Enhance Your Natural Breasts With Dr. Van Raalte

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Breast Implants Before and After, Plastic Surgeon Feature

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Do you want a breast enlargement, but worry that your new breasts won’t look like natural breasts? Dr. Benjamin Van Raalte sees hundreds of patients at his plastic surgery clinic with similar concerns. Throughout his career, Dr. Van Raalte has dedicated himself to finding safe and effective treatment that will give his patients the results they want. That is why Dr. Van Raalte became one of the exclusive plastic surgeons in the Quad Cities area to offer the latest innovation in breast implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. He shares before and after pictures below so you can see for yourself what a difference these breast implants make.

Before and After Breast Enlargement in the Quad Cities Area

Below are the before and after pictures from a recent patient of Dr. Van Raalte. In order to achieve a natural looking result with the peace of mind of only saline inside Dr. Van Raalte used 600cc IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Looking at before and after pictures like the ones above will help you set realistic expectations for your own breast enlargement. Find before and after pictures of women with a similar body type to you and take them to your first consultation. Take note of the type of breast implant used in the before and after pictures to find implants that resemble natural breasts.

What Makes IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants Different

Women used to choose between two breast implant options: saline and silicone gel implants. Saline breast implants are filled with salt water solution for a woman’s peace of mind. If the implant ruptures, the saline will be naturally absorbed by the body. However, saline is not as dense as breast tissue, leading to aesthetic issues like ripples and wrinkles. Women who wanted the look of natural breasts after their breast enlargement used to choose silicone gel breast implants. These implants are filled with silicone gel which is thick and sticky in order to give the implant stability and a natural feel. However, silicone gel cannot be absorbed by the body and must be removed if the implant ruptures leading many women to feel uncomfortable with this option.

IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants combine the best of what silicone gel and saline breast implants have to offer. It was created by a board-certified plastic surgeon who listened to his patients’ concerns and decided to make an implant to address them. Inside the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, there is only saline for a woman’s peace of mind. Natural absorption and instant rupture detection is possible with the IDEAL IMPLANT. To address the issue of ripples and wrinkles the IDEAL IMPLANT is made with two chambers and a series of nested shells in order to control the flow of saline. The result is an implant that provides a smooth, beautiful result with peace of mind. For your breast enlargement in the Quad Cities area, choose an implant that gives you the aesthetic results you want with increased peace of mind.

Get the Look of Natural Breasts with Dr. Van Raalte Today

Dr. Benjamin Van Raalte is one of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in the Quad Cities area. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he earned his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison. He received further training during his general surgery internship and residency at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He completed his Plastic Surgery Residency at Indiana University in Indianapolis.

Dr. Van Raalte is a member of several prestigious medical organizations, including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Midwestern Association of Plastic Surgeons, and the Iowa Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Throughout his training and experience in private practice, Dr. Van Raalte has remained dedicated to providing the highest quality care possible. For women seeking cosmetic surgery such as a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, or breast enlargement in the Quad Cities, Dr. Van Raalte provides experience, skill, and compassionate care. At his plastic surgery center, Iowa Plastic Surgery, he strives to offer customized treatment plans so every patient can get the results they want. One recent patient said of their experience, in a review on Realself,

Dr. Van Raalte is amazing! He was so kind and was very patient answering all of my questions pre- and post-op. His entire staff is wonderful, too. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I finally feel confident and comfortable in my own skin! I highly recommend this place.”

Dr. Van Raalte is proud to be one of the exclusive plastic surgeons in the Quad Cities area to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. Dr. Van Raalte knows his patients want a breast enlargement that looks like natural breasts, but also provides peace of mind. If you’re thinking about a breast enlargement there has never been a better time to schedule your first consultation.

Considering breast implants in the Quad Cities area? Contact Dr. Benjamin Van Raalte today to discuss your options. Simply call (563) 322-8877, or visit www.iowaplasticsurgery.com. Dr. Van Raalte’s office is located at 4334 E. 53rd Street, Davenport, IA 52807. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.