Gummy Bear Breast Implants Before and After

by | May 19, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

A breast augmentation is as much about the look and feel of the breasts as it is about self confidence. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Holley is an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon and has helped thousands of women rejuvenate their appearance. Many women who come to see Dr. Holley are looking to increase their breast tissue volume or perfect their shape after childbirth, breastfeeding, age, weight loss, breast asymmetry, or illness. Dr. Holley is sure to help women feel confident and educated when choosing to get a breast augmentation, whether it is the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants or gummy bear breast implants, before and after their procedure.

About Dr. Scott Holley

Dr. Holley received his undergrad at Purdue University and moved on to pursue his medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine. He completed a five-year residency program in general surgery and a two-year residency in plastic surgery. His surgical experience continued as he completed fellowship training in hand & microsurgery at the Kleinert Institute in Kentucky, burn surgery at the Shriner’s Hospital in Ohio, and cosmetic surgery in Florida. Dr. Holley is not only board-certified in plastic surgery but is also certified as a specialist in hand surgery.

Dr. Holley is active in serving his community, both locally and internationally. On a local level, he has served as a delegate to the state medical society and has been elected to serve as president of the Michigan Association of Hand Surgery. He was also appointed to the Young Plastic Surgeon’s group of future leaders in plastic surgery. On an international level, he has traveled overseas to third-world countries to provide surgical services to children with birth defects. 

While Dr. Holley clearly holds the skills and accolades to prove he is a trusted surgeon, he takes great pride in providing his patients with satisfaction in their procedures, whether its a tummy tuck or breast augmentation with IDEAL IMPLANTS or  gummy bear breast implants, before and after their procedures, and superior communication. He holds attributes such as honesty, compassion, and communication as a top priority in his plastic surgery business. “Effective patient communication is every bit as important as surgical skill in achieving a successful outcome,” said Dr. Holley. 

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

You have likely heard of silicone and unstructured saline implants, but have you specifically heard of gummy bear breast implants? Gummy bear implants are made up of a firm, thick, cohesive gel. This gel is so cohesive, that they tend to not lose their shape, even if the outer shell is ruptured. Much like the gummy bear candy that is squishy, but still holds its shape, this type of breast implant has the same feature. 

The shape of the gummy bear implant is an anatomic teardrop shape. This can serve women who naturally lack breast tissue or women who have undergone a mastectomy. Because of the composition and structure of the gummy bear implant, they are less susceptible to rippling or wrinkling compared to unstructured saline implants. But gummy bear implants have their compromises. 

Ideal Implants Versus Gummy Bear Breast Implants, Before and After 

When choosing to get a breast augmentation with Dr. Holley, he will review all of your options to achieve your desired look. Some key information that he will cover during a consultation includes implant size and style, incision placement, and implant pocket choice. With the help of Dr. Holley and his expertise, women are sure to walk away feeling confident in their decision for breast implants. During the consultation, women can discuss their end goal and ideal look to provide Dr. Holley with information on what type and size of implant would best serve them.

One of the compromises of gummy bear implants is that they are currently only available in a limited number of shapes and sizes. Patients must be twenty-two years old or older to qualify for gummy bear implants.  Although they are made to hold their shape, silent rupture is still a concern.  

A large benefit of the IDEAL IMPLANT is that it has a significantly lower rupture and capsular contracture risk than any silicone gel implants, based on FDA clinical trial data. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant filled with saline. The structure of the implant gives it a more natural look and feel than unstructured saline implants because it’s unique design controls the movement of saline. The design also reduced the risk of rippling or wrinkling that can occur with unstructured saline. The IDEAL IMPLANT combines the advantages of saline and silicone gel implants. It provides a natural look and feel while eliminating the risk of silent rupture, and significantly lowering the risk of rupture and capsular contracture compared to silicone gel implants.

Recovery from Breast Implant Surgery

Following breast implant surgery, patients will be released to return home the same day as the surgery. Within a day, patients are able to return to light household duties, but should avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks. We know it can be difficult to ask for help and assistance after getting gummy bear breast implants, before and after surgery, which is why Dr. Holley recommends you create a plan to take care of yourself and your family prior to surgery. This allows women to focus on their recovery and heal faster. 

Why Dr. Scott Holley Should Be Your First Call for Breast Implants

Dr. Holley has exceptional patient reviews and is highly respected within his community. His extensive experience and expertise allows him to confidently perform breast augmentations and give his patients the satisfaction they have always wanted. Considering breast implants in West Michigan? Contact Dr. Scott Holley today to discuss your options. Simply call (269) 201-5208 or visit Dr. Holley’s office is located at 8175 Creekside Drive, Suite 100 Portage, MI 49024. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.