All the Answers to Your Boob Job Questions with Dr. Sophie Bartsich

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Have you considered getting a boob job, but had second thoughts because of concerns you may have about breast implants? With all of the different sources of information patients have today, it can be confusing trying to separate fact from fiction. Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a New York City plastic surgeon with expertise in cosmetic breast surgery, and was a recent guest on Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s podcast, Intelligent Medicine. Her interview, entitled “Is ‘Breast Implant Illness’ Real?,” provides great insight for patients with questions about breast augmentation

Breast Implants in the News Again

It’s been 13 years since the FDA lifted the ban on silicone gel breast implants. Concerns about the implants are trending once again, some old and some new. A condition termed “breast implant illness” has some patients reconsidering their preference for silicone gel implants. The illness is often self-diagnosed and these women report a variety of symptoms including fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and brain fog. Their breast augmentation cost is higher than it should be because their symptoms can lead to follow up doctor visits, tests, prescriptions, and even more surgeries. Dr. Bartsich has seen a small group of her patients experience these problems. She explains:  

“In my personal practice … I was using a lot of silicone gel for a long time … I started to see some of these patients who’ve [had silicone gel] implants in for a very long time and once they come out they tend to feel better. It’s not everybody … but it’s a real thing that I’ve observed and I remember saying to myself ‘I wish there were a saline-based alternative that could be aesthetically comparable.’” 

Enter IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants

The IDEAL IMPLANT was invented by a plastic surgeon who felt the same as Dr. Bartsich. He created the IDEAL IMPLANT to address the concerns women and their doctors had about silicone gel breast implants. He believes that women deserve an implant that gives them beautiful results without concerns about safety, which can add to their overall breast augmentation cost. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured implant. Its inner shells and chambers enable it to provide the natural look and feel that silicone gel is known for, with none of the worry of silent rupture. Dr. Bartsich belongs to an exclusive network of plastic surgeons who offer the IDEAL IMPLANT, which has become a popular choice for her patients who want a “boob job.” She says: 

“It holds a really nice shape. You avoid the silicone connection and you get a really good aesthetic result. I’ve been using a lot of the IDEAL IMPLANT for exactly all those reasons.”

How IDEAL IMPLANT Offers Peace of Mind

With the IDEAL IMPLANT, there is zero risk of silent rupture. If a leak or rupture does happen, you will know right away just by looking in a mirror. Leakage of a silicone gel implant can go unnoticed for a long time, potentially causing symptoms and creating a sticky mess that requires a complicated surgery just to correct. This is why the FDA recommends women with silicone gel implants have an MRI three years after their initial augmentation, and every two years after that. These routine MRIs will add substantially to your overall breast augmentation cost. 

Unfortunately, even though the MRI is supposed to be the “gold standard” for silent rupture detection, it is not always reliable. Dr. Bartsich has had patients get MRI results which led them to have surgery to fix an implant that was not actually broken. She says, “Sometimes [MRIs are] not 100 percent accurate, so you have to make a decision about surgery based on a test that may or may not be completely accurate. That, for me, is very frustrating and kind of unsettling.”

Learn About Your Options

Dr. Bartsich believes patient education is an essential part of what makes a “boob job” successful. She encourages all of her patients to learn what they can about the choices involved, because not all options are created equal. She says,”The procedure is only as good and as safe as the devices, but we have options. I think it’s important … to understand everything that comes with all of them and then make an informed choice for yourself.”

Define Your Own Beauty

In her podcast interview, “Is “Breast Implant Illness” Real?”, Dr. Sophie Bartsich answers all the important questions a woman might have if she is considering getting a “boob job,” including concerns about what might add to breast augmentation cost. Her practice is dedicated to helping her patients enhance their own natural beauty. She explains, “All of these surgeries are journeys that you take with your patient. I will emphatically and fiercely defend any woman’s right to do whatever it is she feels she wants to do to feel comfortable in her skin and with her body.”

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