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IDEAL IMPLANT PREFERRED SURGEONDr. David Pratt is a Preferred Surgeon

Preferred Surgeons are recognized for their additional expertise with IDEAL IMPLANT breast implant procedures. While all our surgeons must be board certified plastic surgeons, when you choose a preferred surgeon, you’re choosing a surgeon with increased IDEAL IMPLANT experience.

About Dr. David Pratt

There is an art to performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and since 1995 Dr. David F. Pratt has been practicing his artistic surgical skills. Dr. Pratt has had extensive experience in a wide range of plastic surgical procedures, and performs aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, breast, and body on a daily basis. As a tribute to his hard work and successes in the field of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pratt was recently selected as one of America’s Top Physicians by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, an independent research organization that provides unbiased consumer guides for professional healthcare services throughout the United States.

Recognized as a top Seattle / Bellevue cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Pratt’s world-class surgical results are the product of his thorough knowledge of human anatomy, extensive surgical training, maturity in the operating room, and exceptional artistic abilities in plastic surgery. His natural warmth and compassion, as well as his sensitivity to patient needs, have allowed Dr. Pratt to win the highest level of confidence and trust of his patients. Dr. Pratt’s number one priority is the comfort and safety of his patients. Pratt Plastic Surgery is built around this principle

Dr. Pratt was recently recognized as an IDEAL IMPLANT Preferred Surgeon due to his extensive expertise working with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, the latest technology in breast augmentation. With a unique structure surrounding these saline-filled implants, women can achieve beautiful results with zero risk of silent rupture. Dr. Pratt uses the IDEAL IMPLANT to help women look and feel their best. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, no expensive MRIs are needed, and they come with a lower risk of both capsule contracture and ruptures when compared to other implants.



"Dr Pratt is truly amazing!"

“Dr Pratt is truly amazing! Couldn’t be happier with my mommy makeover. Dr Pratt and his team are professional, talented, and exceed your expectations. I highly recommend consulting Pratt Plastic Sugery on how he can help improve your life too!”

– Facebook Review from Jennifer Wells Squally

"Dr. Pratt is a true genius!"

“Dr. Pratt is a true genius! It is sooooo much better than I thought it was going to look! It’s amazing and I’m only 13 days post operation and knowing I am still swollen I can’t even imagine how it could look any better. I’m overly pleased.”

– Facebook Review from Becki Bull

"Absolutely fantastic!"

“Absolutely fantastic! Dr. Pratt and his team made me feel 100% comfortable throughout the entire process and thoroughly explained everything that he would be doing and answered every question I had. My experience was wonderful and he gave me breasts perfectly proportioned to my body just like had hoped. He did an Amazing job!”

– RealSelf Review from BakerHiLine

"My final results are absolutely fantastic"

“After years of wanting breast augmentation surgery, I finally had the ability to do so. A friend recommended Dr. Pratt and his staff. After my consultation I immediately knew that I felt extremely comfortable with them. Dr. Pratt took his time explaining the procedure, his recommendations, measuring, etc. His bedside manner is gentle and listens carefully. . . My final results are absolutely fantastic. I am happy and my husband is a huge fan too! 😉 Do not hesitate to contact this office, you will not be disappointed.”

– RealSelf Review from Sflaugh

"I am SO happy with my results"

“Dr. Pratt was professional and honest about what would look good with my body style. He definitely knows what he is talking about! I had an augmentation and modified lift and I am SO happy with my results. Being an athlete and a coach I was able to get back to the grind within a very reasonable time, taking it step by step. I would highly recommend Dr. Pratt to anyone seeking plastic surgery. He is confident in his work and it shows!”

– RealSelf Review from Lilshoe13

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Pratt"

“So I’m only a couple days post op but I just had to say how impressed I am with Dr.Pratt and his entire staff. They made me feel so comfortable the entire time I was there and I received phone calls to check up on me once I was home. . . Anyways, obviously my results are not 100% yet but so far I am SO happy with them . . . I would definitely recommend Dr.Pratt for anyone’s cosmetic needs! (: They were all awesome, really.”

– RealSelf Review from Breeezyfbabyy30

"Dr. Pratt is truly an artist"

“Dr. Pratt is truly an artist. There’s just no other way to say it, his team is amazing! A special shout out to Dr Scott the anesthesiologist, and Olivia the nurse. They are so kind-hearted and helpful”

– RealSelf Review from Ravenclem

"I now have the natural look I desired"

“After many years of thinking about getting a breast augmentation, I finally decided to have the procedure in December of 2013. It was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. From my initial consultation to my post op appointments (I’ve had two so far) Dr. Pratt has been nothing but professional and supportive . . . At my consultation I shared with Dr. Pratt my goal of having larger breasts that still looked natural, personally I wanted a modest look. Dr. Pratt listened to my goals and together we reviewed photos of my desired outcome. I had done research on my own and had read about saline implants not feeling as ‘real’ as silicone implants. Ultimately, I knew I wanted the safer choice so I was willing to comprise some of the ‘realness’ and went with saline implants. However, as it turns out NO compromise was necessary!!! It has only been 7 weeks since my surgery with the saline implants and already my implants feel soft and ‘real.’ Because I had saline implants Dr. Pratt was able to fill the implants to the appropriate size that best fit my body and I now have the natural look I desired. I would also like to mention that the scaring is minimal (I am guessing not only because of Dr. Pratt’s skill level but also because the incision for saline implants is smaller than silicone implants). I can’t say enough good things about my experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Pratt.”

– RealSelf Review from d.m.moore

"Absolutely life-changing"

“Dr. Pratt is an absolute artist. He is professional in every sense of the word, and is one of the most highly skilled surgeons I had researched. His clinic space is absolutely pristine and I felt very well taken care of, from having all of my questions answered 110% to pre-surgery instructions to post surgery care and follow-up. His staff is extremely courteous, professional, personable and leads you every step of the way. Dr. Pratt and his staff gave me every reason to put my faith in their talents and skill, and put every effort into making my procedure successful. It was absolutely life-changing, and I can’t thank their office enough for the gift of confidence they have given me. Thank you!!!”

– RealSelf Review from amgrassi79

"The outcome is WOW!"

“I’m a recovered patient of Dr. David Pratt and couldn’t be happier with my surgery experience! Surgery can be scary (not knowing exactly what the outcome will be) but in the office of Dr. Pratt, I felt extremely comfortable and well taken care of. The staff was very attentive, helpful and understanding of my concerns (they must have answered 20 emails from me before I had even had my operation). I underwent a Breast Augmentation . . . and the outcome is WOW! I can’t even believe they aren’t real. Their curve, placement, feel and overall look are perfect, and I mean PERFECT. My recovery was quick, and without any real complications. The best part of all is now when I see myself in a mirror, I see what I always saw in my mind. I look how I feel and I know I feel as good as I look!”

– RealSelf Review from MCME

David Pratt, MD

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