts with implants. Many times, women are looking for both benefits.

When choosing breast implants, cost, implant material, and surgical procedure all play a part in making the plastic surgery decision that is best for you. Women getting breast implants want to know how natural their new implants will feel, how safe the implants are, and what the procedure requires.

Silicone Gel-Filled Implants

It is important that if you choose silicone gel filled implants that you are aware that the FDA advises that you have follow-up MRI scans every two years to check for ruptures. It’s also important to realize that these implants are not intended to be permanent, but are designed to require replacement if they rupture.

Pros of Silicone Gel-Filled Implants:

  • Look and feel more natural than saline implants
  • Can be safely placed in any implant position
  • Low occurrence of rippling or wrinkling

Cons of Silicone Gel-Filled Implants:

  • Implants are pre-filled before surgery and require larger incisions for insertion
  • Size of implants cannot be adjusted during surgery
  • Risk of silent rupture
  • Cost and concern with the need for regular MRIs


Traditionally, women have had only two implant choices, silicone gel or saline. Now they have the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, which combines the benefits of both without the drawbacks.  How does this revolutionary breast implant compare to silicone gel-filled implants? With the IDEAL IMPLANT you can have natural feel and the peace of mind that comes with only saline inside. Like a saline implant, these implants are filled during surgery, which allows for a smaller incision. The structured double chambers with  baffle shells control the movement of the saline filler, giving you a natural look and feel.


  • No silent rupture concerns
  • No need for MRI scans
  • Safety of saline filling
  • Easy to remove
  • Smaller incision

Learn more about the advantages of IDEAL IMPLANT where confidence and peace of mind come together for a beautiful you.