Dr. Thomas Fiala is a Preferred Surgeon

Preferred Surgeons are recognized for their additional expertise with IDEAL IMPLANT breast implant procedures. While all our surgeons must be board certified plastic surgeons, when you choose a preferred surgeon, you’re choosing a surgeon with increased IDEAL IMPLANT experience.

About Dr. Thomas Fiala

Dr. Fiala differentiates himself with a caring, empathetic style. Trained in Plastic Surgery at the University of Michigan, with Fellowships at Harvard-MGH and Davies Medical Center-UCSF, Dr. Fiala is also well prepared to offer you the very latest in aesthetic cosmetic surgery specifically tailored to you.

From consultation to recovery, Dr. Fiala recommends the most appropriate aesthetic cosmetic procedures designed to match patients’ goals. Throughout the process, his passion for quality and service is evident. Recognized as one of the area’s pre-eminent plastic surgeons, Dr. Fiala’s emphasis is on a treatment plan that is uniquely customized for each person.

Dr. Fiala was recently recognized as an IDEAL IMPLANT Preferred Surgeon due to his extensive expertise working with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, the latest technology in breast augmentation. With a unique structure surrounding these saline-filled implants, women can achieve beautiful results with zero risk of silent rupture. Dr. Fiala uses the IDEAL IMPLANT to help women look and feel their best. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, no expensive MRIs are needed, and they come with a lower risk of both capsule contracture and ruptures when compared to other implants.



"I am so happy with the results!"

“I am only two weeks out of my breast augmentation and I am so happy with the results! The staff made me feel so welcome, the whole process was quick and precise and they always allow you to answer all the questions they have. From a girl who was nervous for at least a month, the morning of the surgery I had such a calmness and I knew everything would turn out excellent. Oh yeah, I spent about 3, almost 4 hours in surgery & recovery too btw. Faster than I could have imagined & the healing involved no bruises, no stretch marks & I went from ehhh to a decent amount!!”

-Facebook review from Jessica Ferger

"Dr Fiala is The Best Dr!!"

“Love the staff!! So friendly, warm and welcoming loving and caring. Dr Fiala is The Best Dr!! So talented.I recommend that if your looking for any procedures done definitely pick doctor Fiala. You will be glad you did. #Very #Happy #Client”

-Facebook review from Cassie Leann

"Thank you Dr. Fiala!"

“I can’t ask more from Dr. Fiala and his staff, they all are so attentive. You can always count on them at anytime and there’s always an answer for every question. Thank you Dr. Fiala!”

-Facebook review from Linda Lopez-Cordero

"I am so in love!!!!"

“I had my BA done in December 2017 with Dr. Fiala & I am so in love!!!! My experiences with him & his team have been great throughout this journey. I did research for over a year & I’m glad I did. I am now 6 weeks PO & couldn’t be happier. I had the final say on my size choice & he listened to what I wanted/expected. Driving an hour to his office for surgery/PO appointments has been worth it to me. Many people have asked me who did my BA after they see my results & I’m always excited to show off his work! Great doctor.”

-Google review from Ilene Combs


“Wonderful. Dr. Fiala and staff are amazing, professional and very courteous. Top notch customer service. I knew right away when I walked in there that they were going to take care of my needs. Would not recommend anyone else.”

-Google Review from Tanya McNeill

"Extremely happy with the procedure"

“Dr Fiala and his staff are wonderful. His consultation was more thorough than the other 3 Doctors that I saw. I am extremely happy with the procedure that I had done and recommend his practice highly.”

-Google review from Denna Levan

"Exceeded expectations"

“Dr. Fiala was very professional, well informed and exceeded expectations. He has great bedside manners and made me feel comfortable, which is so important when dealing with vulnerable situations. I came in with a description of what I wanted my end result to be without knowing specific sizes (CCs) and Dr. Fiala was able to understand my expectations and deliver them! I am very happy with my results. Recovery time was pretty quick and fairly easy.”

-Realself review from Josie318

"I am so happy with my breasts"

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Fiala. I am so happy with my breasts after my surgery. Everything went smoothly during surgery and during recovery. All the staff is so nice and welcoming. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable during the whole process. I would do it all over again.”

-Realself review from tiffhaz

"Thank you so much, Dr. Fiala, for my natural looking breasts"

“Dr. Fiala is an exceptional surgeon! Outstanding service, excellent bedside manner and professionalism! He made me feel comfortable during the whole process. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery. He surpassed my expectations! I highly recommend Dr. Fiala. His office staff are completely professional, knowledgeable and extremely friendly. I would go back in the future for other procedures in a heart beat. Thank you so much, Dr. Fiala, for my natural looking breasts.”

-Realself review from sal_hen0725

"The results were absolutely PERFECT"

“I received a breast augmentation from Dr. Fiala and am absolutely THRILLED with the results. He carefully listened to all of my desires and concerns and I always felt comfortable with him and his staff. My main goal was to get some extra lift back into my breasts and replace the symmetry after losing weight. The results were absolutely PERFECT. I have several girlfriends who had B.A.’s done around the same time as me with different Doctors and they’ve had nothing but problems and didn’t heal nearly as quickly as I did.”

-Realself review from HC55

Thomas Fiala, MD

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