How Much Does it Cost for Breast Augmentation?

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Are you thinking about plastic surgery and wondering, “how much does it cost for breast augmentation”? According to, the cost of breast augmentation can fall anywhere in the range of $3,325 – $9,650, with an average cost of $6,525. The cost varies from practice to practice, because each plastic surgeon charges differently based on years of experience, education, the state he or she practices in, and other factors. While cost is an element to consider, before choosing to enhance your breasts, you should first learn about your implant options so you can select the implant that’s right for your body.

In the Greater Seattle area, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Baxter is known for his state-of-the-art techniques and his years of cosmetic surgery experience. He is an expert in the split muscle technique for breast augmentation, which produces beautiful, natural-looking results for his patients. With a focus on body contouring and an emphasis on facial and breast surgery, many women from all over the country seek out Dr. Baxter for their breast augmentation. Dr. Baxter is also an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon due to his extensive expertise working with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, the latest technology in breast augmentation. We sat down with Dr. Baxter and discussed all the ins and outs of breast surgery, including breast implant options and why Dr. Baxter likes the new IDEAL IMPLANT.

When women come to you for a breast augmentation, how do you help them figure out the best implant size, shape, and type for their body?

“As far as sizing goes, we have the Vectra 3D system, which gives women a visual and shows them what their body will look like with a certain size implant. We also have them try implants in a bra that has a cup size they think they want, and that really helps to narrow it down. And then we like to have that process repeated at the preoperative visit, rather than just doing it all at once and counting on getting it right in just one session.

“We offer a lot of different implant options at my office. I don’t offer textured implants at this time, and we don’t have consignment inventory with all of the manufacturers, but if somebody has a request for a specific one, then we certainly are capable of doing that. We’ll ask them, ‘Do you want silicone, or do you want saline?’ If it’s saline, then we really prefer the saline-filled IDEAL IMPLANT, which is a structured implant. But if they’re convinced that the silicone gel implant is the direction they want to go in, then we can certainly guide them down that path as well.”

What are the reasons that women are choosing one type of implant over another?

“A lot of women select silicone gel implants because it’s a common choice and it’s what has been most available over the last 15 years or so. With saline implants, the earlier generations of single lumen saline implants had a lot of issues. They weren’t that great. So people moved away from the idea of saline implants because they didn’t have really good options. When I tell my patients about the new structured IDEAL IMPLANT, it’s a little bit of an education process. Some women don’t know that it’s an available option to them. I tell them that the IDEAL IMPLANT not only feels good, but that it also has some of the advantages of saline implants without the disadvantages of silicone gel.”

From a surgeon’s standpoint, what are the benefits of using the IDEAL IMPLANT in your practice? 

“I think one big advantage is the ability to adjust the volume of the implant during surgery. That is so helpful in cases where there’s a little bit of asymmetry between the breasts, or where the patient’s just not quite sure of the size they want, and I’m able to make the final determination on the table. I do like to have the patient as involved as possible in advance, but certainly that’s a big advantage. 

“Some patients are concerned about the FDA’s recommendations to obtain MRI or ultrasound screenings with silicone gel implants after surgery every two-to-three years. So when I tell them that there’s no need for those screenings with the IDEAL IMPLANT, the patient and I both see the advantage to that.”

How did you hear about the IDEAL IMPLANT? Why did you choose to offer it?

“I heard about the IDEAL IMPLANT when they were first being devised. Quite a few years ago now! At that time, (although I was interested) I didn’t really jump on as an early adopter with them. But now the IDEAL IMPLANT has shown really good clinical data. I think this implant is not just a plastic surgery trend, it’s a product that’s here for the long run. I feel like I can use the IDEAL IMPLANT with a lot of confidence now, just based on my experience and the data that has come out.”

The data shows that the IDEAL IMPLANT has lower risks of both implant rupture and capsular contracture when compared to silicone gel implants. The risk of implant rupture or deflation with IDEAL IMPLANT, at eight years after primary breast augmentation, was only 2.1% in comparison to silicone gel implants from Allergan (7.4%), Mentor (13.6%), and Sientra (7.2%) based on MRI scans. The risk of Baker class III/IV capsular contracture at eight years after primary augmentation were also low for the IDEAL IMPLANT, at only 6.6%, compared to silicone gel implants from Allergan (16.2%, 7 yr), Mentor (10.9%, 8 yr), and Sientra (11.2%, 8 yr). 

What reasons do patients give for choosing the IDEAL IMPLANT and are they happy with it? 

“We have patients come in and ask for the IDEAL IMPLANT directly. The patients that have chosen the IDEAL IMPLANT almost always ask for it specifically because they want an implant with just saline inside without problems like rippling or an unnatural feel. They’ve heard about the new structured design of the IDEAL IMPLANT and it’s a very appealing option for them. Some women with a lot of asymmetry know that it’s going to be difficult to obtain a proportionate result with a fixed volume implant, like a silicone gel, so they don’t want that. They want an implant that can even them out and still give them a natural look . . . There’s a good satisfaction rate with them. I would say they are happy with it.”

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