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Dallas Day Surgery Center
9101 N. Central Expy. Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75231
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“From the very first phone call- I knew I wanted Dr Hubbard to be my doctor. His office staff was so attentive. During my consult he went above and beyond with answering questions, weighing options, explaining surgery, going over everything. Dr. Hubbard truly knows what he’s doing”

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“Before I went to Dr. Hubbard, I had gotten 3 other consultations from plastic surgeons in my area. Dr. Hubbard was the only one who treated me like a person and made me feel very comfortable. I could tell that he was helping me choose what was best for me.”

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“The idea of finding the right doctor seems like a daunting task, or at least that’s what I thought. Dr Hubbard was my third consult and within a few minutes of meeting him it was a no brainer. He was down to earth, friendly, honest and his results are fantastic.”

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