Dr. James Apesos: The Best Surgeon for All Breast Implant Sizes and Types

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

When you choose to have plastic surgery, you need a surgeon you can trust. At a minimum, they should be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. But when you are putting your health, safety, and appearance in their hands, your standards should be high. If you live in Dayton, Ohio, or the surrounding areas and are searching for the ‘best plastic surgeons near me’, you don’t need to look far. Dr. James Apesos is a board-certified plastic surgeon with outstanding qualifications. From questions about breast implant sizes to which type of implant is best, Dr. Apesos has the experience to give you the information you need and the results you want. 

Education and Training

Two important aspects of a plastic surgeon’s background that you should review are their education and training. Dr. Apesos has spent many years furthering his education and, as a result, has become an expert in his field. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. He went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine from Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC, and his Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Technology from the University of Cincinnati.

A Passion for Service 

With experience in quite literally every aspect of plastic surgery, Dr. Apesos is one of the most experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the state of Ohio. Before opening his private plastic surgery practice about 20 years ago, Dr. Apesos was an instructor to Miami Valley students as a Clinical Professor of Surgery. He also served as chairman and program director of plastic surgery at Wright State University. Dr. Apesos has been serving patients in his community for a long time, and is a doctor that people know and trust. 

Dr. Apesos is a member of Ohio’s National Disaster Medical Assistance Team. He also serves as Washington Township County Medical Examiner and Firefighter and Physician Advisor for the American Red Cross. All of the capacities in which he serves reflect his passion for his profession as well as his community, which may be a rare find on your list of ‘plastic surgeons near me’.

Experience With Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the nation and many of Dr. Apesos’ patients come to see him for his expertise in the procedure. When it comes to making the decision about breast implants, Dr. Apesos wants his patients to fully understand their options for breast implant sizes and types. He offers saline, silicone gel, and the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. The majority of his breast augmentation patients choose saline or the IDEAL IMPLANT, which contrasts with other plastic surgeons who mostly use silicone gel implants.

Dr. Apesos has seen what can happen when a silicone gel breast implant breaks. He wrote the first paper on broken implants diagnosed by mammography after witnessing the negative result silicone gel left when an implant burst during a closed capsulotomy. He wanted other surgeons and patients to know the truth about the risks of silicone gel implants, so he and a radiologist published the paper in both plastic surgery and radiology journals.

Discovering the ‘Implant of the Future’ 

For over 2 years, Dr. Apesos has been using the IDEAL IMPLANT for his breast augmentation patients who want beautiful results without the hassle or worry of silicone gel. He has implanted the IDEAL IMPLANT more than any other plastic surgeon in Ohio. Dr. Apesos’ negative experiences with silicone gel have led him to become a believer in the IDEAL IMPLANT for all kinds of breast implant sizes. He explains:

“When the IDEAL IMPLANT came along… It became obvious that this was the implant of the future. The implant does not ripple and if it breaks, the outer bag breaks so the implant has some volume and you can get a new one in pretty quickly. It makes all the sense in the world to use it. You’re not dealing with silicone gel or having to worry about any questions with silicone gel or elastic or anything like that…There is no disadvantage to the IDEAL IMPLANT.”

On your list of ‘plastic surgeons near me,’ you can cross out the ones who do not offer the IDEAL IMPLANT if you want beauty without compromise. Dr. Apesos has enough experience to know that it is the only breast implant that offers a natural look and feel free of any concerns about silicone gel. The innovative implant comes in many different breast implant sizes, and Dr. Apesos can give you the results that will help you achieve your best appearance.  

Looking for a ‘Plastic Surgeon Near Me’ With IDEAL IMPLANT Experience?

Considering breast implants in Ohio? Contact Dr. James Apesos today to discuss your options. Simply call (937) 435-0031, or visit www.DrApesos.com. Dr. Apesos’ office is located at 5441 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH, 45429. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.